• I live in rural community in the Mid-west called Muncie, IN which is home to Ball State University. Nearly five years ago I lost my soul mate from an accidental prescription drug overdose. After the initial shock of this incident I began serious efforts to raise awareness of this issue. Local deaths in our community soared due to this growing epidemic thus putting our county on the pandemic watch list.

    My mission was all but stomped out leaving me left with little choice but to abandon my efforts. At this point I had sworn off any future intentions of romantic relationships, I felt strongly that I was fortunate to have had the type of love that few ever experience and my goal was to focus on my self-appointed assignment, awareness and education. However, the idea of celibacy was soon met with a challenge.

    In 2010 through a series of odd yet seemingly predestined events I made the acquaintance of a man in New York City. This was a business relationship that turned into a long distance friendship which eventual led to a physical meeting. Intimidating is the only word I could use to describe this arrangement. When I met this man he was in the process of creating the sort of business relationships that had potential to be extremely lucrative. Promises were made to me if I would and could join him in a relationship through his current and unfortunate circumstances while he orchestrated his career.

    Although seriously apprehensive for various reasons I agreed. This brings me to my current dilemma. I am in a real pickle so-to-speak. I need to know what the hell I am supposed to do at this point. There is a lot at stake if I walk away, but my life could be at stake if I stay engaged in this situation. I am broke, homeless, and in serious debt. At this point I have few prospects. I am tough and I am no quitter but I am at a juncture that makes no sense to me and there seems to be no good answer.

    I need the kind of help only a real psychic can offer. Here is the real kicker, I myself am very intuitive and under most circumstances would consider myself psychic, it runs in my family. However no one in my family can seem to see anything in regards to this situation and it is as though all my senses are blocked from any and all intuitive messages, I feel empty.

    I need help, I am desperate and I am scared. If you see in your mind’s eye that you should help me please know that it would not just be me that you help but it would be a chain reaction that could be largely beneficial to many for years to come.

    Thank you for your time

    Tammy Lin

  • Fear and desperation drown out intuition and you are right, even the most psychic lose clarity when feeling emotionally attached to an outcome. You need to get down to INTENTION. There is still a self doubt and guilt over the loss of your love who passed. This needs to heal or in a shadow kind of way you will make self destructive decisions. Important decisions should never be made in a state of desperation. Walk away from this situation. Fast. It is the right decision to cut ties with this man. The universe will back you up. What I read in your post is a LOT left unsaid---a sense of knowing what is right and wrong. It is easy to make good decisions when one is comfy but seduction is most real and powerful when we are most desperate. You went down into the grave with your loss--- and became easy prey. Make the right decision and you will feel the weight lift. There is someone in your family that has wise advice but you are not open to it. I get that you see yourself from a different perspective and are very headstrong with blinders when you dig in your heels---you are stubborn. These are best used for endurance with worthy causes. It's hard for you to know when to just let go---surrender. You are being seduc ed. End it. BLESSINGS!

  • Your intuition is "blocked" because you are not listening to reason. Reading through the lines of all you left out - which I feel you left out on purpose - you have allowed the loss you suffered to take over your other senses. This man you hooked up with I feel is the reason for your debt - how much have you given him? It is time to put logic and practicality into the forefront and leave your emotions aside. Get away from him and start to rebuild your life - the sooner the better. He took advantage of you - saw the vulnerability and swooped in. I find it hard to believe that someone in your family has not been warning you about this situation so you must be ignoring it and choosing to keep your blinders on. This man is the devil! Get away from him!

    It is time to truly heal from the loss you suffered. Lay aside the pandemic/epidemic drama and just allow yourself to accept and heal.

  • To Blmoon and Watergirl18; you're both correct I am in way over my head here. When I said that there was much at stake that was no exaggeration. I have given this man absolutely no money. In fact I have absolutely nothing but lost and wasted time invested if I walk away. The real question in this scenario is; will this man be successful with his efforts? There is much love involved in this scenario, not the kind of silly hearts, or girl school drama, but love. Love for a purpose, love for my family, love for the weak, the hopeless the lost and yes even this man. He is not an honest man but he is a generous man. I would happily give my own life to insure that the plan goes as planned. Am I holding on to hope that does not exist, or should I continue to be patient?

  • Also to Blmoon and Watergirl18, thank you ever so much for your timely response, I find that the consensus to flee the situation is the first response I get until all the facts are presented. The odd complications in this situation are why I need psychic help. Being psychic I know the responsibility that comes along with passing a message to someone about their circumstances, and I am desperate for someone to offer me a real and viable solution. MUCH, I repeat MUCH is at stake. Not just money or a life, but lives.

