Astraangel - a reading if you could please?

  • Hi Astra,

    I hope you are well and life is good to you.

    I was hoping you might do a reading for me - it is my birthday shortly plus a brand new year and I am hoping for all that is positive this year for me. 🙂

    My name is Elaine and birthday is Jan 18th.

    Thanking you for your generous time.

  • Hi Elaine,

    I am well thanks! Hope your year is getting off to a good start.

    Thanks for the request, i love doing these, I could do readings for others all day long, I think it is so much fun. so let's see about you... and happy birthday coming up for you that is great! we are a day apart, mine is Jan 17 so us goats have to stick together haha...

    Your setting in life:

    a. Queen of Cups

    b. 7 of Wands

    Okay, so "in general" at this point in your life you are in a changing sort of view about love foundations (Queen Cups) and this has connections with a very dreamy path interest (7 wands). So it is like you are dreaming about a foundation in love, emotional life, and it is very nice in a higher, imaginative, longer view sort of way. That is the general atmosphere around you these days... it is emotional, and it is path and role concerns, and a lot of imagining what could be in love, emotional fulfillment. You are daring to dream of a wonderful emotionally stable and dependable and secure life! I think you are really being prepared for something wonderful emotionally dear Elaine.

    1. Beginning = Chariot (4 of Wands + Ace of Cups). So now we will start to look at these cards (1-8) to see the details about your setting. Beginning is this chariot and it has a beginning of love, emotional life within it. So in some very special way, a really sweet, beautiful "love potential" has recently been born in your life. And this has some very dependable path "faith" with it. Like you are saying,

    "I would love to begin in love in my life, and I know it will be a dependable and very secure and dreamy path!" You really believe in yourself, you really feel you deserve this love, and this is beginning in a wonderful way for you.

    2. Affirming = 9 of swords. 9's are conclusions and fulfillment and completions, so this is how that chariot beginning is being "affirmed'. You have made up your mind that you want, deserve and are ready to step into this a dependable love, foundation in your life! You will not be dissuaded from this belief, you are so strong in your thinking about the vital importance of love and path being so important. Your heart is saying yes yes in a conclusive way to your emotional needs and your desire to embrace a really dreamy path in love.

    3. Growing = Knight of Cups. This is another card like the Queen of Cups, it is showing a change of view, your perspective is shifting about your emotional foundations. So there is really something happening with you right now emotionally Elaine! You are starting to be really open to a new love emotional pattern, this is growing and growing in your life. You emotional life is undergoing some real transformation these days.

    4. Foundation = Moon (8 of Wands + Ace of Cups). Yay! You can see the new love here too! Under the moon. And this has very expansive path energy associated with it, the 8 of wands is really a very energetic, desiring a path, card. So you have so much nice emotional "beginning" and changing perspective on love and emotion and relationship in your life now. This Moon card is very much like your setting... it is all about a foundation of love that has a lot of "hey, we're just beginning! And we have all the time in the universe to grow and learn of each other!" And you love the Moon Elaine... when you see the Moon at night you stop and gaze and I think you travel there in your heart... night air and love look nice on you... you love crescent rolls... Miami.. and spaceships... most of all though, you love the way love feels. That is your foundation.

    5. Changing = Knight of Wands. So more wands! This is really something. So, an area that is changing in your life, that connects to all the other wands, is a change of view on your long range goals in life. Your goals and dreams of love becoming greater, more far-reaching. You are saying, "I don't just want a love on earth... I want a love that will reach out to the stars and last forever! I want a relationship that knows no bounds! That can't be defined or contained! I want it all! A love that will truly last forever..."

    So your vision about love, and your emotional need for foundations that are aspiring and heavenly in your love nature are really changing lately.

    6. Social-sharing = Lovers (2 of Cups + Ace of Swords). Well, there is no doubt that this is where your heart is, a love relationship that is really heavenly. And one mind! So that your communication and dialogue patterns are in total sync. This is in your "social-sharing" position (6) which covers all the ways you connect to you world, your outer life has "love" painted over it in every direction. I really think your heart is being prepared for something wonderful Elaine, as there are so many nice cups and path emphasis. The swords also really bookend you now, a 9 as affirming (yes!) and an Ace (1) as your social life "think-talk" beginning. So these days you have a keen interest in starting dialogue with others, especially as it pertains to love and emotionally balanced and affirming life choices.

    7. Rest-reflection = 3 of Cups. So, yes, more wonderful cups! So this will relate to any 3's in the reading and also any 7's in cups. This card is saying something nice about that dreamy 7 of wands at "b". So a part of your setting in life is b(eing) all about emotional growth in some really dreamy ways as a path and role. You are really reflecting a lot lately on love and your emotions, your feelings are growing and all of this is coming as a changing point of view on your desire and expectations about emotional foundations being so important.

    8. Expansive - Knight of Pentacles. Knights are those longer-range views of life, and this is the first pentacle, earth in the reading. As a "male" card, this tells, me something very expansive is developing, growing rapidly as regards a wonderful relationship, deep and very emotionally dependable. And very physical. A "long range" love that is very rewarding in all ways. In one minded dialogue and communication, in your overall long-range path and role together, and very nice physically.

    Elaine, I hope that provides something for you to think about! I really have the feeling that your emotional life is really opening up in new ways to love, and I do see something very nice and really close and affection here expanding and headed your way. To see that Knight of Earth right at the end seemed to really say that there is something wonderful happening for you with a man I guess! We see 3 knights in this reading, so that all sounds like guy-guy-guy to me. Choices Elaine... what you always wanted... choices...

    best wishes for a wonderful, love-filled new year, under the Moon


  • Awww that was such a lovely and uplifting reading, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time you so kindly put into the readings. Happy Birthday on Friday!


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