It is not over Blmoon...!

  • I know to some this sounds wrong but it is so good for you to acknowledge HATE! This is were people get stuck in the name of being godlike. We are not. We are on earth trying to maneuver through all that is earthly. Feelings must be acknowledged! The evil in hate is what we do with it? You can not heal the damage until you NAME IT. I am so proud of you for being real with yourself. and not judge. Yes hate is a bad energy yet sometimes we must walk through it to rise above it. How can you make a good choice if you do not give it reality first. We do too much harm to ourselves when we deny bad feelings. His method of love has manifested this in you. Your free will is to participate or not. He will be gone when you have gotten from this painful union the lesson that heals you. YOU RISE ABOVE! That's what all that silly humor towards the panty liners is about. Humor is good, it is so much healthier than bottling up hurt, anger, helplessness because you must understand is how we leak power. Understand how others effect you. You are sensitive and you pick up others energy and then it is yours unless you test that. Have you considered your discomfort is his own angry hateful as fast as you diffuse it he returns just long enough to get his home back to his energy level. Claims his space like a male dog who sprays on everything his his his. Of course you can mark your space as well but with a higher energy. no slamming doors but music, laughter, chimes. On rare occasion yes you must exert angry vibes of had enough but save that for very rare crossing serious boundaries so it means something. To him, your irritation feels safe because he knows hes got you. I keep getting messages about the items in your home. It is time to start selling things. He is slowly doing that. Instead of approaching it as a possessive issue present it to him as a necessity. Tell him things are horrible at your apartment and you must find new living arrangements as your doctors advised it for your health. You need some extra income otherwise the only other option may be returning to the house more often for rest. Do not debate this....just put it out there. You can move things your way by not being so logically truthful. He manipulates you with lies and innuendos. The camera thing, the clients, his need to cover up his cash flow with an event to throw you off the sent. He is on the defensive because he IS dishonest with you. You do have free will how you end this marriage but if you do not get the lessons, grow, rise above him then no matter how far you hide life will continue the same issue wearing a new face. You have come so far! The end is near. I can remember when just an e-mail from him made you ill with fear. And how he consumed you with hurt. He paralized you. Now the initial feelings And now, no more hurt, you now have moved the energy outside of yourself. Hate is an emotion and not an action until you decide that. The good hate stays in awareness but then is released by choice. The bad hate is fed. Like your x's hate for his mother, unspeakable it is part of him and he makes it an action by allowing it to dictate his terms of loving. It is not you. What is you.... is your own wound or fears that allowed you to EVER feel responsible for his passive aggressive abuse. You are well guided to fill yourself with real love. Stay close to friends. And counter act his energy assault of your space by puttering around yourself. Dust, clean, sing, arrange....etc. But definitely start the conversation about selling belongings NOW. If it turns to argument, you can stop. Put up your hand as if to metaphorically claim a boundary. Say, I cant't argue about this. Perhaps you can just make a list of what you feel is fair divide and I'll deal with it then. Then take a walk ....far from his energy. This as well will give you silent excuse to putter around with pad and pen, looking through cupboards etc. Let him be on the defensive. It works for him..........passive will work for you! BLESSINGS!.

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  • NO i HAD NOT! But I saw it coming in that you REALLY have him frustrated. And since he can't pull you into a defensive argument anymore he instead just builds and builds with his aggression so no surprise to me he had to cross the line and the thing is your son is not a run and hide guy.....he will walk AROUND a conflict if he feels it serves him best but your son will NOT be bullied. The outburst WILL disturb your x later....he fears losing control so the outburst will settle him down. And no you can not trust him with whatever is yours. Do take action now....Spirit tells me they will help you...just keep calm and know this is part of your good ending.....this will not last but will move you further along faster. BLESSINGS! And, get in touch with your Scorpio friend about advice for having wireless connections that stay with you. BLESSINGS!

