In desperate need of a reading...

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm very confused and would be eternally grateful if someone would be so kind as to grant me a reading. I met a wonderful Pisces man ( birthday: March 2, 1980) online and hit it off immediately. Even though I initiated contact, he would call me everyday and we had wonderful conversations. About two weeks into the courtship, he started to call me less and less. I spoke to him about it, and he promised he'd be more consistent. Things got better for a couple days,and then went back to limited contact. We only saw each other a total of 3 times during a two month span, I may add. About a week ago, I wrote him a long letter explaining why I couldn't continue to contact someone who was so inconsistent because it hurts too much. He tried to contact me once, and now he hasn't contacted me since.

    I feel for him much too quickly, and now I can't get over him. I was wondering if there's any chance at all. I kept getting the feeling that he was scared to rush in (he's had a lot of bad relationships) and even now, I still feel like he is the one. I just couldn't keep chasing him; I needed to maintain some degree of self-respect.

    Thank you for any advice you could give. I feel very lost and sad right now.

  • My own birthday (for reference) is July 19, 1988. Thanks again!

  • The fish can be very slippery and tends to live in the moment. They do not ever like feeling trapped or suffocated. There was no intention from him to hurt you. He did very much enjoy you. They are sensitive souls mostly who can not live with hurting anyone once that has been validated. Being responsible for another's happiness will scare them away---in their minds they are doing you a favor. This is a general description and this man does fall into this pattern. Fish tend to move around a lot and it is not personal, they need space. If you had not clung so tight too soon he would have come back---but he would have also swam off again. Fish can be warm social and charming----at their best, people are attracted to them. But they can be the ultimate FREE spirit and for those that need constant reassurance and commitment the fish can bring heart ache. You would have to change your expectations to resume a connection with him. He is not going to change. Your best bet would be to be honest with your needs and realistic about other's personality differences. You can send him an apology for the letter and say you lost your head but only because you have issues with feeling abandoned and you are working on it and know it was not him but you and you were wrong and you miss his friendship. My impression is despite his need for freedom he is attracted to woman a lot like you and THAT is why he has a pattern of broken relationships. He doesn't realize that yet. He is attracted to loyal devoted types who need validation. He is responsibility shy. It would take an awareness and change in both of you to make a committed relationship work. You must settle for friendship before a chance of that happening but I mostly pick up that you would have a hard time settling for that and most of his past relationships hung on too long thinking they could change him----at some point that kind of thinking ends ugly! BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you for your reply blmoon! Things have gone from bad to worse with my Pisces; I tried to reach out to him and tell him I care and miss him but he hasn't replied at all. I'm at a loss of what to do and I'm growing more depressed as time goes on. I know I should move on since he clearly seems to have done so already but my heart won't allow it. Oddly enough, I'm grateful I met him. He taught me that I could love someone so suddenly and without restraint. So there's that I suppose.


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