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  • Hello Aprilca,

    The cards gave me a balanced answer when I asked if there was a possibility.

    When they do that I take it as them saying that it’s up to you.

    If you want it, yes, then it is possible.

    I got the sense that money may be important.

    It depends how much time you want to spend.

    I got the Goddess card Ishtar.

    She says that this isn’t going to be simple.

    You have to be willing to accept change, and be open for whatever comes up.

  • Very interesting reading !! Thank you very much and Happy New Year !! B

  • In fact, if is not too much to ask, could you please do a reading for the job/work related this year. In fact I am desperate for finding a job right now. do you see any thing coming soon ?

    Thanks so Much, B

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  • HI EL! Thanks for the reading. Wish you a great weekend ahead!

  • Thank you El for the reading. I do relate to the reading very much. My heart is living in the past but my mind is saying move forward. Im trying to move forward but very slowly. Hope ill get there.

    Thank you once again! Hugs and blessings to you!

  • Elthemoth

    Have just mailed your reading. Sorry for the delay!

    Have a good good week ahead


  • Hello brick,

    Confidence + Challenge + Fortuna

    With Gaia as you Goddess card

    It seems that in work there will be a reason to be optimistic this year. The cards show that you may get a lucky break. I think that it won’t be early on, though. I think anything related to work might come in the end of the year.

    It seems like you will get help from others.

    Gaia and Fortuna gives me the sense that through another you may find work. It may be that someone you know, or family, could help you along the job front.

    Things also look good for finding work right now. You may start realizing the kind of work that you really want to be involved in. That’s fine, but it may not come so easy.

    You will need to find out what you need. It’s a time for adapting.

    I guess it will be the experience or the requirements of the job that will not let you get it so fast.

    If you keep looking, you may find some where that will give you experience.

    I don’t get the sense that you will be finding work anytime soon.

    But I could be wrong!

    Best wishes.

  • Hello dmick,

    Prisoner + Confidence + Fortuna

    With Hecate as your Goddess card

    This year is the year to move on. The feeling of being stuck is going to follow you for the first part of the year. Yet, you will make a lot of progress. Perhaps money is the issue, and you will come into some by your own work, or getting some that is owed to you.

    This year may also see something new beginning that will help you have hope. Nurture this new idea, and new beginning. There could be monetary gains, especially by years end.

    Hecate says that there is no need to dwell in the past.

    This year is a time to get yourself moving. I get the sense that this year will also make your moods go up and down. “See the light” as it’s going to do wonders for you to think positive.

  • Hello Dear EltheMoth,

    I would like to have a reading for 2014 anything you would like to share would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

    Thank you,


  • Oh, if you could let me know when we will find a cheaper house to rent thatbwill work for us, that would be great! 🙂

  • Dearest E, how gracious of you to offer something so wonderful. If I may, I would also love for you to do a reading for me?

    Blessings to you for your kindness,

    Icearia x

  • Dear Elthe, hello! Glad to see you here again!

    May i ask toy some questions please.

    Who is K.? (i don't know this is on my own, so would like to know what cards show, maybe this is even a female?).

    Why he lied to me? Does he feels sorry for this or what he thinks about this situation?

    On the outer side it looked like he didn't care at all, but maybe deep inside he regrets about the situation and understands that it was not right to treat me so.

    Thank you!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Elthe,

    Thank you for this offer.

    I would appreciate if you draw a reading for me. I need to now what will happen in my money and love situation this year ? Thanks so much and Happy New Year to You !! 🙂

  • Hi Elthe,

    Such a kind offer to do a reading for me. Thank you for your time & effort on my behalf.


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