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  • I knew once he got his release outburst he would give. That is a good idea asking to use the nieghbors.....regardless who helps you spirit was strongly suggesting you ASK for help and I am so glad you will tell the truth....although I felt for a long time you should not hide your predicament always, Spirit told me that you had to work your way to that ....a process. I can be like that. But truth is, it benefits him AND you limit yourself to receiving good natured deserve. And the camera thing. REALLY? You know he intends for you to read that.Hopes it gets you full of response. He baits you. Maybe you are right about the other other woman. I only pick up on a strong presence. But why now if she's always been part of his life. Unless since you are now farther way from him, he has attached more to HER. I did see he would have to do that. You will hear from the Scorpio. He's in drama overload right now and I may have gotten the call for help signals mixed up but spirit said clearly to contact him.....and seek outside computer access not under the x's thumb. SELF SUFFICIENCY does diffuse a tyrants hold over you. Interesting your do seem to be in fear of him taking away things....a pattern? He plants that fear. Which what the missing items are saying. You DO fear for you belongings. He seems to put your life on hold.....HOLD....Spirit was loud. He withholds! I think your request to the Scorpio has not played out. I trust Spirit suggested contact for a reason. I believe he sees himself clearer in your battle. Right now he can not put blinders back on. Somehow your call out to him has a purpose. You need to make the MOST of all your power this week. And get the house sold....the tide turned last month. Last month he also began resisting the end of this with more energy...the truth is he THINKS he wants so much to get rid of the house but it is going to force him to deal with not having an escape ALL HIS. Your intuition is right. All this game playing just a cover up for his true intention...he wants it all. And I feel he honestly thought from the beginning you would go away. And he does not feel at all you have any right to HIS house. Sometimes it is better to walk away....depending on ones issues. For you , you must heal this helplessness he brings out of have come so far! It's not just about he house. Perhaps you interrupted a rare special visit from his other woman? THAT would make him extra angry! I'm thinking this could be perfect timing, because with house lookers finely showing interest and your presence and his anger he may just let go......think to himself like you....get the house sold and I will be done. This could play favorably for you. He does not want to give you anything you want. BUT if he feels selling the house serves him , it will sell. He HOLDS it back. I think you can get this house sold. And when he finds out you visited the neighbors and did not HOLD back he is going to feel more like he has lost control. I do not see any of this unpleasant situation as bad at all... in fact it was good for your son. He got to EXPRESS internal energy. Just as you expressed your truth. You led the way. Concentrate on getting the home sold. Also, do get legal advice about the hostile actions of your x. AND very much you need to remove or get legal inventory filed on your things. They will disappear. Store what you can and consider selling. Only save items that have loving memories. You do not want anything that will not fit into a new life. They must have a positive meaning. When the buyers come fill your home with cooking.....a real estate friend told me to at least fill the home with coffee smell.....or baking... do what you do best!

    I get a favorable outcome for you...BLESSINGS!

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  • Isn't there another door to get in the garage? If you can get in the garage you open the door. If you are indeed stuck use the time to put loving vibes in the house. Make it work for you : ). Is their someone coming back to revisit from January as I still see the buying interest started in January and someone is very interested but is slow about making big decisions. You know, him withholding things like a bully............examine how you deal with these situations. Sometimes, for a stubborn person (me) spirit will push you into a path you resist, meaning you have something important to do at the house. I always fear I'm too slow or missing timing by intuition when truly I am mostly too soon! Other times a situation of being bullied by folks who don't play fair is a call to you to be the lamb or to be the KEEPER of the lamb..... Creative consequences. Even a small child knows there are consequences for mean spirited behavior. Screaming at someone means nothing....only if they FEEL the discomfort of consequence do they get it. Married to a Scorpio more than 40 years I could list a trunk full of examples of getting my point across.....the ART of bloodless payback ruthlessness. You are too nice. By nature so am I. Get happy in your space, smell nice, get se xy, make beautiful. Someone will feel it when they walk in the door and want some. BLESSINGS! PS.....the Scorpio is another subject, I know your disappointment but give it time. You can't see the whole picture yet.

