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  • Hi Astra! How are You? Hope this New Year brings you everything you are dreaming of. I waited to ask you for a reading for 2014 just don't want to overwhelm you. I always enjoy your positive insight. So when you have some time no hurry would be great to hear from you. Dont mind sharing some dream insights too! Love & Blessings ~D

  • Hi dmick

    Happy New Year to you too and thank you for your nice wishes me way. Wishing you also a wonderful new year with much love, happiness and every need met and more!

    Sure thing let's see some cards for you.

    a. 3 of Pentacles,


    b. the Fool.

    (a) growing Earth-material experience that is a(b)out a beginning of earth, and expansive emotional experiences.

    So we'll say this is your general "setting" for 2014.

    To me, a 3 pentacles is a growth (3) of all of your physical, material life. Which is really nice, that is a beautiful, aspiring earth card. So I see this year marked by much positive growing in the way you experience your reality this year. That means growth in your work, career. Physical relationships with others, your finances, health and well being. Everything will be growing in nice ways.

    The Fool is also a very innocent beginning card, so you have some nice beginnings to look forward to this year. Probably mostly in emotional areas. This card to me has a lot of 8 emotional expansiveness so that sounds like something really expansive emotionally for you, very happy in general and could be new, very deep connected relationships, friendships. This also has a beginning of Earth in it too, so that seems to also really say something new beginning in your physical life. These are both all Earth and Emotion cards, so I think this year you are going to really see beginnings and a lot of wonderful growth in your emotions and physical life experience.

    So that is the general "setting" for your year, now we can look at some others cards to see some details.

    1. (beginning) = 2 of Cups. So, that is really, really nice! That shows an affirming emotional beginning for you this year. It really sounds like a very wonderful relationship in some way. Close friendship or more, it is really nice and gentle and affirming.

    2. (affirming) = The Sun. Alright, that is nice! The Sun brightens everything for you, so this is saying yes with sunshine over this 2 of cups beginning. So you can see how your setting is already being detailed a little. Your earth growth and that "fool" beginning is always going to have a sun shining down high in the sky. This also has a new emotion in it and a foundation of earth, so you can totally see how everything for you is lining up along emotion and Earth. Feelings, love, relationships, and your growth of earth reality looks fantastic!

    3. (growing) = 6 of swords. So now we see our first sword and this is a really nice social-sharing (6) card of your thinking and dialogue patterns. So this says that all that we have said so far will also have some very nicely developed dialogue growth patterns going on. So in this new 2 of cups relationship for example, you will experience some very nice intellectual sharing and thoughts and dialogue will be wonderful, very well developed and sharing and sweet and kind. So I see some very positive growth for you in the way you interact with others intellectually and in conversation and sharing of ideas, sharing feelings, everything.

    4. (foundation) = 7 of wands. So here is our first wand, and this is falling into you foundations for you life moving forward. 7's are very dreamy and aspiring and imaginative. In wands this means very spiritual sorts of dreams and creative aspiring aspects, and in this case this will mark the foundation for you in many ways. In other words, when all is at rest for you, you will tend to land on this theme as your foundation. So for example, let's say its a weekend and its quiet and there's not a lot happening and you are by yourself outside under the sun, going for a walk or something... your thoughts will tend to want to soar above, feel angels around you, or dreaminess in divine sorts of themes of love... it will feel wonderful! So I see you smiling a lot this year.

    5. (changing) = 5 of cups. Okay this is emphasized because it is a 5 card in a 5 position. So this means that in your setting (you recall, the 8 of cups of the fool, and in that nice 2 of cups beginning) a very significant change will also be going on emotionally. So with very postive beginnings this means positive changes emotionally ahead. Very positive new things happening that really help you turn the corner emotionally in wonderful ways. So take wherever you are now emotionally and see that changing even more for the better, along with this new 2 of cups relationship-affirming beginning. This sounds really special for you.

