What is going on in the world

  • Hopefully some one can give some insight on this. I have noticed people in general are becoming more rude and angry. For instance I just found out yesterday a former coworker shot two people and then was killed himself. People in the grocery store are running their carts into people with out apologizing. drivers are cutting people off or riding the bumpers when there is no need to tailgate. even at home people seem on edge. It makes it very difficult to keep spirits up and keep good thoughts and to keep moving forward. I have had two of my crystals crack because of all the negativity and it makes me want to hide and not go out into the world. Sometimes I get flashes of change but it seems like with all the chaos in the world that changes you want to make get put on the back burner so to speak. Even the current articles seem to reflect a negative and on edge mind set.

    Any thoughts on this is welcome

  • while some who are eager to move forward and look inward for spirtual answers, and really give it thier best shot to make life a better place for others and themselves, when we as individuals look down inside of us, what a great difference is love to hate, many walk around without hope, are in dispear, i try to find away to talk to people about moving forward and that there is hope for a better tommorrow, as mahama gandi said, the change in the world begins with us, ,

  • I asked for guidance from my cards -

    The Card of Negativity, Self-Pity, Darkness, and Law-Breaking.

    This card asks you to ponder the nature of negativity. You are urged not to give up or turn from your course just because you encounter negativity in the form of a situation or people - or in yourself. However, this may be a situation where caution and retreat will be the wiser course. You must decide from accessing your intuition how to proceed. Negative people are negative because they lack love, positivity, and a correct interpretation of reality. A lot of times, their negative behaviour is a barrier they erect to protect themselves from the harshness of life. Either negativity has touched you, is or will be around you in the world, or you are facing your own inner darkness. We all must process our inner darkness at some point on the evolutionary journey - and almost certainly many times in this or former lives. It's an ongoing process. If you have a tendency to feel sorry for yourself, and many of us do, things usually progress to the next stage: the pity party. You begin to feel like the innocent victim of a dismal fate because you are seeing your life through inaccurate lenses. Most of the thoughts that run through your mind at times like these are not helpful, and they mainly serve to increase your indignation and feelings of powerlessness. What these feelings and thoughts don’t do is change your circumstances or make you feel better. When you have a terrible day, there should definitely be a time and place to have your feelings so you can process them. It’s important not to pretend that you are fine with things when you aren’t. It’s also important, however, to notice when you’re having a pity party. It’s a good idea to set a time limit in which to fully express your emotions and not feel guilty, ashamed, or judge yourself. You may also want to write about your feelings. When your time is up, let go of the negativity you just expressed. If you’ve written down your feelings, you can burn the piece of paper or throw it in the recycling bin. Try not to dwell on unpleasant experiences and do everything you can to avoid holding on to negative emotions. When you indulge in self-pity, you only make a bad day worse. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, release the notion that you are a victim, and notice the good that exists in your life. The key is to go fearlessly into the heart of your negativity, not to deny it but to let it wash over you...for you cannot understand the light without exploring the darkness. To know and understand something is to know what it is not. Both paths - light and dark - lead to learning and growth. When negativity comes to you, the way through is not to judge or resist or reject it - otherwise you are feeding your fear, non-acceptance and criticalness, and possibly increasing your pain and suffering. Illness is caused by holding negativity in some part of your body. If negativity is getting to you, you are getting lost in it and are therefore being defined by it. Dwelling on the negative simply adds to its power. Instead, to be healed, observe the negative emotion, let it pass through you to discover why it is happening, why it is having such an effect, and what is the outcome that you are either needing or resisting. It then will have served its purpose and no longer needs to be there. It is released and vanishes, leaving only a divine lesson behind. In the case of excessive emotional release, for example anger, hatred, or fear, the lesson could be about bringing the centre of your attention into the heart and holding the negative energy within your energy field, as unpleasant as it may be. Holding that energy without immediate release can help dissolve the attachment to it. In which case, a good part of the denseness may then simply ebb away. When a negative emotion arises, try saying, 'Hello, Anger/Fear/Hate (or whatever), what do you want to show me?' And then listen, and let it take you wherever it wants. If negativity is touching you through other people, if you cannot just avoid or ignore them, then you have to deal with them. Don't engage in any negative behaviour in reaction to them, but confront them calmly to establish boundaries of respect and personal ethics, and the consequences of crossing those boundaries. Showing others you do not accept their negativity and standing up to them is important for your own self-respect and growth.

