Desperate in need of a reading - The Captain please

  • My partner lost his job beginning of December. Right now depending on me but i do not really have the financial means to support him.

    My question: Will he be able to found a job soon?

    His date of birth is 10 August 1962

    Also would like to know if my financial situation will improve.

    my date of birth is 5 May 1962

    Thank you so much in advance

  • The good news is that for you Dvdm, this is the best year in a long time for your career and business matters. Money will come to you through your work so don't hesitate to ask for a raise, more responsibility, or a higher position. Any work study or training you can do will also be of benefit. Just make sure you avoid becoming controlling in your dealings with others, as this can be one of your biggest drawbacks in moving forward to success. Understand that others should learn life’s lessons by themselves; the best guidance is to encourage others to be more independent. To create good luck, you must learn to hear and follow your intuition more. To do this, you need to quiet down your mind regularly so that intuition can be received freely and clearly. Try learning to mediate and going for long walks in the fresh air and amid nature.

    You are full of original and innovative solutions, and know the best way to implement them. Others rely on you to offer ideas when things have ground to a halt or to inject your special brand of motivating energy. You have enough energy for everyone and, unless you feel undermined or threatened, you never seem to tire. You have excellent communication skills and the ability to impart knowledge or insight to others. This isn’t to say you are a know-all; it is just that you love nothing better than to motivate and inspire others toward action. You do this by getting to the heart of the matter; in some cases this may involve pointing out some uncomfortable home truths. Your aim is not to wound but to help others progress, although your interpersonal skills might improve if you learned the importance of listening a bit more. You may find it hard to sit back when you witness a lack of awareness in others, and will quickly assume the role of parent or mentor. You do take this role extremely seriously and, if it is threatened in any way, you can become jealous, manipulative and aggressive. You should learn to be less possessive and more accepting of the need of others to make their own mistakes, especially between the ages of sixteen to forty-six during which there would have been an emphasis in your life on communication in all forms. After the age of forty-six, you will have become more sensitive toward your own feelings and the feelings of others. Hidden beneath your knowledgeable but practical exterior, there is a highly idealistic individual. To stop you becoming overly serious, you need to learn to use your unusual sense of humour; to feel more fulfilled, you need to trust more in your instincts. This sense of your own power will give you the self-confidence and spontaneity you need to focus your energy not just on guiding others but on motivating yourself to express and develop your own highly creative potential.

    With your strong motivating energy, you are a born politician and have a gift for sales, promotion, advertising, and marketing. Careers in the retail trade also augur well, as do careers in politics and the academic fields such as philosophy and medicine, as well as the arts, for which you have a natural affinity. Naturally sensual, you may also be attracted to catering, and the beauty and health industries. If you have ever wanted to change your job to doing something you love more or are passionate about, this year is the time for it. Your life path is to learn to guide and support other people without dominating them. Once you have learned to be less authoritarian, your destiny is to influence and inspire others with your tremendous focus and energy.

    Your partner: He will find a new job this year as long as he doesn't lose hope or confidence in himself. But there will be a period of quiet, self-examination, and reflection for him before this happens, so that he can look back over his life and decide what he wants to change or improve about it. He should use this quiet space well in order to move forward in his attitude to life and not feel frustrated about being out of work. He is being given the space and time he needs to make calm considered decisions and choices about his future. His greatest challenge is coping with rejection. He has to keep on trying even when he gets turned down by employers because the right job is out there for him. He can't expect to find it the first time he tries. Successful people are those who get rejected but keep on trying until they win through, not those who give up at the first hurdle. He must try to find out why things didn’t work out. The answer could help him change his approach and improve his chances of success. It may be he is not trying for the right job or his approach/attitude is all wrong. A mindset of success is very important - he must be his own hero. He must not think he is too old to start again. As he starts to imagine this winning side of his personality, he will begin to change his ideas about the uncertainty of good luck. He won’t hope for it any more - he will expect it.

    Your partner likes nothing better than to please others or to win their approval. As a result he is often highly appreciated and admired, both at home and at work. He understands the importance of communication, utilizing his impressive vocal skills to persuade and influence others. In fact, his charming and energetic public persona is often cultivated with the sole purpose of impressing and delighting others. Orientated toward others, he seeks to communicate his ideas to as many people as he can and, because his greatest desire is to be of benefit to others, his ideas are often progressive and original. Once he has convinced himself of the merit of a course of action, he will pursue it with tenacity and courage. Determined to make his voice heard and to draw the attention of others to what he has to say, he is hard to ignore. However, because he puts such a high priority on what others think of him, he will often put on a happy face, regardless of how he is feeling. Although this makes him very popular, it can deny others the chance to get to know the real person behind the mask. He spends very little time getting to know himself and what he really wants out of life (which is why the peace and quiet of 2014 is perfect for him), and his lack of self-awareness can make him place unrealistic expectations on himself. Up to the age of forty-two, he would have placed great emphasis on order, work and efficiency. These are the years when he was most likely to focus on how much he was appreciated and, because of this, he might have suffered greatly when he encountered rejection or setbacks. Discovering what his strengths and weaknesses are will help him gain in confidence and resilience. After the age of forty-three, there was a turning point which placed more emphasis for him on relationships and creativity and, if he can learn to open up emotionally to himself and others more, these are the years when he is likely to develop the necessary self-confidence and conviction to ensure that his message becomes an effective instrument of progress.

    Your partner is a born speaker and communicator. His natural sense of justice and desire to help others may draw him to political or social campaigning or to charity work, but his considerable creativity and fine communication skills may also lead him toward acting, writing, music, or art. Whatever career he chooses, his creativity, sharp intelligence, fine people skills, and capacity for hard work gives him the potential to rise to the top of his career. His life path is to strike a balance between his own and others’ needs. Once he has strengthened his self-awareness and self-esteem, his destiny is to make his voice and progressive message heard.

    So the answer is yes, the finances of the both of you can improve this year but only if you use your strengths to win through and work on reducing those areas where you have weaknesses or low self-belief. Also examine whether old limiting beliefs about money being bad or corrupting or that you don't deserve to be wealthy or successful may be holding you back. No one is stopping you but yourselves and once you establish a mindset of success and abundance instead of believing in lack or bad luck, you can prosper hugely.

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