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  • Hello,

    Offering some quick readings for anyone that is interested.

    Thanks, and blessed days!


  • Merry Christmass EltheMoth,

    Thank you for offering. A reading about love and job 🙂 if possible. Wishing you all the best..

  • Hell znl,

    Thank you for the well wishes.

    Here you go:


    Responsibility + Achievement + Door

    With Lilith as your Goddess card

    It seems that you have done your work here. I see that you have balanced your work and home, and are very dutiful. But when it comes to your love life, it seems you are hesitating. Because you are unsure, and doubting in yourself, you don't know what to do.

    Lilith says that to find love, you will have to go out and grab it. Take a little risk by stepping out the door, and meeting people. It doesn't matter what they think. Any one worth being with will accept you for who you are.


    Pitcher + Altar + Investment

    With Demeter as your Goddess card

    It seems like you need to call for help here in the job. Demeter and Altar both have figures with hands held up as if pleading, so I take it that you may have come to a roadblock. Don't let this stop you, and don't let your pride get the best of you. Accept the help of people if they offer you. They truly want to help, and perhaps even repay you for the help that you have given them before. The best thing you can do is work harder, and show that their confidence in you was not misplaced. Do them proud. Remember that at the end, all that extra work, it looks well for you and your future.

    Enjoy your holidays!

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    Guess I didn't spell it right?

  • Reading and advice! Thank you so much. Happy new year to you.

  • 🙂 a little holiday prank!

  • Hah haa haa!

    I guess you're right.

    Have a happy new year!

  • hello EltheMoth:), i'd love a reading on love and job as well... what will the upcoming year bring...

  • Hello moonalisa,

    Here you go:


    Two Paths + Isolation + Altar

    With Gaia as your Goddess card

    Love life does not looks so good. It seems that you have been searching for love, but have yet to find it. It's more like you wanted excitement, but nothing that sparks you has arrived and you feel disappointed. This is making you doubt that you will find someone.

    Gaia advices that instead of finding love, you should find what it is that is your weakness in love. Say for instance, your expectations are too high, or when you do find love, you always put an excuse not to go into a relationship. There is a balance that you need to find between home and love. Gaia is a motherly figure and in her myth she puts great weight on her family, especially her kids. I get the sense that there needs some "growing" in your part, so this is where that finding yourself comes to play.


    Solution + Wedding + Bridge

    With Hera as your Goddess card

    Job front looks good. You have a way with settling disputes and finding both issues to a solution. Yet, don't get into situations despite your talent, says Hera. It seems like right now is a time to connect and reconnect with people. Perhaps talking to people you haven't spoken to in some time. It's nice to share good stories.

    I get in this reading that there is a need for balance again. Maybe it's that you have distanced yourself, or haven't spoken to people so much. Either way, it's a good way to see new perspectives, and you may help opening other people's eyes just by a quick chat.

    What will the upcoming year bring?

    Economy + Mask + Prisoner

    With Freya as your Goddess card

    Money may be a big issue for you this year. Economy shows that there may be some expenses that will be out of your control. Before investing, make sure to investigate and check where your money is going as there may be people that will not be honest with you. Not being able to spend money will leave you feeling trapped.

    Yet, not all is bad. You have a way with dealing with the situation. Patience, I get, is what is going to help you get out of this says Freya. She advices that you look through things more closely, and then after looking, and look again(!), you go with what you feel is the best choice for you. You may find various new ways to make money (or spend it!), but don't go for the first thing that pops up.

  • Thanks EltheMoth:) and all the best to you in the New Year. May 2014 bring to you what your heart desires.

  • HI EI, i would really love a reading on what 2014 will bring me in my love life and career and travel? Thanks so much.


  • Hello El, I would like to get some insight on what love has in store for me, thanks!


  • Hello SmilerE,

    Here you go:


    The Fall + Individuality + Adaptibility

    With Gaia as your Goddess card

    Love in 2014 looks to need some work. You are called to start over a new this year. All your mistakes are in need of looking after. You have to revisit the past in order to know what not to do this year. This year calls for the need to listen carefully, not only to yourself but others. The Fall shows a young girl looking back with a smile about to plunge into the sea while there are people behind her, warning her, crying for her to be careful. This is what you must do.

    Though it also a time to set your own identity in love. Do not hold your lover on a pedestal, but do not completely disregard them. You must not let your emotions rush you to the point that your relationship is your life. Think clearly. Let love grow on its own. Enjoy the good times that you have together, and the bad times, think logically on things can be fixed. A clear head, and seeing both sides of the situation is needed in love.


    Responsibility + Achievement + Guru

    With Artemis as your Goddess card

    Career looks good up to the end of the year. It seems like you will be ferocious fighter (breadwinner?) in your career. You will continue grow and cultivate what you have been working on in your career. I see that your foundation or that you will feel like you have found your place is here. You will be proud. Though by year’s end, things may not go as you had expected. Something will come up, perhaps a betrayal or someone has surprised you by acting in another totally unexpected way, that will trouble you. It will cause you to want to break free. Guru is a card of wanting freedom, but it also signifies drug use. If you are working, be careful about drug testing at years end.

