Will This Haunt Me?

  • I just found out today that I have been suspended from my school. I had some pretty bad experiences there, and do not want to return. But, I'm worried about being able to go somewhere else. If I tell the new school about the suspension do you see me being admitted? Or am I out of luck? I can go back to the school once the suspension expires, but it will be a long time before I can forget what happened to me there.

  • You don't need psychic advice here - just be practical.

    Firstly, did your suspension include the proviso that you cannot apply to any other school? If so, you will have to wait until the suspension is lifted. While you are waiting, consider the situation through the perspective of distance. Though other people may have been involved, you have to look at what part you yourself played in the suspension so it doesn't happen again. Also can you transfer your credits from one college to the next if you want to move on?

    If there is no bar to your applying elesewhere, do so - but only after asking yourself if you can handle the stress of being in an institution with many people of various temperaments and personalities around you all the time. This is the time to take care of yourself and really consider whether or not you actually WANT to go to university. If you’ve been depressed or anxious, take this spare time to figure out what’s troubling you, look at your life choices, and fix them. You can also do plenty of other things with that spare time: work, travel, exercise and get fit, learn how to knit, write a novel, and so on. Taking some time off won’t have a huge effect on your academics. Sure, you might forget how to use your note-taking hand while you’re away, but a week or two back into classes and you’ll be fine!

    Unfortunately, your academic record is permanent and something that will always follow you to other academic institutions. Whenever you apply to a school, they WILL ask you if you’ve ever attended another school and you will technically be obligated to tell the truth (if they have not simply read the transcripts from the other place). Just apply to other schools. And if possible, include a brief letter explaining the situation as you see it with perhaps references from anyone who can back you up or even a letter from your doctor stating whether you were very stressed or unwell at the time, and how you are dealing with it now.

    So look at other schools. Look at what they ask of you and then go forth and do something. Study hard, achieve the goals you have, and stay away from people who might want to make trouble for you.

    As to going back to your old school, could you do so without fear of the past repeating or running into those you were troubled by last time? Could you make a fresh start in the old place?

  • Thanks Captain! As far as going back to the other school, I feel like it would be better not to. I was thinking that maybe I'd return someday, but not for a long time. I had planned to return, then events changed. There are issues with having something like this on my record. The advice you gave is practical. I'm not sure whether I should return to any school yet, because there are definitely some things that I need to work on. And there are plenty of other things I could do with that time.

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