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  • I really love this pic. I have been wanting to paint my room but not change everything but want pink walls to replace the yellow gold.... at night often I study my room for a pleasing shade of pink without losing the crimson and gold theme. This bouquet is very much an option! It has dusty rose pink I already thought would be the answer. That burnt umber flower on top matches the border in my room by the ceiling, it has a very old world gold design as well. I like the pic very much. A nice mix of colours! But not like the circus! I think about your post as clarity....I can feel you getting things....seeing him clearly. EXCEPT the way she runs to HER...funny because I see him running more FROM you!!! He feels so naked, so exposed around you! He can't run fast enough. I think after today you really see just how much he is not selling this house. AND when you said to him..."do you want to sell this house? You saw the truth and made him face that...the truth is no he his not ready to the core to sell, he does not have a back up plan and you called him out....NAKED! He is so used to turning the conversation or situation about you before you can see through expose him. His sudden vibes of fear are not always about her but YOU....he is afraid of you. Isn't that a conundrum. Mostly, you have been afraid of him but when you are your true self that scares him. I am sure the agent appreciated your presence at the showing! OH, and don'y waste thoughts about the Scorpio. There's more to come that will explain it.

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  • These two pics are funny together! ART... Fine perfection but he is looking above to a backwards god....the dog ---a little guy with a big head ....both of them !!!! MY what a package he has for show! Sorry but we poets see metaphor and meaning in the most unsuspecting places! Dogs are God's gift....they keep it real. AND the wives tale is that dogs tend to reflect the personalities of their owners. Male dogs, are generally more crude and do mark their territory. I prefer females but so love my sons crude little fearless guy. Dogs do take energy to keep, they shed, get into mischief and disturb order.But their are healers in the dog world as well as our human and to get a dog who is LOVE is a gift. Dogs have as many personalities as people. I got a very good e-mail news letter from John Edwards the psychic.and pasted it.. Instead of hiding have you thought of following your x more .................can you stand it? He bangs pots while you make tea, mop floor, clean drawers....can you bite your tongue? When my house was full I had headphones and a music devise that drove my man nuts when he was being rude. Like you I am extra sensitive to noise to the point where a banged door will tense my back, make me jump. My man thinks I am unreasonable about noise, he puts the volume loud on the tv then shouts over it. Our arguments are about noise. We are who we are so I have my escapes. I found in the old days his extra banging was really about control because the headphones ticked him off? Why? It's because I have the ability to be far off with my thoughts and far off makes him feel's self centered and that is bipolar. You two are in a war over space. You have mastered boundary and walking away. The last step is bloodless taking charge. He will sell that place rather than deal with your visits. He needs to lose control over feeling he can send you away. And you do not have to be truthful about your seed planting, meaning even if you do not see yourself capable of extra visits, he does not need to know that.. He does that to you, plants a lot of hot air. . Somehow you need to plant a seed of fear in him that your visits may increase unpredictably until you get that house sold. Take inventory of your things and start storing and selling......they will be his next weapon. BLESSINGS!


    You are reading this today because you want to become more empowered, learn, and grow. We all come together, whether it be here reading the newsletter, or weekly on EVOLVE, or even on Facebook or Twitter to connect and understand the lessons in our life. My goal is to assist you, and provide you with insights that will help you evolve through whatever is on your path and journey.

    I recently received a tweet from someone who said, “Do you promise that I will evolve?”

    My immediate response was, “That’s up to you.”

    Last month’s newsletter was talking about using your intuition to make informed decisions, not allowing your life to “just” unfold, but to trust your intuition and allow it to guide you. Easier said than done, especially if principles of fear and change hamper your ability to move in any direction.

    Time Heals All Wounds...

