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  • Hi Elthemoth thank you for doing readings. If you have time a reading on a new job would be awesome!! I have applied for two different jobs but am waiting to see if the contracts will be signed any insight is appreciated


  • Good Morning, If you have time, can you pull a few cards for me to. Job, love anything that pops up. Thank you

  • i do have an area of interest that i am passionate about! i'll definitely work in this area , especially in enhancing my skills by working hard. this reading is about future , that hasn't happened yet. so i am not sure where this information is coming from. seems something i am not aware of as yet. however i'll take your advice and look into the matter carefully before making any decisions. thanks a lot for the reading. i really appreciate the gesture.

  • Hello Jlina,

    Here is your reading:

    Bridge + Opposition + The Fall

    With Kali as your Goddess card.

    In this reading, I get that you are trying to get as much information about your illness, but yet you are avoiding something. I think it’s this crossroads that you have of either getting the surgery or not. But to me it seems that you really don’t want to get it.

    The Fall and Kali leave me a bit worried, as it seems there are people close to you that are warning you, may be even imploring you to be careful. The fall indicates that there are people around you telling you watch out (look before you jump), and Kali’s message is that if you choose to fight (against a choice) you will have to pay the price.

    I keep getting that blood here is very important. So maybe there needs to be transfusion of blood in the mix?

    Either way, the promise of starting over is there for you. I guess it’s that you are getting rid of the illness that is bothering you.

    Is a six month wait appropriate?

    The cards say yes.

    Lot of air cards so this tells me that you researching is good. But I get that you hearing more professional opinions will be better. See more than one specialist, if you can. Don’t go blindly into anything. Know what happens during, and after for sufferers like you.

    I also pulled some Angel cards for you.

    I asked them what they would like to tell you:

    Healing + Spiritual Growth + Guardian Angel

    There message is always the same: they are always there for you. You do not need to worry, as they are leading you to heal your body and spirit. Through this phase of yours they are making sure that you notice the messages that they are sending you.

    You are being called to a spiritual movement at this time.

    I guess they are telling you that you will be reawaken so that you can feel their love, and guidance.

    Maybe all they want you to do is ‘listen, listen’?

    That’s what I’m getting from the tarot and angel cards.

  • Hello shadowmist,

    Here is your reading:

    Will job 1 sign the contract?


    Really like this spread:

    Fortuna + Musician + Instinct

    A happy match! This is a place where it will let you feel free. Emotions will be high here in all the right way, as there will be a lot of ‘going with flow’. This job needs your creativity, and to be on your toes.

    Will job 2 sign the contract?


    I asked the cards what insight they would like to give you:

    Principles + Knight + Fulfillment

    With Gaia as your Goddess card

    This spread shows you a bit of stern figure. You seem to like to uphold the ‘old ways’. Though that is fine, but it has kept you from pursuing what you like most of the time. It’s ok to be guarded and retain what you have learned in the past, but the present, and the future, need you to find a new way.

    You need to take the good from your past, and incorporate to the good of the future. There is still a lot to learn, and here you need to explore unafraid.

    Your instinct is very strong. Trust in it as what ever you should really be afraid of will be warded from you because you can feel it.

    So I get that the new job will really need you to cut yourself some slack, let down your hair, and have fun.

    You know, just so long as things aren’t take too far.

  • Oh, Ele, You are so right! I have a thickened uterine lining but do not want a hysterectomy. The good news is I seem to be shedding the lining a lot - which is unpleasant and cramping and yeah...blood, but not overwhelmingly. Still you were so in touch you almost made me cry.

    I see a second doctor on the 9th, but if I keep bleeding I am going to put it off - supposedly the bleeding is my body fixing the problem. I believe, I believe, I believe.

    Everyone around me tells me just to get a hysterectomy, like it's nothing, when it's something I've fought against for 20 years. I don't want to!! I really, really don't want to. So, I will/am trusting my body to find it's balance and strength and health.

    Thank you and love and light and many blessings to you as the Light returns!

  • Good morning and good evening, Marsc,

    Here is your reading:


    Door + Sleeper + Confession

    With Lilith as your Goddess card

    An opportunity was taken, but it does not seem to feel right. You had some doubts in the beginning, and it seems that they are coming out right. Perhaps it is a challenge with your surroundings. There are people that are talking too much.

    Lilith and Confession show this.

    It seems like gossip is taking its toll. You don’t trust people and they don’t trust you.

    Maybe that is the big problem. They smell fear?

    Lilith advises that instead of hiding, or being pushed to the wall, you stand up for yourself.

    You know who you really are. Don’t let others make you something that you are not.


    Reputation + Fulfillment + Choice

    With Gaia as your Goddess

    This spread looks good for your love life, but two cards flew out of my hands as I was shuffling.

    Opposition and Mask. Tells me that there is someone not accepting you (or your relationship) but that they aren’t telling you. They are hiding their emotions on this.

