Captain, about a comment you made before

  • Hello Captain,

    You have told me before that my boyfriend Luis Alonso is not able to have romantic feelings for a woman but is able to have parental love for his kids.

    Why can't he have romantic feelings for a woman? Has he always been this way? I want to know if this is something I can help him with. I'm also wondering if his ex has something to do with this.


  • Both his past and his upbringing have contributed to him doubting his emotions. He feels that they only hurt him, not help him. He has a lot of mistrust issues over romantic partners because of prior disappointments in love. You can help him by being supportive and sticking around but for the most part he must be prepared to open up and deal with his problems. You can't help anyone who won't help themselves.

  • Thank you captain,

    I'm extremely greatful for you

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