Dare to believe?

  • Hi,

    I've had quite a few readings over the last 3 weeks, they have varied some psychic, clairvoyant, and also tartot... 21 to be exact, from different pyschics/clairvoyants/tarot readers. They are all saying the same thing. Even the outcome timings correspond... but I'm still battling to believe them. I feel like i just need to hear it again and again and again. I can't believe it cos it seems abosultely impossible and improbable. Its about a guy(virgo) I (libra) got together with, then things went wrong, but it confused me cos we were so right together... complications happened and he went silent and 2 weeks later said it was over. But given the way we were together, I didn't and still don't feel like its over... I have been careful with the readers to not give any details, other than my name and d.o.b. and his name and d.o.b if they asked for it... some didn't even need that... they all say he's coming back and i'll get contact from him, but things will start off snail paced, and the contact he makes first will be about the children.... i was pregnant with his child which he didn't want, and he told me that and then said we weren't right for each other... I then miscarried and had to tell him by txt as he asked me not to ring him cos he didn't want to discuss anything, but haven't heard from him since sending him that txt... so that all makes sense...

    but, i keep thinking.... why would he, if he can just move on?

    they have all told me what he's been thinking, how he's been feeling... even that he fell out with "person name", who was his brother (cos I rang his brother when i was pregnant and not getting a response, and his brother tried to help... this pissed him off... I apologised). We don't even move in the same circles. He lives 3 hours away, so it's not even like we gonna bump into each other... how is it possible that he would contact me and we would start a relationship again, where I would be able to decide in November if I want this, and if I do, things should be more sorted by January... I'm suppose to hear from him in September...

    This is the summary... But why can't I still believe it, and just sit back and have peace about it all?

  • Hi, Pixlchic. Thank you for putting your heart out there so courageously.

    I'd like to simply offer you a new perspective on your situation. This is neither right, nor wrong, just different. You may chuck it out the window if it doesn't resonate. Ready?

    : )

    It doesn't matter what psychics have told you, or how many have said the same thing.

    Read that again.

    YOU are the most important person in this equation. You, plus you, equals even better you.

    What you want and desire most, what you hope for in your life, who you are, what you give, these are the things that matter.

    From reading your post thoroughly, I can feel how much you have been through emotionally, and how much you desire to hold onto that which represents a very positive "thing" in your life.

    These experiences often come to us to give us a little push, something to notice, about who we are and what we want in our lives. And very often, they are brief, profound, and those experiences rattle our cage. That is their design. I have had my cage rattled MANY times!!

    Even if what you want did not come into its full expression through your experience with this particular man, does not mean you should negate its essence. Meaning, your life goes on, and now you are actually very blessed to have discovered something precious to you that you would like to have more of in your life.

    Be it Love,

    be it a child,

    be it a feeling of being cherished and known, inside and out

    All these are worthwhile facets of our lives. Your life has great meaning, with or without this person, yes?

    So, do not trouble yourself with the "small" things in life.

    This idea may feel like a stretch right now. "Ahliyah, this guy meant the world to me -- how can you say our relationship ( our love, what I want) is "small"??"

    I'm honoring your experience by letting you know that, while this man was of great importance, you were given gifts of even greater importance.

    Cherish those gifts. Someday you will reframe this ending of the relationship, and you will have grown so far from it that you will look down your past and say, I was profoundly impacted by this small thing to make a positive change in my life.

    I have been an intuitive working with the public for over fourteen years; you may call a hundred psychics, get the same answer, and yet, the only impact they have in your life is the power you give their words.

    Believe first that it will all work out perfectly, whether the outcome is to your liking or not. This is a spiritually mature attitude to take. Mentally send this man your blessing. Tell him you wish that he know only happiness. Tell him, if you feel called to Love, just come.

    I have sent you some emerald green healing light that you may use in any way you wish.

    Many blessings,

    in love and light, love and light, love and light


  • Hi, I kinda hate to post after the first one because it was very good with great advice for you. Virgo's are kinda different--ok. It would not surprise me in the least if he did show up. You know, Virgo is considered the bachelor. But after what you wrote, I really don't like the way he treated you. I don't think it would be healthy or in your best interest to repeat those patterns (of his.) My mom is a Libra and I have several Libra friends and I just think they are sweet people. After reading your post, I can tell that it would never be your intention to hurt him. You don't want anyone in your life that doesn't show compassion when you are sick (miscarriage), alone or struggling. You were sick and he totally abandoned you. You need people who are going to help you as much as you want to help them.

    As for right now, try to stay busy, treat yourself good, relax and enjoy life and what it has to offer. It takes time to heal. If you need to talk, please post again.

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