    Generally it looks like emotions are high. It’s good because there is a sense of welcome or comfort. There is a lot of love here. Yet, you feel that you must decide on something. Another lover?

    Gaia is a motherly card, and her family here is important. Everything is done for them, and that has what has given you a lot purpose in your life.

    What is needed is that you see both sides of any relationship that you have. Emotions need to be known. How does everyone really feel (since you have people hiding them)?

    The truth needs to be known, and you must weigh your options.

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you:

    Ambition + Concession + Musician

    With Isis as your Goddess card

    The time is needed for you to be completely honest with yourself. You have been working very hard, trying to hardest to achieve, but you seem to be getting in your way. If you let go a bit, and let things flow, the circumstances may be better. When what it is you want is figured out, then you will feel happy.

    Isis is also a motherly figure, so I get family again.

    Right now what will help is to sing, laugh, and play so maybe family holidays are needed.

    Most importantly, do what makes you happy right now.

  • I am really sorry to hear this, Jlina.

    I have hope that you will recover. I know you will!

    I will be sending you healing prayers!

    Blessings, and well wishes.

  • Hello EltheMoth, a friend has asked me to ask two readings for her. If you have time that is.

    Q1) will N prevail in her court case?

    Q2) will her property sell any time soon and can she trust the person helping her with the sale?

    Thank you so much for offering and being so kind.

  • Thank you elthemoth awesome!!!

    the 1st one is the one that I would really love to have it is a contract job with the possibility for permanent in the future. plus it will let me pursue what I really want to do in the near future. on the 2nd job it is what I am good at but the old ways of doing things still reigns supreme and it just makes you close down almost like a robot that has been programmed.

  • Hi Elthemoth,

    If your offer still stands? I'd love a reading if you have the time :-). No specific questions in mind (unless you happen to know what the winning lottery numbers are so I can retire early :)). Just what you see for me for 2014 would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello znl,

    Here is the reading for your friend:

    Q1) will N prevail in her court case?


    Q2) will her property sell any time soon


    Can she trust the person helping her with the sale?


    I got from the reading that your friend may be expecting the worse. Her outcome may be a self-fulfilling prophecy. She needs to think more positively. Even if she doesn’t get what she wants, it’s not the worse. She can still move on, live on, happily.

  • Dear El, thank you so much. I will communicate your reading. Thank you so much again. Blessings.

    Did you get a sense of the sale will happen at some point but not now? Any time soon?

  • Hello Pisces,

    Here you go:

    Solution + Choice + Manipulation

    With Lilith as your Goddess card

    2014 is a year for you to take charge. It’s going to call for you to take leadership.

    Early in the year you will get all the tools that you need (or simply just self-boost), but it will be your spark in order to start. I keep getting that you will come up on many crossroads. A lot of times it’s going to be as simple as you going ‘right’ or ‘left’.

    Of course difficulties will also come. There will be obstacles. Other people will need some nudging (say you need people to invest in your ideas, or simply to support you). Here you will need to show them that this is what you want, and that they will not be disappointed by putting their faith on you.

    Do not let people tear your ambition down, or your path. You have all that you need inside of you.

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you:

    Fountain + Compromise + Duel

    With Lilith as your Goddess card

    You seem to have a lot of talents, and that may be making people a bit jealous of you. I see the problem is that you are probably letting this keep you down. You are choosing to let things get to you. It’s not about toning your talents back, but by sharing your talents. Helping others, and letting them see that you are using them right. You may need to fight back, but not by shouting or screaming.

    Know why you fight. I see that what you are good at may put you in a place where you can compete in a way. This could be good for you as you can win things. If you place your winnings to go for a good cause, the better for you. (+1 karma!)

    Lilith came up again, so I get that you have to take ownership of what you have. These skills and these talents are yours. Don’t get frustrated with them, or get annoyed that they are bringing hate to you. Simply use them for your advantage. Put them to good use.

    I wish you the best.

  • Znl,

    I got the sense from the reading that your friend was not ready to let go.

    It seems that this is what is really holding back the sale. There were a lot of water cards (emotions) tell me that emotions were too attached.

    I don't get the sense that she will be selling it any time soon, unless it's really what she wants.

  • Ugh.. Thanks El. It would make such difference if it would sell. Praying.

  • Hi El,

    Have a happy new year. If you have time can you please do a general reading for me.

    Thank you.

  • Hi El,

    Thanks very much for the reading. I have job related travels lined up. I wish things slow down but that isn't what I see. Job is demanding and not slowing down but I could use some vacation and R&R. Thanks again. I got the point --relax! I hope I could do that.

    Happy New Year.

  • Hi Elthemoth,

    I would appreciate it if you do me a reading for my love life in 2014. I have nothing going on ay the moment.

    Happy New Year !!


  • El

    I would love one:)

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