    Does it? We hear the adage, but can it really? I say the answer is ‘yes,’ but wounds can heal correctly or incorrectly, in keeping with the health care analogy. I think wounds can heal in life as well, if we honor them and validate their causes, as well as their meaning in our lives. Most importantly, we need to learn from them. So, hear I am compelled to add in yet another adage, “history repeats itself”…we need to learn, not just from world history, but also from our personal history.

    Gregg Braden wrote a book called Fractal Time, and I find it compelling and fascinating. He talks about universal patterns in our world, and how we can look to the past to understand the future. Smart I say! I believe that there are universal patterns that teach us lessons and we blend those patterns with the family programming that we were raised with. And then we pass that down. People repeat mistakes that their parents made, even though, as children, they hated the fact that their parents made the choices they did. Sociological, biological, and energetic factors help to shape our lives, but our choices are our own. Think about this hard. PEOPLE CANNOT MAKE OUR OWN CHOICES – only we can.

    Look Up For Help

    Being a student of Astrology, I really encourage you to take the time to find an astrologer that you resonate with, someone who speaks to you from their soul, who can also be an additional member of your earthly team of light workers.

    In January, I had the Universe introduce me to a young guy, David Palmer, who calls himself The LEO KING. His enthusiastic approach to using Astrology and his daily horoscopes “speak” to you and I know you will resonate with the message. Astrology is his only “tool” he uses to step into “his” channel. Check him out - or follow him on Twitter @theleokingdom.

    Astrologers can explain that the planets above and their various rotations have clearly delineated patterns, and during those patterns, there are the “themes” that will arise on our planet, and in your life. There’s a debate among astrologers as to whether we are acting out what the planets dictate in some way, or if the planets are solely mirroring what we do here – either way, IT’S PRETTY ACCURATE! As NOT being an astrologer, but an interested student of all things energetic, I think it’s a complicated mixture that yields to our free will and choices.

    When those “celestial seasonings” hit the “broth of your life,” it is you that determines what “dishes” will be made and served in your own family kitchen and dining room. Make no mistake, there will always be food in the kitchen cooking.

    The Planets align in certain ways that planetary opportunities for reflection arise and give us all the chances to learn and be challenged. In our education, we learn that the importance of studying history is so that mankind does not make the same mistakes. But do we? Again, we revisit history in this newsletter alone, that old adage, “does history repeat itself?” I believe it does… or it might. But we have some control of how we learn from it: free will.

    Is it predestined that we are doomed to repeat the past? NO! You might disagree as you think about yourself or someone you know. Why do people fall into patterns of behavior that are undesirable or harmful in some ways to them? Why are there ruts of repetitiveness that shape our future? Why can’t people seem to break out from this?

    Patterns. The patterns of energy that we learn are very much like the language we speak verbally. We are taught by those who have come before us and that shapes our world. Depending on where you live, you might call the square box that takes you from floor-to-floor in a building a “lift,” while others an “elevator.” Depending on country, state, and family, we learn our accepted form of verbal language.

    We all speak energy as well. We learn patterns of how to communicate with each other from those who are around us, and that continues throughout our entire life. I speak of being aware of who is in your energy as that person can influence your thoughts, and therefore your outcomes. I instruct folks to be in balance in all areas of their lives to own their own power, to make intuitive choices. As most are evolving to do this, I wanted this newsletter to force you to focus on your patterns and understanding of how, why, and who you are, and what patterns are in your energy? What patterns are you knowingly, or unknowingly, passing down? There’s no better movie to show patterns of dysfunctional behavior than this year’s AUGUST OSAGE COUNTY! If you saw it, you are shaking your head right now in understanding.

    If you have thought about your circumstance, and where you are on your current line of probability in your life, than you know that you cannot change the history. But you can change your perspective about it, and THAT can shape and shift your future. DON’T BE A VICTIM OF OTHER PEOPLE'S CHOICES!

