Hi AstraAngel! May I pretty please have a reading? I would so appreciate it!!

  • Hi Astra!

    Im in a bit of a dilemma, and need a love reading to set me on the right path. I would love a reading for myself and a man i recently met that I feel quite deeply for. I am at a crossroads between him and someone else. I feel he could be my soulmate, when we are together it is magical. There is a situation with an ex holding us back along with insecurities.

    my birthday is 7.18.79

    his is 2.1.84.

    please help me gain some clarity as there are a lot of games and insecurities and i hope with all my heart you can help me! thank you and happy holidays!

  • Hi Cancergirl79!

    Happy holidays to you too! I drew some cards for you and here is what they seem to say to me...

    I used to use these spreads to look at relationships between two so we can try that here. 5 cards to represent you (on the left), and 5 cards for him (on the right). We'll compare between the two and see what is suggested.

    The center cards we'll say represents the basic "setting" for each you in terms of the relationship trying to develop.

    1. Your setting - Devil. To me that is a very reflective internal world card, not really too focused on the physical part of like, more like your concern is really with what you are thinking and feeling and what is he thinking and feeling.

    2. His setting - The Ace of Pentacles. So he is a little different there as he is showing a beginning of Earth or "physical" life setting in some way. This is really interesting as I was even looking at this earlier today, how the "devil" if you look at it symbols in this design,

    O | O

    there is one pentacle in that which can be formed by combining

    • and | and O

    which is what we see in his life, an Ace of pentacles, or this

    What does all that add up to? Some sort of really interesting connection between you and him for sure! Almost like his life is a "result" of yours right now in some way. This could also show that he is very wrapped up in you somehow, and so you see how your inner world has become his outer world reality in some way. This is very interesting and (to me) says really nice things about the potential here.

    3. This card will show beginnings, sort of "what you are hoping for with him".

    That is the 7 of Cups. Love dreams. 7's are very dreamy and mystical, and open to possibilities and for you that is - emotional possibilities with him seems to be where you are trying to reach right now. Like, if he were to reach out to you and ask "hey cancergirl79, what can we dream about emotionally together?" you would be like, yipppie!

    4. His beginnings toward you, 5 of Earth which means a change of physical settings. So, your concerns with him are emotional dreaminess with him, his concern is 'how can i change my physical setting to be with Cancergirl79?" I think you are really trying to connect to him emotionally, he is picking that up and responding with Earth energy which would be affirming or saying yes to your desires toward him.

    5. What you are affirming in the relationship with him - The Chariot. That is a very strong desire to move ahead with him, in path and a beginning love. So that is how you are affirming your 7 of cups. You are wanting to dream of love with him, and you are saying "Yes and I wish I could go 100mph to get there!" You are showing that you are very intense about moving ahead with him emotionally.

    6. What he is affirming in the relationship with you - 5 of Wands. See? He is all about changes. He is really wanting to see the physical changes and the path and purpose take place to accommodate you in his life it seems. He is saying "Yes, I want to see changes in my path and role and I want to see this physical setting change in order to be with Cancergirl79". You are all about dreams about him, he is all about what do I have to change to be with her.

    7. This will be a card of "growth" for you, shows something active in the relationship. What you able to be active in, grow, nurture in the relationship. This is the 3 of Swords which means you are 'growing' growing thoughts about him. So right now you are very very much nurturing thoughts about him. That is what is growing for you right now, more thoughts about him.

    8. His card of growth toward you, is the 8 of Wands. That is answering your three swords with 8 wands. So that is also a very strong "growth" and in this case it is in his path and role. So he is sending you some strong path signals here saying, "Hey Cancergirl79, I want to grow and expand a path with you!"

    9. This is the "foundation" for you in the relationship with now. 2 of Swords. That is an affirming "yes" to thoughts about him. So when you are quiet and all is at rest this is where you keep landing, and that is simply saying "yes" to him as a foundation. This is nice because it shows you seem very settled on him, you are saying yes in your thoughts his way.

    10. His foundation about the relationship, and how he is answering your 2 swords is the 7 of Wands. So, you are saying 'yes' to thoughts of him as a dependable pattern and his foundation is a dreamy path card. Saying "Hey Cancergirl79, let's dream together, path our lives together, set goals together and dream about that. This is connecting to your emotional dream card that we saw at position 3. So he is dreaming of a path with you as a foundation.

