In need of a reading

  • I have been struggling with a very difficult situation for the past few days and I would really appreciate if one of you could help me out with a reading. I don't know what to do.

    Here's some context. I've had a friend for the past six yrs, for whom I developed romantic feelings a little over a year ago. Deep feelings. He always had feelings for me too but never acted on them thinking they weren't mutual. Nothing happened because he was with someone at the time and didn't know how to break it off. It was a long relationshIp. We parted ways and we reconnected a month and a half ago. He ended things with the woman and we started seeing eachother. I must say, nothing physcall happened until they broke up. EverythIng went well until last sunday, after a particular beautiful day we spent together, very intimate and sweet. Next day he told me he was scared of all that we were feeling and that we should take thIngs slower; that he was feeling too much in too little time. I agreed with hIm and gave him space. Then, wednesday morning, his Grandfather died. We spoke and he said he was sad but oK, but that he had a lot to take care off.Told him not to worry; that I was going to be there with hIm when he needed me and that when he could and felt it was OK he should reach out. Since his family doesnt know about me, I couldn't just go and put myself there making him and everyone uncomfortable in such awful time. He never called. I didn't want to push so I waited; then called when I thought the funeral and wake should be over but he never answered (yesterday, 2 days after our last call).

    Now I don`t know what to do or thInk. I really care about him and I know he cares about me and this is such a horrible situation. I am worrIed about him and about us: PLEASE, someone give me some light on this matter through a reading.

    I am a Pisces born March 16th 1982, he is Aries, April 6th 1983

  • I can't actually give a full reading, but I do get the impression that your man of interest is still grieving quite a bit. I believe he is still interested in you, but he is in a lot of pain right now, and he feels the need to take care of his family right now. And just from being an Aries myself, I can tell you we feel everything very intensely, so he may be feeling overwhelmed right now. 🙂

  • here is a reading,

    a family misfortune,

    you need to reflect...think

    something was overdone...where it was happy or pleasant and now is turning

    there is a question of a woman who is smart and quick witted, but is sad

    recently you have wanted something to happen but it was put on hold and you are waiting

    you need to be strong and think things thru

    you find a balance with a guy...feels peaceful

    you have been worrying about a and she is a piece of work...not nice

    i don’t know if she was a friend but it comes out in your felt annoying or agitatng

    your looking for joy and happiness

    last card is by itself...a guy who is a good talker

    look this over, it wasn’t just one emotion, you might have a few things going at once, sometimes the reading comes out choppy when I pick up on it like that, hope it helps you understand


  • Thank you for your input guys: Hobbles, yes, he is overwhelmed. I don't know what to do but right now I know that the best I can do is leave him be. I don't want to cause him pain, because I know how intensely he feels about everything. I find your words very caring and I apreciate it.

    Nick. You are spot on and what you say makes total sense. Even the annoyIng person (ex girlfriend, very demanding and meddling). I don't understand the last card though: "a guy who is a good talker"... is this him? Is this another person who is going to give advIce? What is it about this man?

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart to the both of you for taking the time to reply

  • I think I should mention that we did speak after that and that he said he was overwhelmed by all, us, the death of his grandfather, work; and that he needed to be alone because he didn't know how or where he wanted to be. Told him I understood and that although I was hurting I wanted him to be happy and at peace, so I was going to let him be alone. And so I did.

  • It was not intentional but he realized he still has baggage with his work through. He knows that conversation would hurt you. It's no ones fault and you can't do anything about it or fix it. Surrender to his need for space. It's bad timing right now. BLESSINGS!

  • I hate making assumptions so I try not to add my input, but with everything said and with what Blmoon inputted its like he is trying to make everyone happy. When he talks to you, he talks to you and when he talks to others, its to them. It defuses the situation but it doesn't solve it. The other strong feeling was you need to think and reflect what you need, not want and hope but what will work for you. Once you find that, that was the balance and peace.


  • Thanks everyone. I appreciate the input. There's nothing I can do and although it hurts I just have to get out of the way. I do know what I need, I do know what I want, but I just can't have it this time.

    Thanks again.

  • PS---Nothing is a mistake if you receive the lesson. Use this alone time to get out of your heart and into your head as this is what this situation offers you. A step towards balance. To be in your ultimate power requires both head and heart.( Heart includes emotions.) Often the first stages of DESIRE come with great intensity---and little thought. L U S T over time builds--like being a child awake all Christmas night waiting for dawn---then excitedly opening the packages. Then the reality of over expectation and now what? There is a slowdown period that follows. I get that there was a spark between you two from day one but often a big craving spark gets in the way of true intimacy and the reality of getting to know another beyond that spark. Your head should be stepping back and looking at this event detached from emotions. For future reference proceed with caution with a prospective mate not long out of a committed relationship. Often after a break there is an adjustment stage of self examination and often couples go back and forth before the finale clean break. You could get hurt. Also, once intense desire is released it can leave a person confused about what their feelings are or even what they really know about that person. Step out of your intense emotions and use your head---the head protects you. It helps you manage your emotions wisely. Although you have known this man awhile it has really been from a distance as he was in a relationship and that can be a blinder for others seeking intimacy. Sometimes you can risk a good friendship by getting physical----it happens. Specially with a man who has intimacy issues and finds too much closeness uncomfortable. He tends to need more than one woman. He is more detached emotionally with his intimate partner---which results in his partner feeling the need to be controlling because she is feeling the insecurity of that. The same man will often take his emotions to a safe friendship with a non judgmental female friend who makes no demands. These are just some thoughts to give your HEAD something to think about. Clarity and truth often require ample distance. A Goddess always finds the positive opportunity in an otherwise unfair painful event. It is the difference between feeling trapped and a victim and being set free by truth

    inner power is a choice----perspective is all you have control over. Your challenge is PATIENCE and BOUNDARIES. These strengths give your head room to manage your big heart. BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks Blmoon. I appreciate your input. I do agree that distance and using my head is what I need now. That's why I am keeping my distance.

    Now please don't make assumptions about this guy or about me. It doesn't really matter I guess, for reading purposes, but I have known him for years, very intimately, although not in a physicall way up until a little while ago. He is a good man. I am also not someone who gets carried away just like that and just because. There's more to the story.

    I am certainly taking the lesson here. I did jump the gun and I should've been more cerebral. I didn't though. There were too many feelings. Now it's time for my head to do it's work and let this go, even if it hurts.

    Having said that, while I do appreciate the input, I don't want this to turn into "romantic advice", unless that's what the cards are giving. Don't take this the wrong way, I can understand the urge for giving advice based on experience, but as Nick said, lets try to avoid assumptions.

  • I did not read cards and made no assumptions. I am a psychic medium and was not advising from my head. I only pass along what Spirit suggests. I agree you know him intimately as you are a trusted friend---I meant the other kind of intimacy. There are two kinds and some folks find the two together overwhelming. I have no desire to convince you of anything. Often a message does not resonate until it is timely---I trust Spirit. You can take what you feel comfortable with. I do not have time for romantic advice. And as a psychic I am not offended. People hear what they want most to hear and it is not personal. I wish you well. BLESSINGS!

  • Advice taken. Thanks so much for the time. Blessings for you too

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