    For the people that are so stuck, cannot bear to see the forest through the trees, never mind the beauty in a blade of grass, what of them? Are some people just so heavily laden with all of it that they just cannot make a change? I believe the answer is NO.

    Ninjas of Negativity

    For years, I would read the comments on my Facebook page and just shake my head, as there seems to be a collective group of invisible negativity warriors. I call them NEGATIVE NINJAS!

    I post a positive quote, and they respond with a comment or paragraph about how their life is crap, has been, always will be, and the world is out to get them. Others might post a passive-aggressive comment that states, “oh that’s nice for you, but for me in the real world, that doesn’t really apply.”

    There have been some very real moments of stress in my office between Katrina and I where I wanted her to DELETE the page. It stresses me to read some of the negative comments as it doesn’t meet or match the intent of what I am doing and who I am. Not going to lie, I am SO happy that the folks that follow me on Twitter don’t seem to follow that same current of consciousness. Not a lot of Negative Ninjas on Twitter! I know the visual of negative thoughts in ninja costumes is great… my Guides gave it to me!

    Now, save the emails, posts and tweets telling me that I should not listen to the few in the minority out of over 600,000 people. I’m showing my personal and human side when I say that there are moments when it is really good that Katrina WON'T give up my password to the Facebook account.

    I am using these people as objective examples of their negative patterns and yes, I’m painting their posts with a broad brushstroke on purpose. We have all encountered that energy online or in life where everyone has an excuse, or its always somebody’s fault…it is never them getting out from behind their own circumstances and making a difference in their next step. They become a prisoner to their own thoughts, while life is happening all around them, and they are willingly not participating. They embody the principles of a victim, and life happens TO them and never FOR them.

    Those Facebook users whom only attack, vent their opinions or spew their judgment while accusing yours, are only affirming the negative. If you are NOT on my Facebook page, there’s a whole show going on their appearing sometimes daily. “NEGATIVE NINJAS ATTACK EVOLVERS,” lol. But, seriously, if you are not on my Facebook page – it is worth it to read some of people’s social Tourette syndrome. Sometimes, I wish I can call a few of these folks and record it for EVOLVE… now that would be reality television at its best.

    Higher Authority

    If you have read my materials before, you know that I have a very powerful relationship with a team of energies on the Other Side that I call ‘THE BOYS’… or my ‘TEAM’. After meeting Kathy Eldon, I appreciate the term “team spirit” that she coined when talking about the loss of her son, Dan. She has been a friend to me, a recurring guest on EVOLVE with JOHN EDWARD and a crowd favorite. Her powerful spirit of giving is infectious. (Please check her out: a greater energy and spirit on the Earth is hard to be found and check out her book IN THE HEART OF LIFE)

    So I asked my guides,

    JE: “Why do people fall into the same patterns?”

    GUIDES: “Patterns help give us the reset button and shape the positive of our future…at least in theory.”

    My immediate visual was of me as a kid playing a video game. If I didn’t like how I performed, I just reset the game. I would want an additional chance to get it better, to do it right. Wouldn’t life be so great if we could reset situations? The answer is…we need to learn from it, we need to get to the core foundation of the lesson. Otherwise, the Universe will keep leaving us behind and putting us in the same situations in the hopes that we can evolve to the next lesson. Guess what? Even when you pass your lesson, there are still mini quizzes and reminders along the way to review what it is you learned. An addict is always an addict, even when they are clean and sober for 30 years. The issue is still there, although dormant. They will always be faced with the choice of using whatever their addiction calls to.

    JE: But why do so many people make recurring mistakes? Bad decisions? Laziness? Is it in our DNA?

    GUIDES: They showed me schoolbooks.

    We are taught in history classes all about timelines and to learn the facts of the past, but not the behavioral and social patterning. For example, Hitler…nobody told me that Hitler was a Taurus, had his moon in Capricorn, and Libra was his rising sign (I did some digging and this is what I was able to find out online).