  • Thank you both for the insight it really helped. I do understand people are hurting and the world can be a scary place. I guess everyone at some point fears the unknown. It just seems more people are afraid and stressed out right now. So I try to be more kinder and hope and pray it helps.

  • What you notice has always been there---it's just your focus. I do agree life has gotten more FAST and stressful as life has changed in hard times and trends---people working longer hours for less pay--rising costs--and too many 5 hour energy drinks! A lot of tired rushed folks out there. But there are just as many layed back patient giving folks around ---the others stand out to you because you do not like it.. I expect rush hour rudeness but am not buying into it---the guy on my bumper is invisible to me. When shopping despite the rude parents who allow their kids to run loose or block isles or bump into me running I just move away--- or the screamers on cell phones near your ear I silently cuss and move but say God bless the sweet checkout girl who hands me a free coupon or the man who picks up the armload I dropped twice. There are angels out there! You may be a sponge but not aware. I absorb energy in crowds so I limit my exposure and also remove myself when possible then go home and have a cleansing time. Where your focus goes---grows. So try not to dwell on the negative---it has always been there! BLESSINGS!

  • Hey bluemoon I usually don't like crowds because of the energy but I know I cant be a hermit. I think more people are just stressed and it makes me feel bad. Most of the negative energy that I am feeling is frustration. People seem to feel like they have no control over their lives right now from being laid off downsized and trying to find ways to pay bills. Feeling like why bother trying to be cheerful when there is no end in sight for all the problems they seem to have in their lives.

    And yes I feel like a sponge I pick up moods & energy (I will be burying my cracked crystals this evening)

    This Christmas I did something I never thought I would do I refused to cook and went to a theme park to ride the coasters and boy did I scream (I have a fear of coasters lol but ride them anyway)

    It was a great way to release some fears and tensions. So by the time I made it to my brothers I felt a lot better.

    Many blessing to you and thank you

    ps I like this saying "Where your focus goes---grows"

  • I loved your roller coaster idea! I told my family next year I may skip some chores and run away to a peaceful spa! I do not like roller coasters yet what a way to start the new year! I like your style! BLESSINGS!

  • my family was upset that I did not go all out and cook dinner. but I needed the coasters rides to scream & release tensions & fears. and I do not feel guilty about it lol

  • great, u cannot make no one happy, if u are not, we need to take care of our temple, for our body is our temple,

  • There was a New York Times article recently about the disparity between the frenetic yang-energy rush of the holiday season and the fact that it coincides with midwinter in the Northern hemisphere, which is by nature a yin energy time—a time to slow down, turn inward, reflect, engage in quiet creative activities, nurture our bodies with rest and warming, hearty foods, and conserve our energy and resources. Instead we are culturally encouraged to race about accomplishing the many items on our lists. We overwork, overparty, overshop, overspend, overeat rich sweet foods, and generally make little time for rest and relaxation. No wonder so many people feel anxious, tense, and stressed—or that they often unload their misery on others. Then, too, there's a lot of stressful action in the outer planets these days that gets felt and reflected on a collective level. I've found that if I pay enough attention to keeping my own reservoir full, I have the energy to spare to give some to others. If for every driver who is rude to us, we pause to let another driver into a crowded street, or for every person who cuts in line we notice another's hurry and give them our place, pick up the dropped package, smile at the crying child, lend a hand loading a heavy box into a car…then, as I see it, we're "evening the score" for kindness versus rudeness—and we usually get back, in both satisfaction and gratitude, more than we gave. When I'm too out of sorts to bother with small kind gestures, I know it's time to go home, make a cup of tea, and be kind to myself until I'm restored enough to be kind to others again.

