Reading for 2014, Please

  • Would like a reading for 2014. Birthday-March 4, 1964. All areas of life if possible. Thanks.

  • WW, in 2014 (and throughout your life), your greatest challenge will be learning to express your feelings. You must understand that if you don’t say what you mean or ask for what you want, people won’t understand you or be able to help you. 2014 wants you to think on and understand that you have just as much right to be heard as anyone else. Once you have worked on your assertiveness skills, your destiny in life is to educate, motivate and inspire others with your tenacity and ingenuity.

    After the previous years of forward movement and expansion, in 2014 you come to a period of stillness and quiet. You have advanced through the cycle of growth and have overcome many obstacles and learnt many lessons along the way and now it is time to rest. 2014 for you will resonate with wisdom, integration and reflection. From the previous fertile and productive year of 2013, you will now stand strong in your self and survey all that you have experienced and all that has been. From this, you will discover the things that have added meaning and purpose to your life, and reflect and integrate fully the many lessons that you have learnt. Out of this place, the fruits of your challenges and lessons will begin to form. A storm may be brewing as 2014 is also a time when some of your deeper more underlying fears may surface to be faced and overcome. A common theme from the past may return and the message here is to apply the lessons that you (hopefully) learnt the last time around. You would do well to adopt a more philosophical attitude. The more willing you are to let these changes wash over you, the better you will manage.

    2014 may also be a time of potential upheaval through the physical experience of loss in one or more area of life. Issues regarding security and finances, love and relationships or matters relating to health are all at the forefront. You are being challenged to apply your wisdom to the events that will be taking place so that you remain balanced and focused. At times this may be confronting and in conflict with your desires. Yet 2014 can be one of the most profoundly transforming influences of all if truly embraced. The positive aspects of these experiences will come through a strengthening of your resolve and in gaining the ability to apply your empathy for others. It may bring about the ability or desire to teach from your knowledge also. During 2014 will emerge an idea, new way of life, or new ideal. This influence can support, if embraced, or hinder the following few years; so be kind to yourself and try not to block the changes coming your way.

    Next year will be a wonderful time to study, journal life experience, write, or become a mentor or teacher to someone. At home, you will benefit from spending some time alone allowing for deepening of understanding. This will also be a great time to study or take up a hobby. You may find sanctuary and security in familiar surroundings. Not a great time to make big changes to your home or location unless there is no alternative. This will not be a very good time to travel as you are being asked to be more reflective. Try to rely on yourself to help you feel good. Seek advice from close friends or a professional if you find you are unable to cope with the feelings or fears that will emerge in 2014. Try to get plenty of rest too.

    In relationships, you really need space and will suffer if another person tries to control or crowd you in any way. Although you may have long gaps between relationships, when you find the right person, you are capable of deep and lasting love and commitment. You often tend to be attracted to people who are freespirited and self-contained like yourself. 2014 will give you the alone time and space you need to make considered choices and decisions in all areas including love. But make sure you don’t cut yourself off too much - or even completely - from the benefits of socializing. The big danger for you is that you may use the meditative and introspective vibes of 2014 to indulge your natural tendency for self-involvement so much that you cut yourself off from reality, and from the joys and rewards of close personal relationships. It’s unfortunate if this happens, as you do love to share the results or benefits of your work with others, despite your natural reserve. You also have a great empathy for others, and when you choose to reveal or share your talents to the outside world, you have the potential to influence, intrigue and inspire others with your vision. Having said that, it is equally important for you to have plenty of space to do and think your own thing; having regular time out, rest and relaxation, especially outside in the fresh air, is important in 2014. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding yourself with the color red will encourage you to come out of yourself more. You may need to explain to people how you are feeling so that they can support you. In 2014 you should rely on close friends and family. Others may let you discover some of the answers for yourself now. It will not be a good time to be drawn into disputes or conflicts, however, so attempt to express yourself without being too liberal or contentitious in your interactions.

    Only a lack of understanding of the bigger picture can make 2014 challenging and this could strengthen upheaval. There may be some frustration that surfaces through the inability to make changes and this may draw you to make mistakes. If you were unable to solidify the changes of 2013 and settle, you may find some loneliness this year. Questions to ask next year: Am I able to accept the changes that are now taking place? In what ways can I bring more stability into my life that will support me at this time? Am I able to sit back and be an observer and not be compelled to act now? What knowledge have I gained and how can I expand on it or use to help others?

    Good luck to you!

  • Captain

    Thank you for the reading. Sorry it has taken so long for me to get back on to thank you. Went through a good bit last year so I sure hope that i have learned from past lessons and that it will be a great year. You kept speaking of changes, do you know what the changes are? I do apologize for taking so long to thank you. Blessing to You.

  • There will be a lot of inner changes for you wherein you become more able to express what you feel. This will result in closer stronger relationships.

  • Thanks Captain,

    I had a feeling that's what it was, but wanted to know for sure. I'm already out spoken most of the time, some people like that i am and then others wish i wasn't. lol. But i am trying to change the way i think about things in a positive way instead of being negative. Thank you again Captain I truly appreciate you responding back to me. Blessing to you.

  • Are you outspoken about your deepest feelings and needs or your deepest thoughts and opinions (emotional vs mental honesty)?

  • Captain,

    That's a very good question. I honestly don't know if it is emotional or mental. I just respond with what i think or how i might feel about what ever the situation is. Guess that might be something i need it work on this year as well. If you get anything else on this please let me know. Thanks and Blessings to you.

  • Are you able to tell your romantic partners exactly what you need and want in a relationship and how you feel about them - good and bad? Are you able to reveal your real authentic self to them, to feel relaxed and safe in their company?

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