    But looking up what all that means would give you a below-the-surface understanding of how one man could enact such large changes on a planet. We understand the MAN behind the MONSTER. Each one of us has man, monster and Saint in us. Understanding our patterns in our own history will help us to understand how we somehow manifest similar patterns (having your astrological chart done will help REALLY understand this). Clearly, there are other Taureans out there, with their moon in Capricorn and Libra as their rising sign…and they didn’t make the choices that Hitler made.

    Now, Hitler is an extreme example, as Mother Theresa, or Ghandi, or whoever else you want to look at. But this newsletter - or newsnovel as Katrina will occasionally refer to them - is not about the leaders of society. I want this to be an exploration and examination of YOU.

    Look at where you are currently at in your life and think about how YOU actively allowed yourself to get here. Try hard NOT to assign blame, with full knowing that other people’s energy and choices helped you to make your own. Try to be accountable for what you said, did, and created to manifest the current position of your life and own it. If you can do any of that, you can take the next step to move forward.

    If you are stuck on the repeating thoughts that THIS person did X, Y and Z to me and that’s why 1, 2 and 3 happened, then you need to visualize yourself like the DEVIL card in the Tarot – chained and bound to the darker side of our soul. But like that card, the chains that hang around our necks are wide enough for us to take them off.

    BY NO MEANS am I trying to minimize your experiences. Quite the opposite actually; I want to throw them a parade, name them, honor them, give them their due and allow you to release them to where they should be… history. I want you to see the patterns on your line of probability that helped to get you here, both positively and negatively, and own your part in them.

    Look to see where patterns in your past helped to shape your present and how we can shift those patterns to alter the future for yourself and those you impact. Let’s learn from our histories, and evolve through them with information and understanding.

    When we understand what’s happening within us, we can affect great change around us and in our world.

    Thanks for spending some time here with me reading, and thinking. I hope that this has provoked some questions that you will dig for understanding yourself a little bit more. This newsletter was originally 11 pages longer – so there will be a thematic continuance in the March newsletter.

    I will leave you with a sneak peek to think about. If a blue box called a TARDIS landed in your backyard and a timey-wimey time-traveling man who calls himself “The Doctor” stepped out and invited you in and said he could take you anywhere in the world…WHERE WOULD YOU GO?

    This was a question that was asked of me last year during an event. I couldn’t answer it then, but I will in MARCH’s newsletter. See ya on EVOLVE!

