Captain, please if you could?

  • If you could give me a reading it would be absolutely amazing. I have fallen for a guy who is not my usual type, but I find absolutely amazing. He was the nicest, sweetest guy to me and was a good friend prior to us becoming "closer". He broke up with his ex a month before he started to pursue me, and I was sure he was not ready, so I kept distant and he kept pushing. I ended up giving in and falling in love with him, fast forward 8 months and he's started to completely ignore me and started going on lunch dates with his ex again. I am not sure what I'm meant to do, every time I attempt a card reading I always have the "lovers" card in there, and I'm not sure what it means if anything.

    His birthdate: 24th Feb 1980

    Mine: 5th July 1992

    Thank you so much in advance.

  • 'The lovers' tarot card does not necessarily mean you are meant to be with someone, but that you are being asked to make an emotional choice one way or the other.

    Astrologically, this relationship works better as a friendship than a romance. Its orientation is more philosophical, religious, or even spiritual (beliefs and faith) than deep loving. A love affair here is often more sexually than romantically inclined. Feelings are often kept inside rather than being expressed since you are both very private people. The relationships expands on this tendency unfortunately, resulting in secretiveness and even dishonesty. Arguments and disputes are unusual, since much is left unsaid. But this can mean frustrations and needs get pushed down and repressed, leading to eventual break-up of the relationship, because (while there are no disagreements) there is also no way to express criticism and disapproval without fear of upset and rejection. So your guy just withdrew so as not to hurt you by being honest, instead of staying to express his frustrations with the relationship and trying to work through any problems. Unless there is open honest communication within a relationship, it will never last.

  • Thank you very much 🙂 It does sound pretty accurate.

    Do you see anything for me this upcoming year in the way of a relationship?

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