Newbie-- Tell me all you know

  • So a few months ago, my friend and I got interested in the 'world beyond'. We both used a Ouija board together and were shocked to find out that it worked. Now, I'm curious as to how much lore is out there that is actually true. Anything goes- tell me about your experiences with 'supernatural happenings', what you know to be true, and what you know is fake. We'd both like to know as much as we can, not for any particular use, just because it's an interesting topic. Thanks!

  • Talking with spirits is just like talking with live human beings - some tell the truth and some lie. Be discriminating and cautious in what you see and hear. In general, the people who use the ouija board to contact those who have passed tend to attract spirits of like personality, so that unstable or very nervous types should never participate. Whoever uses the board needs to be very aware of what they are doing. It's not a toy.

  • When using the Ouija board make sure you have someone who is experienced. Leaving portals open can have consequences. Make sure you close the portals after using the board.

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