    Artemis says not to lose your grasp on the situation. Yes when times are tough, they’re tough, but do not let that ferocious lion become a victim. Keep your cool, and continue fighting. All the work that you have done, is yours, and no one can take that from you. Let your accomplishments carry you onto the future, and what will give you strength to continue on.


    Negotiation + Isolation + Ambition

    With Venus as your Goddess card

    Travel may be difficult in 2014. There may be difficulty with money, or just that plans to travel get cancelled frequently. This lack of exploration, or that your plans aren’t taking shape may leave you disheartened, but the cards say that if you really want to travel it will happen by years end.

    It will be up to how much effort you put. If money is the problem, then you will save money, or find a new source of making money, to travel.

    Venus is encouraging that you travel. She says that if it’s what you want, do it!

  • Hello JoyLily,

    Here you are:

    Economy + Confidence + Mask

    With Freya as your Goddess card

    Love may turn out to be difficult. It seems that you will find that you will have love interests in abundance, they will not, however, be what you like or what you need. Be weary though as not all will be honest with you.

    If you would like have fun, and enjoy their company, then that will be fine.

    Freya says that you will have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince. Certainly any one that you meet will be promising, but you should really know them inside and out. You may be surprised by their personality.

    It’s nice, though, that you will get a huge ego boost. You are hot!

    Don’t every forget that. 🙂

  • hi elthemoth

    can you please read what kind of bad opportunity is opening up for me that i need to ignore and not accept at all? i am looking to find clues like the industry, the job itself or the person who will offer me this job so i can know beforehand that this is the one to be avoided.


  • Thank you so much for your reading, I will take all your advice into account.

    Happy 2014.

  • Elthemoth,

    Could you give me a forecast for 2014?

    Thank you.


  • Hello aceofcups:

    I’m going to give you a bit of a forewarning, first-- nothing to be scared of.

    I can not tell you definitely what you will do or be in the future. I, like any reader, have the great probability to be wrong. Your future is your choice. What you want to do in the future must be your choice. If it is what you truly want to do, then pursue it. You will know, once you have gained enough experience, whether or not you will want to pursue that path.

    But that’s enough of that. Here is your reading:

    Achievement + Responsibility + Duel

    With Gaia as your Goddess card

    The Revision card fell as I was shuffling. Tells me that nothing is falling in place, and that you yourself are not helping the situation. You are either forcing things, or not working for yourself at all.

    I get the sense that you are getting frustrated, and perhaps lashing out because of your frustration. You want to be successful and achieve, but I think that you have lost your sense of direction.

    Family is important in this reading. It usually is the family that becomes the victim of our frustrations, so maybe you should consider stopping that. Then again, your family may have the answer to some of your questions. Be patient, and see what is working in your life, and what is not.

    As for the industry you will be working, I can not tell you definitely.

    But this is what the cards showed me:

    Commitment + Buoquet + Investment

    With Venus as your Goddess card

    The Duel card for you. Second time this happens! Guess the cards really want you to listen to them.

    Competition, fighting, and the unknown, this is what the card tells me. I get that they are saying that what you are willing to work for, challenge yourself and others for, is what you should be working in.

    So this tells me that what you should be working in is what you feel passionate about, and what you truly love to do. You don’t know? There is something that you should be able to do without getting tired. All I get is the cliché ‘do what you like to do’. For me this is a spread that lovers would want to get, as it pushes for you to find what you love, and pour your heart into it. Venus is the Goddess of love, and she urges for this in you. Find your passion. Find what you want to work for.

  • Hello psychic reading,

    I asked my cards what they would like to tell you about your situation in 2014:

    Recharge + Guru + Wheel

    With Artemis as your Goddess card

    2014 is going to be a year of cutting back. There may be an illness that forces you to stay in bed.

    The cards are saying that you need to sit back and relax a bit.

    Anger and frustration may be a problem this year, so make sure to breath. There are two pairs of wings in this reading. Birds in Guru, and wings on Artemis. For me this signals freedom, and even travel. If you can take a vacation, it will do you wonders.

    You need to communicate with new people this year as well. Learn new things, and gain new friends. This will also help in work.

    All in all, I get that this year may get your temper high. You mustn’t get too upset, says Artemis, as reacting could cause you to explode. Meditation will help so much this year for you. Sit and relax is all I get. You may be a person that needs a lot of movement, but this year is a time of rest. It would be nice if you could find some friends to enjoy some nice warm tea, chat and laugh.

  • Hello EltheMoth - thank you for doing this. I am having health issues and it will either be resolved by taking medication for six months or having to have surgery - but I could do the surgery now if I wanted to.

    It may also be worse than they think it is, or it could already be getting better. So - any insight into the health situation and if a six month wait is appropriate, would be FABULOUS, and much appreciated.

    Blessings to you,


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