Clarify a personal reading for me?

  • Hi there, I am pretty much re-introducing myself to tarot reading and need a little help analyzing my reading. I did a Celtic Cross reading with a question on my love life, and I can't seem to understand it. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Card 1: 5 Pentacles

    Card 2: Knave of Chalices

    Card 3: 10 Chalices

    Card 4: 9 Chalices

    Card 5: 4 Pentacles

    Card 6 3 Pentacles

    Card 7: Reversed moon

    Card 8: Reversed Strength

    Card 9: 1 Wands (also drew 10 Swords in attempt for clarification)

    Card 10: 2 Chalices

    I also dropped the card The Lovers while shuffling the deck.

    Thank you 🙂

  • Hey tikirose

    I looked at your cards yesterday, I was wondering about what it seemed to say.

    I am not sure... I will share how I would look at them in a series and you can see what you think.

    1. a change of physical conditions in life that led to

    2. an emotional risk was taken

    3. that led to a significant transition emotionally

    4. that was also a very fulling emotional setting

    5. this was all looking good so far, foundations are there, the earth is solid

    6. then you start to go backwards a little in your foundations, something is lost physically and you have to start growing your foundations again

    7. Then uh oh... something very distressing or unexpected or scary happens!

    8. Strength is lost, or you lose your grip in some way, a delicate balance is shattered

    9 and a new path begins after that. it is also a transition of mind, you left one thought pattern behind as "concluded" and you try to start a new thought pattern in this new path

    10 and love lingers on nonetheless....

    it sounds like something emotional from your past lived on, in spite of a setback. you are probably in a lot of self-analysis lately, since all of that. Trying... to start a new path. And you keep remembering that knave of chalices.

    I hope that is helpful. The cards tell an interesting story there... what did you get from it?

  • Sounds about right. I'm trying to find myself this year, and wanting to go travelling for the first time (never left the country). But I'm head over heels for a guy who was my best friend and I really want to be with him.

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