Anyone can help..outlook for new year

  • Does anyone have any outlooks on potential relationships in the new year for me? I'd like to know what's coming up, as I'm getting to the point where I'm tired of being alone. Anyone can help.

  • Majestic11,

    This is not a potential outlook but a pick up on your feelings now... if you can understand what you are coming from then potential decisions may be easier... just trying to help...

    you are feeling strong where you know you can make things happen...make them work

    you are also at a spot where you can breathe...your taking a breath after anxieties

    you need this pause, it is going to help you, just remember the things you went thru and what you did to overcome them...use that for going forward

    you went thru a lot but you are ready for change

    seems like an old friend came by...brought some happiness

    your going to run into a lady who is not nice and controlling and not being honest with you

    you still have more hoops to jump thru, some stumbles but you will make it thru...just won’t be fun

    all this that you have went thru will allow change and new ideas... like burning a field and you got caught in the middle when the wind shifted... but you will make it out and new seeds will grow

    there is a guy coming, he is a dreamer...he wants all his dreams, but still doesn't know or hasn't pushed to get them

    not sure if it’s the same guy but beware ... I think two different guys...he is not what he seems...he will be exposed...but I feel negative about him

    things will work themself out and you will be happy, you will figure it out, nice happy feeling at the last card

    hope that helps


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