    It looks really nice to me, I do get the sense that he is actively trying to make changes in his physical life and path in order to see something develop physically with you. The way those first two cards linked up tells me he is perfectly reflecting you somehow. I think you feel a really deep connection with him... he is sensing that too and affirming path expansive dreams back to you. I get really good vibes with the two of you. He is contending with a lot of 5 energy which usually means there isn't a lot he can do until that clears out. Whatever you are doing is working though. Keep dreaming in love and thinking about him a lot, he is picking up on that.

    Looked at your astro charts...

    His Venus is in Sag opposite your Venus in Cancer (with your sun). That would seem to show a really amazing emotional connection, because you are perfectly opposite on the wheel. So that looks good emotionally.

    He's a new moon Aquarius, so he is a dreamer by nature and his moon is new so that would seem to make that a very important emotional need for him. He could be all about lofty dreams and future plans and thoughts of ethereal tomorrows... that is a lot of 7... so you saw how the 7 Wands showed up as his foundation, that shows his basic need in life. If you were to talk to him about his dreams, asking something like "how do you see your future, what are your dreams for tomorrow? What would you love to see happen?"... you wouldn't be able to get him to shut up haha... any themes of tomorrow and aspiring dreams of life would be really important to him.

    Your needs are more emotional and security concerned, you would probably love to establish a home with him. So make sure you make a place for dreaming in your settings with him... a place where he can look out and see the stars... the distant hills... that would say you understand.

    Your Moon is in Taurus, so that is very earthy emotional nature, you will be very affectionate in physical ways, and your emotions would tend to need "physical" grounding. So for you the touch of emotion, the physical setings of life emotionally are really important. You like to see flowers around you, living things, color, life, expressions of love. I'll bet your fridge is plastered with those little magnet things that talk about love and affection and little ducks and stuff, 🙂

    Your Mars energies are interesting together. He has mars in Scorpio, yours is in Gemini. So that could make for some interesting interaction.

    He: Hey CG79 let's go to the beach and watch the sun go down!

    You: Yay! let's go!

    Then as you are loading the car to go, you change your mind and want to go to a movie. And you won't take no for an answer because it is a wonderful romance... and more than anything you long for love with him... no matter where, or how... or when... as long as it is true love.

    I do hope that provides something Cancergirl79? I do feel such wonderful things about the two of you, I am going to be wishing that everything really works out in a wonderful way... in all dimensions.

  • Here are the cards too!

  • Hi Astra!

    Thank you so much for the reading, it couldn't be more true- for my feelings anyhow!

    We just had a breakup over text... Ugh! I told him some truths about my life 2.5 wks ago- and although we spoke every single day since. He needed time to reflect he says. So I gave it to him and when he finally came to me today wanting to see me. I declined. I did so because I felt hurt that he waited so long! He told me he liked me and then we ended it. I'm heartbroken! But he is younger than I am and he tends to play games sometimes and it's all so frustrating. I'm wondering how he feels about all of this at this point. Thank you so much for giving me a reading, I appreciate it so Much! If you see anything else in the cards and if this is a temporary pride thing on both parts, please share! It's all so frustrating!



  • Oh no. I think I would have just waited as long as he needed. That almost sounds like punishment or something? Like, you wanted to "teach him a lesson" for waiting too long? I am not sure about that.

    I can look at some cards and see where he is at with you... I am really disappointed this has happened, I felt really good things for the two of you... oh well these things happen. We can look again...

    4 of cups, emotional foundations. I think things are still fine with him,

    Universe, see how all things connect, this experience will turn out to be a part of a larger plan with him that you will like.

    5 of cups, some emotional adjustments you are both going through right now, so not a lot you can do until that clears out. Read a good book or something.

    7 of Pentacles. Something dreamy in earth, your physical life. So a book on Sci Fi or anything fun and a little weird perhaps... help get your mind off him until the 5 cups clears up.

    Knight of Wands. Just keep going on your personal path, stay positive, affirming, everything has a reason to happen. You are on a nice path in your own life, so stay positive on that.

    Emperor. Respect the way you see life and understand that his view is equally valid (or anyone's view). I think you may be able to arrive at conclusions and views pretty quick, Cancer is pretty sharp about emotional things. The men are slow to get much of anything (I know cause I am on haha). So I would let him take his time to give you "his side" of the story and then you can say something like "oh, I get what you mean, I never looked at it that way, I am glad we had this talk." Then all will be well between the two of you and you enter phase 2.

  • Thanks Astra!!

    Happy new year! Xx

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