The importance of birthdays

  • Does anyone think there is any meaning in who we connect with regarding birthdays? I get that there is a 1 in 365 chance that two people will have the same birthday. But when the connections or relationships between these two people are meaningful, I have to wonder. I was seeing a guy for about a year who I became very attached to. He moved out of state for a job. It was not the sort of relationship where I would pack up and go with him. He has been gone for about 6 months now, and I am moving on from the relationship. I recently was reconnected with a guy that I met 2 years ago. Both of these men have the same birthday. April 19. the first that I mentioned is 1979 and the second is 1977. I have an incredible connection to both of them. My birthday is Feb 12, 1971.

    I would appreciate any feedback on this. Blessings to all!

  • It means you are very attracted to the qualities of a person more than a specific individual. We are often drawn to people who have the personality qualities that we ourselves would like to have.

    April 19 people are liberally endowed with originality, stamina, intelligence, and ambition, and they possess unlimited faith in their own knowledge. This means they will also take some knocks but much of their confidence is gained through their experience of victory and defeat. Possessing a strong competitive streak, if something isn’t difficult or nearly impossible, these people are not interested. With the ability to turn weaknesses into strengths, they are often the unqualified workers who soar up through the ranks. Although career focused, they are rarely materialistic, often being generous with both their time and their money. Their goal is not necessarily to be rich but to be selfsufficient, as in their eyes dependency on another is a sign of weakness. At their best, they are committed, skillful, and charismatic. Once they have fixed their sights upon a potential partner, the matter is usually settled as their sex appeal is irresistible. However, this is not to imply that their judgment is always perfect and their high sexual drive can frequently lead to hasty and unhappy marriages, or affairs and lots of children. Although they do not find it hard to attract partners, they really do fare best with a steady stream of love from one special person.

  • **** = sex

  • MissyMill, you yourself have no trouble falling in love, but you do need to be careful that your work and goals do not eclipse your relationships or that you take them for granted. You prefer to get involved with people who are mentally stimulating and who are interested in self-improvement, as well as having a good time. Your detached exterior can make it hard for you to open up but once you are able to do that, you make a sensitive, loyal and (when you aren’t working too hard) funloving partner.

  • Thank you Captain! Your assessment of the guys was fairly accurate as they are both career driven. Although the younger one deals with a tremendous amount of anxiety and is emotional unavailable as far as relationships go. They older one s more of a womanizer. Quite the two extremes. Could the 2 years make this difference? or are they maybe impacted by circumstances in their lives? I have come to realize that a relationship with either of them is probably not in the cards although the attraction and connection is very strong.

    As far as myself, I am 3 years out of a divorce, and yes, I do love easily, but I consistently question it. Perhaps based on my own experiences. Yes, in my marriage there were times that I was more devoted t my job and probably didn't give the marriage enough attention... although that is only one of many issues we had. My ex used to say I was detached and elusive. So, You are right about the detached exterior, I am working at learning to open up to people, but it is very difficult to find the right people to do this with. My ex's birthday was Feb 22, 1971. Could this have been part of why we didn't work well together?

    Thanks for your response. Blessings to you!

  • Yes their numerology makes them somewhat different with the younger guy being much more sensitive and easily hurt than the older man.

    You and your ex would have had an unstable, over-intense and eventually burned out relationship. Your ex is very self-critical and looks for an impossible perfection. He will experiment with a lot of different directions in life before he finally focuses on one thing. You are the very type of person that attracts him however. Whereas you will be more drawn to Sagittarians who would suit you better. Your ex tends to be a bit fickle when it comes to close personal relationships, blowing hot one day and cold the next. This can be terribly confusing for those close to him and he needs to learn the importance of commitment and honesty in a fulfilling relationship. Once he does learn to place a value on emotional honesty, however, he will probably make an endlessly fascinating and exciting lover. Your romance with him was probably extremely torrid with lots of earthy passion. However burnout is inevitable when the flame is so passionate but unstable.

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