Any Psychic Help Me

  • I am stuck with my life, for several years now.

    I am thinking about to change jobs. I already send my resume at a newspaper company.

    Can anyone see me getting the job or any new job?

    My current job, doesn't pay much and I don't think I will ever get a promotion etc.

    And I'm lonely.

    Does anyone see me with a new man?

  • Sorry, I forgot my birthday.

    December 9 1962. 4.40 pm

  • pinky1962,

    Here is a reading, it’s a pick up on your feelings hopefully it will help you see what you are feeling.

    it’s important to think things thru and not just follow any action without thinking ... when you do that anything can come back at you

    you want happiness but you can’t force it...if something isn’t working you can’t just will it to work

    set new goals, think them thru and you will see the brighter side

    you will need to be bold to start this new goal

    you have had some setbacks that you have been suspicious about

    who is the guy that is always ready to start a fight...there is a meanness to him

    you can’t just let things happen and hope they will go away or chose a solution just to do it

    you have been thinking about a guy who is a bit of a dreamer...has a niceness to him or a calming

    there’s a friend that you have doubt and anger with...not a good feeling...restriction

    there is a feeling of someone nice or pleasant

    and after anxiety’s things start to feel better... you have some success or a lightness

    hope that helps,


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