  • You are looking for validation that does not exist---although if you ask around enough someone will tell you what you want to hear. You know your gut feelings---yet ask for psychic insight---you already own that but there is a payoff you want more and you are waiting for facts

    Free will. What can be so odd that you need to hide it? I considered your just yanking our chain here yet I do not need to prove myself or care as my posts mean SOMETHING to someone regardless. Are you a secret agent? Do you imagine yourself saving addicts and bringing down pushers? You are naive if you think this and you would be in danger. I live in the pill mill state that leads this mess. You surely educated yourself to how this happens. The bottom line is you would be fighting your own government and people so powerful you can not make a dent in this evil mess. Power and greed are not the bad guys versus the good guys. This evil lives like wolves in sheep's clothing. It is legal drug pushing that makes otherwise legal business get shamefully rich. Politicians get campaign money, drug companies get rich. The doctors get rich. A lot of people have died---yet every pill mill doctor in my state that was closed down got arrested--received bail and within a year went to trial and got probation. PROBATION. The power that backs them up is untouchable and any one who testified against them feels they wasted their time and will live in fear. That's the facts. This is organized crime---how long has that been around? If you desire to be of service and make change---go into education and counseling. Regardless of all this conversation the real issue is not about any of this. You are stuck in a isolated world of your own making if this is your truth and you would do yourself a favor if you not just look for a psychic but seek counseling and they will sort out your odd complicated circumstances. I think your intuition is just fine---it's your head that's needing help. BLESSINGS!

  • "He is not an honest man but he is a generous man."


    Do you even hear yourself at this point? Do yourself a favor and go throw some cold water in your face and look in the mirror and say "I am smarter than this!"

    This situation reminds me of the women who get "romanced" by men on the internet only to send them their life savings overseas having never met him. All the while he claims his undying love for her. He sends her pictures that are not of him because he is really a teenager in Guyana or somewhere. He LONGS to be with her, professes his love, yet they never meet because something ALWAYS comes up - and always something dramatic. So dramatic that it should not be believable, but it is because she has already gotten sucked in and a part of her deep inside WANTS to believe him. He has prayed on her weaknesses and vulnerabilities. So the truth that is glaring her in the face gets ignored. The friends and family who shake her by the shoulders and ask her to please wake up and see what's really going on get ignored.

    Let me guess, he portrayed himself as a successful businessman, but was "temporarily" down and out due to some unfortunate circumstance completely out of his control. He led you to believe that if you stuck by his side and "helped" him in his time of need that once he got back on his feet, he would in turn bestow his wealth and riches upon you. Along the way, more "unfortunate circumstances" beyond his control have kept him from actually being with you so the relationship has continued via the computer and telephone. Something tragic and drastic always occurs right when you two are to meet/be in person or actually be together.

    Let me tell you, if he was starting some sort of business to help stop accidental drug overdoses, it would be a CHARITABLE venture, not a LUCRATIVE one. What money could possibly be made and how exactly? It's nonsense.

    You say you haven't given him any money which I personally don't believe, but even if it's true please remember that TIME is money. If you are broke, homeless and in serious debt then you need to forget about ideals at the moment and just get a job so you can have a roof over your head, food on the table, start paying off your debt, etc.

    A part of you seems to crave drama so you need to be aware of this so you can change the behavior pattern. Another thing you need to learn is there is a big difference between being charitable and giving everything you have away because you feel you don't deserve it. It is time to get your feet firmly planted on the ground and get down to the business of taking care of yourself. Honestly, I can't tell if you are just prone to being gullible or if you have a psychiatric condition that needs treatment. Sorry for being so blunt but it's obvious that subtleties will be lost on you at this point.

    Once again, a lot of this is tied to the grief you have not yet processed from your fiance dying. There was no pandemic. The situation does not even make sense with what the definition of "pandemic" actually is. A pandemic is a disease affecting persons over a wide geographical area. During the winter, there will be "pandemic" maps showing where the highest levels of FLU outbreak have occurred. Overdoses can happen and sometimes it's because the drug was not taken as directed, sometimes it is due to a combination of the drug and a certain food, sometimes it's a combination with other drugs. Whatever the reason, he is gone. You need to let him go. Let go of the drama because it just keeps you stuck.

  • I agree with blmoon... u are yanking chains here.

    "Local deaths in our community soared due to this growing epidemic thus putting our county on the pandemic watch list" so are you saying that everyone started to accidently overdose on prescription meds? I can understand an influx of a certain drug in certain areas cause that happens all the time. but pandemic doesn't seem to fit the situation

    Are you asking if this person is going to become as wealthy as he told you he would be or are they just his pipedreams ? If they don't would you still be with him?

    I really don't understand what your question is.. it just sounds so dramatic. I work in law enforcement and deal with drama on a daily basis in work.. who wants it in your personal life? REthink that whole situation

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