    6. (social-sharing) = Page of Cups. So you can see how you have a lot of positive things happening emotionally, this is a really nice, innocent, reaching out, connecting in new ways sort of emotional card. So this is in your social-sharing position, meaning that you can expect both very positive growth in dialogue patterns socially (remember the 6 swords at position 3). And this says these growing dialogues are going to be focused a lot in your emotional areas. So that sounds to me like a great frienship(s), love life, something really gets going for you moving ahead that is wonderful in the way you are now able to share emotionally and be free to do that without any fears or holding back. you can just let it all out with these relationship(s)! It will be so nice and liberating for you!

    7. (rest-reflection) = Hierophant. This is usually a sort of higher truth or search for truth and dependable emotional foundations along with dialogue adjustments. So as a rest and reflection card, I think this sounds like maybe some "truth" or search you have been on will be relaxed, perhaps the "rules" of life will not be such a big deal for you moving forward. I think that is what it is mostly for you, this sense of defined boundaries and what you can or can't do... all of that takes a back seat for you now. You will be able to relax and not have to be looking over your shoulder wondering, "oh, did I do the right thing? Say the right thing?" those sort of concerns won't be an issue for you because you will just be having too much fun! Maybe more close moments with that special person or friends, sharing, and not as much trying to study out the rules so to speak. I see you really communicating a lot more coming up, with others. Very emotionally fulfilling dialogue in love and feelings ahead.

    8. (expansive) = Temperance (blending). So this says that a big part of all of this new emotional growth and development, the way your "setting" moves along, is in "blending" patterns of earth and emotion. This card is again repeating Earth + Emotion, that we saw at the beginning as the general trending focus for your setting (3 pentacles + Fool {8 cups + ace pentacles}). The 8's are all about what is developing, maginifies things, it is much like the 3 only more so, as it is yearning to reach the 9 (fulfillment) by this point. So I would expect that your life will be given opportunities that are like doors and opportunities to "blend" with others emotionally and physically. That would seem to emphasize social settings again, and blending, flowing, mixing, partnering, finding nice connections with others... which could be friendship, even romance, and career, as the pentacles led the reading (3 pentacles), so everything should relate back to your growing physical life.

    There is very little wandiness outside of your foundations in life, so I don't see you too much caught up in longer range goal-dream patterns, this seems that what you really love is these sort of quiet, stable spirit-dream patterns (7) that relate more to ethereal themes, things above, the mystery and magic of life being something you always fall back on. There is not much swordsiness either apart from the social-sharing communication pattern growing for you. So I think your communication and thoughts are mostly going to find their outlet as you blend with others moving forward. This means that when you are by yourself, you will tend toward 7 wand dreaminess, and then when you are with others (and it does look like socially things are developing) you will then be caught up in some very nice dialogue pertaining to emotional matters, mostly related to risk-begin patterns emotionally (page cups 6). There does seem to be an important new relationship developing for you, the 2 cups at 1. You see 2 cups at 6 as well (pages are 2 cups rearranged). So this new relationship seems to appear out of your social setting. Emotional adjustments and positive change in connection with everything seems to be a big part ahead as well. So I see some very rich and rewarding dialogue, emotional connectedness arriving for you Dmick!

    Love and light, wishing you a great year!


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  • I always get such nice feelings about you Dmick... like you have been through so much and yet you just keep smiling. Gazing up into the sky... dreaming, dreaming of the day your daughters will be gone haha... so you have then two daughters and at least 4 grandkids. So yeah I guess that keeps you busy. That seems really sad that these kids are growing up without their dad around. I don't get these developments, single parent families, really not making any sense, and can't be good for our culture to be going along with that. If the man is the father he should be with the mother period, unless the mother wants the dad gone. Not sure how often it is that way. Anyway, these settings really make me stop and wonder what is happening to our family patterns. Okay dmick you have nice things ahead for you, we will look forward to a nice, peaceful year.

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