    Check out EVOLVE w/ JOHN EDWARD only on

    All the best,


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  • I decided to clean under the sink yesterday and of course had a very stuffed head allergy attack and was in bed early. I read your post but had no energy to answer but went to sleep with your wonderful quote you shared. YES! if you can comprehend that then you are the queen in your life and you will always move forward! So much extended wisdom! It also explains how when betrayed we have to have betrayed ourselves first. Ouch! Because to hide from what we know about a person and then that person shows that side we must admit we ignored that reality. I think it is human nature to be in a good place and not want to rain on it by protecting ourselves from the boogie man who lies sleeping And..... ACT AS THOUGH ALWAYS ON VIEW!?Boy that will keep the truth honest!. The real strength of this mindset is HEALTHY DETACHMENT. You have so come far with that......tempering your big heart. I guess my bipolar mate has gifted me with that lesson! I have to navigate between the mate I love and the other side of him. It gives me power in an otherwise situation that early on ate my power! I decided early to GROW from it. That wisdom is so powerful and the foundation of success. It is the essence of FREE WILL. And that serenity prayer to recognize what you can change or not. Isn't that where we all get stuck? As for your x.....that is exactly why you are more powerful than him.....AWARENESS. You chose the hard path of awareness and he hides from it. It doesn't mean that you will not be spared unfair events or hills to climb but it means YOU will always be ok. You gain hope with awareness because it is a survival tool. Your x will have to trade his hiding for a life out of control and no progress. He will remain the same man with the same predictable patterns. For a man who hides, I can see him so clear and your clarity has grown. When things go well with him it is a much prettier picture...but never forget that most likely when things seem calm with him is when he will strike the most underhandedly. I'm still getting that January event about the house.......something is important and it will be revealed. Your son was sweet to buy you that! That's how my oldest son is. Your son reminds that it is wise not to lament the witholdinds of those who don't love when there is plenty of love out there to rejoice in! Plus he got satisfaction for showing how petty for no reason his father can be AND he stuck it to him regarding who the real man of the house is and what that look likes. And how sad that a father should leave a good son to take his place and yet your son is blessed to choose not to blindly repeat the cycle. Like a lot of sons your son vows NOT to be his father. And his life will be built on that challenge....he will be tested but he will be mostly motivated by that determination. Are you using the salt water rinse up your nose? I do that when my sinuses become a lingering mess. It's gross but works. Eat lots of garlic or take garlic supplements. I do every not take garlic at night as it promotes energy. During an actual cold I will take odorless garlic supplements every three or four hours for a few days. Garlic will kill viruses and it heals mucus membranes. And you are right about dog smells and house selling...I was told that too by an smells are a big turn off. Altho if the owners have several dogs themselves. Otherwise people fear that the odor is permanent. BLESSINGS!

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  • oh I love this too! NOW you are visiting MY world....these are the people I admire! They do tend to have similar qualities. I learned from very successful people....not the shallow kind of success but people who change other peoples lives. I learned that the people who drew folks to them where mystery. Most folks are afraid to approach them so in a way it is a necessary boundary keeper....specially when you have what others wish to own too. Take poets......early on I would share too early my fresh poems but noticed the best poets who were already well known did not share. It bothered me with curiosity. I'm thinking, are they more unable to tolerate imperfection? Are they above something I do not know about? I learned that a very good poem could be destroyed and never reach polished once you let others put words in your head with their meant well but not helpful critiques. It's hard to look at a poems early drafts after it's been pulled apart. I so try to live with strong boundaries. I believe to be too predictable invites disrespect. And mostly you will be taken for granted. To draw people in helps eliminate those that s uck YOU in. Thats why I encourage you to behave with mystery around your x . Your x uses that NARCISSISTIC tactic. I really think he was born with that trait, Narcissism is considered a mental illness when that person has that trait always in all aspects of his life. Normal people are all capable of behaving narcissistic but its a weak moment. I see your x as being a narcissist. There is no cure for it. They never apologize and can see no situation with empathy for other's reality. All that is real to them is THEIR reality. They have a way of casting guilt on others for their own bad choices. They are the most defensive people on earth. They do not like people getting clarity close yet they will expect others to tolerate their invasion of boundary. They are the kind of people who would be more concerned with the inconvenience caused them if a loved one had an accident or illness. It will always be about them. They are incapable of empathy. They tend to prey on people who are very empathetic and feel guilty easily. Or people that are too nice. To deal with them means at some point only a good painful whack metaphorically will protect you. Your message shared is very you never know who people really are so keep your "Achilles heel" to yourself! As for the politics of selling the house...........a Goddess knows PRESENTATION is everything!. I have a young Goddess friend , also a poet and a mother and a wife and a full time job. She arrived barely on time for an event with a promised baked goodie and set it on the table with the rest. Hers was the hit! I even complimented her on it. She says in my ear oh presentation is everything and tells me how on the way home from work she ran in a grocery grabbed the best boxed pound cake on the shelf rushed home and pulled out those lovely paper doilies , put it on a very gorgeous serving plate then took another paper doilie and sprinkled powdered sugar over the cake to pick up the fancy design and rushed to the event. I'm sure there were plenty of treats that took much baking and preparation. But hers was the queen of the table! I so love a woman like that!! BLESSINGS!

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