Leo confused with Tauruean behavior..HELP

  • I met this Taurus about 31/2 yrs ago. We have had numerous conversations and they all end the same. The Taurus who has a Pisces rising and a moon in Aquarius, will call me and ask to get together and is very direct as to what they want when we get together. When that date/time comes, no phone call, text or anything to reference the plans made. This has happened on numerous occasions and I finally went off and basically told them to grow up and stop playing games. Months later, they called and apologized and stated they were "going through" and felt like they just needed to be alone...I believed and accepted the apology due to it sounding so sincere....okay you guessed it...NO SHOW on plans to get together....Please help me to understand this behavior...

  • Still waiting...someone take a look and help me out here! Thanx

  • Taurus....In my experiences......that is how they are when they are not totally into you. They like you and want you...when they want. WHEN THEY WANT! It's their agenda to make you wait. Being a fixed sign....and like a bull....they do what they want when they want. Being a Leo I know about ego and when I am not doing what I should....I am aware of my...whatever. Taurus, unless they are head over heels for you....could really care less. But, know that deep down...they are playing their game. So detach and play the game better. Just to see if you were right.

  • LeoWilliam I appreciate your response and honestly agree with all that you said. What I don't understand is how she can cut her nose to spite her face. Why wait when satisfaction can be achieved and then maybe leave. I sense a great fear of not letting anyone in, not letting anyone get that close...what do you think. How do you suggest I 'detach and play the game better'?

  • Can you detach? If anything...this is teaching you that as a leo...you need to learn when not to be needy. I do like that word...needy...it is used when people want to label a person who they are being selfish with. It aggravates leos to hear this!! At least it does me. Why? We are givers...why wouldnt anyone want our love our affection...we want to give all the time. I t is yummy! Taurus....they can detach...and out wait you. So do not wait...no pining...of course you will. Why ,your nature......your nature!!!! Let me explain....believe it or not.....we are beloved and desired...we're cats!! We play..have fun...sleep...love...enjoy ...eat... hang out ...and LOVE! When we find ourselves going out of our way to deal with a 'bulls' nature...we are off kilter...so adjust your desire!! The desire does not go away...but, the neediness does. Then we are back in control with the bull. Think of it in animal terms......bulls usually hang out in their field...by themselves. the stubborn my way or the highway attitude....you need a ring around a bulls nose to guide him or her.....what alot of work!!! and that's their nature!! They do not change...we have to change. However, what do cats do? Live baby!!!!

  • More comments?.......As a leo male...I find Taurus women very attractive and passionate. Their appeal on physical levels leave me wanting more and more. How could I not? They can keep up and then some. That is what this cat wants and needs. Passion leads 'us cats' by the nose. So it is not easy to go with out it!! However, the Taurus, is a good lesson, that leos need to learn. Once in control of our passions....can we then deal with a Taurus...in this mans opinion and experiences.

  • I am a Taurus surrounded by Leos. If I could, I would run the other way. I don't think it is a good combination at all. (Leos can be cocky, self-absorbed, and mean. Who needs that? No wonder they don't call back.)

  • Sorry to hear that! I'm no expert...just using my experiences. I do agree...if a leo or anybody for that matter acts that way...then all bets are off!

  • I can't understand Taurus men, so I never actually had a relationship with them. I did have a few crushes to start with, because they were always nice and understanding BEFORE their true personality shows. They can turn from nice and understanding to down right rude. as soon as I saw the true personality I turned my attention to someone or something else. I usually got this 'I thought you like me' or 'where have you been?' and I will tell the truth LOL they probably thought I am a Leo and therefore a fixed sign I won't change. Well no leo wants to be enslaved, they shouldn't forget that.

  • Whoa Erlybird54..although I appreciate any and all feedback...I must say that yours seemed to be very biased. Have you dated/been in a relationship with a Leo? As for my situation, I can honestly say I have been nothing but kind, generous and very understanding of this Taurus. I been respectful as in giving them space even when they never clearly come out and say that is what they need. I've given time to open up and share their true feelings....at times they would and the next day as stated above ...Mean, Rude and Obnoxious comments and behavior. This forum is meant to open and share to help, not to tear others down.

  • Hi I am a leo feline married to a Taurus. When we first met 20 yrs ago, I was drawn to this Taurus because he had a great personality, funny as hell. I had no interest in dating him, as I was not sexually attracted to him. I was upfront with how I felt about him, I told him I just wanted to be friends, and he stated that was all he wanted as well. However, that wasn't all he wanted, he wanted to spend every waking moment with me, bought me gifts, which I always refused, because I didn't want to mislead him in any way. I enjoyed all of our time together as it was always fun, and we had the most intense conversations about everything. What also turned me off was the fact that he would brag alot, and I dislike braggers. That to me was a total turn-off. No matter what I did to push him away from being attracted to me, the more he wanted me. As time went by I eventually thought to myself as to who in my life treated me with respect, love and affection, and his name popped into my head. So I thought to myself, how will I ever know if he was the one, if I never give him the chance. So I gave him the chance and here we are today 20yrs later and married.

    Although I find he wants to keep me caged inside spending time with him, I realize it's just because he loves me so much. But I pretty much do call the shots in the relationship. I feel he is always so insecure with himself and that I am like a trophy to him, so he does treat me like gold. But I tell him as it is...if he is unhappy with me at any point to just tell me and we can move on in our own directions in life. I don't put up with his bully behavior, we reason on many things because that is what a partnership is about. But believe me he tries to control me in many ways. For instance I've noticed he always seems to dislike my friends, I make new ones and he dislikes them. I've come to realize he is jealous of my time with my friends, family, work, whatever. I told him life is about balancing time with every area of ones life...He needs to do the same...I can't always spend every waking moment with him. I get bored and that is not healthy for our relationship. I always encourage him to go out with friends, family, whatever. He needs the space too. As the saying goes; "absence makes the heart grow fonder." I think this is quite true for any horoscope.

    Everyone needs to learn about themselves first, what u want out of a relationship, and don't compromise, unless u are looking to the outside appearances. Sometimes what we are looking for doesn't always come in the pretty package we think it will. Sometimes someone will grow on you, and because of what gifts they have within their heart this will completely outshine the outter appearance. Plus you can alway help someone with their appearance. As I find leos tend to be trendy/stylish individuals. That's part of the feline allure.

    Connect first with the taurus's heart, and don't even expect to meet up yet...give him and yourself some time, but stay connected by the telephone, emails, etc. You would be surprised at the results. Even if he keeps wanting to meet with you, don't...this will keep his attention to you, let him ponder over you. Let a few months go by...then call him up one day out of the blue, put him to the test to see if he is willing to drop everything for you that day. I bet he will. It can work between a leo and a taurus, but like the other person stated you definitely have to get the ring in the bulls snout, and you will only accomplish this by holding back on the physical interactions. Only then will he completely be ready to work at a more solid relationship and from my experience, my Taurus doesn't even have a wondering eye for any other woman, he says I completely fufill his every desire, and you can too. Just make yourself believe that you are desirable, and act on that, and I don't mean by dressing sleazy and such. I mean to feel confident in yourself, you are a leo, you have a natural ability for feeling good and you are an asset to all horoscopes, we bring out the best in the others. We compliment and make the other horoscopes feel good when they are around us, people levitate around us the way the planets levitate in need of the sun. When you truly believe in the gifts you have, then you are capable of everything and anything. Not everyone will like a leo, because we can intimidate others. These individuals might not be ready for change, and you have to do things in smaller doses. Leo's are capable of adjusting quicker, we are passionate individuals, therefore change is a challenge for us and that is our driving force in life, whatever brings in the passion! Don't underestimate your power as a leo, and this might be my ego talking lol, but that is what makes every man attracted to you, and who knows what other prospects and opportunities will arise for you...good luck, pls follow this advise, u will see results, but do give it a month before you start to see results. Let me know how it goes..Take care of yourself, and everything else will fall into place.

  • Hello there. I'm a Taurus female that seems to attract Leo males. I find some of their traits fairly bothersome. Ex. The ego, cockiness etc. But they have some redeeming traits. Being a Taurus(although a female one) I feel that I can shed some light on this matter. I find that when people ask me to hang out with them I never want to. Like my fellow Taureans that I have befriended over the years, if someone asks me to hang out frequently I tend to run the other way. We hate being smothered and the more you ask the less we want to do things with you. Don't take it too personally. We are just fairly closed people, and even if this person likes you they may act disinterested. Just give them room and they should warm up to you.

  • Thx for all your replies and insight keep them coming.....question for Evilizabeth "are you married or in a commited relationship?" I am inquiring as to get to know what then draws or attracts you to someone. If someone ask you out and you run the other way then how do you date/mingle or ever get to know anyone. Tell me more abt your chart..rising , venus and moon. I am eagarly awaiting your response. Thnx again

  • I'm a Leo dealing with a Taurus too and the advice Messanger gave was very very helpful and insightful. Thank you. You are right that they do brag alot and also if you push them away they will get closer. I did the reverse and tried to get closer and he backed away, but when I backed away he got nervous and started calling me more.

    To earlybird, sorry if you haven't been meeting good Leos but if the date went well and a Leo doesn't call back, it's because he/she feels YOU should be calling them. I know it's egotistic but we don't look at it like 'Im a queen', its more like 'If they like me, they should SHOW it!'

    Leos arent really mean, we're direct and also if we are being mean, trust me it was a long time coming. But agreed on the ego and self-absorbed parts.

  • adylia this is very true what you said about Leo. we are expressive people. if we love someone this person will no doubt know it, even if some leos are shy. so we tend to expect the same from other signs, which can make us look bad. every one I liked and loved they knew I did. but if I didn't feel things work out then I left and they would know I did this too. I have heard mean words towards me that I would never say to anyone in my situation, but strangely if I replied to this mean words with mean words, then I would get the remark :mean. To me this is being fair and I won't stop being fair. if they can't deal with fairness, well they only have themselves to blame.

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