  • beautiful said gracefuldaises, i see oprahs super soul sunday, as often as i can yesterday she had a wonderful author who wrote, return to love which is a beautiful spiritual book, she said, i quote, we pray for these people every day for thirty days, even if it is for five minuites, if we do this, thier nega tive energy wont affect us, and it will even help them turn around, without them even knowing it, i had a thought, i will start practicing this, our love should shine through our spirit,

    thank u for your post, and i totally agreed we overdo all these things, i have a terrible habit, i over clean the house, i am sixty five, it is time to slow down, again, thank u, ever so much

  • I agree ramonita it is time to slow down I learned that yesterday when I was trying to clean up the porch trying to rush to get things done I took a nasty fall it was the universe telling me to rest and it worked I was completely useless afterwards. The good thing is I only have a sprain and no broken bones. and I can see the funny side now. It was comical even when the cat came running and meowing at me lol but boy does it hurt

  • shadowmist,

    sorry to hear about your fall, thank god, it was not serious, soaking in warm epsom salt is very good for sprains, i pray that u will be feeling great, to enjoy the coming of the new year, may it bring you and family lots of blessing from above, hope to hear, that u are doing great,

    god bless u, always,


  • I feel this is a year when we must all turn away from seeking outside help and like never before work intensely on building our inner resources and listening to our own intuition, wisdom, and Higher Self. The times are indeed very trying, with more and more people concerned with self-protection and defending themselves in a negative even violent manner. But it is at the times of greatest darkness - now when the dark side knows that it is losing so it fights the hardest - that the greatest light is needed. We who are lightbringers must not allow ourselves to be dragged down into the pit of anger, depression, frustration, apathy, or plain giving up that so many around us are falling into. If there is no light to shine into the darkness, how can anyone find their way out of it? Now is the time for us to make our greatest stand. Now is the time for us all to be brave and strong and determined not to give in to negativity. We have always had that choice - it is one of the few things that cannot be taken away from us - our choice to be positive when all around us are falling prey to the darkness.

    Don't give up now just when we are so close to victory!

  • I totally agree Capt. I have been seeing so much negativity that I don't even want to leave my home. But I know I have to so lately I meditate before leaving and try to see nature in her full beauty and it helps. I also try to be kinder and offer encouragement.

  • Astrologically, there is a very tough alignment at the moment that began back in October 2012. The bad news perhaps is that it doesn't conclude (mostly) until December 23 of this year...the good news is that it does really pass - there is an end to all this turmoil. Saturn cycles always seem as if they’re permanent, because Saturn manifests as people or situations which are frozen. It’s an illusion, though, so don’t live your life as if this is forever. This Saturn in Scorpio cycle is particularly hard because so many people were born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Scorpio. In other words, entire generations of people are waking up to find a major part of their personality is affected. They will all be affected financially by this cycle as Scorpio rules banking.

    A Saturn cycle has three stages. You will have seen the first big moment of truth from October 2012 through July 2013. In an attempt to avoid what they fear is coming, these stuck, frozen Saturn people and organisations you are dealing with now always stick to a system. The second stage runs August 2013 through May 2014, so you’re battling these systems right now. If you have planets in Scorpio, you are dealing with world economies and the sharemarkets which are manifesting Saturn. How do they do this? Classically through not moving or shifting, which is a standard Saturn response. Have you hit brick walls? Had a rote response? Met a formula, not a normal moving process? You’ve met Saturn in Scorpio.

    The final stage of the cycle when Saturn moves over the final 10 degrees or so of his transit in Scorpio is the beginning of the end. The light at the end of the tunnel. Watch this unfold, June - December 2014 and a just little bit more again in June - September 2015 when the saga slowly starts to draw to a close. After that, Saturn will not bother you again – at least not in the Scorpio-ruled house of your horoscope.

    Saturn is about freezing in the face of fear. That’s why people, individually or en masse, get stuck in this cycle – and that means you may be stuck as well. Delays are common, prepare for them. Don’t try to change them – it’s not going to work. Duck and dive around Saturn people and situations. Saturn is the ringed planet. Those rings accurately describe the defences of Saturn people, organisations, institutions and nations. Bricked in by their own fear, they ‘protect’ themselves with systems and set-ups which they build over a long period of time, quite painstakingly. How do you deal with these negative, self-sabotaging people, groups, organisations (or even entire industries or nations)? There are things you can do on a personal level to get through this difficult time (and the first thing is to not think of it as difficult, ha!). Here are a few ways to work with Saturn, not against 'him'. Remember, he can be your ally, not your enemy., if you understand what he requires

    • Be positive and practical. Structure your time, even for leisurely things if you want to see

    your time expand.

    • Get a day planner to keep track of your responsibilities.

    • Value and honor your time . . . spend it wisely and consciously.

    • Charge the appropriate amount for your work.

    • Challenge yourself with something new every day.

    • Don’t give away your authority (literally the authorship of your life).

    • Have a sense of humor.

    • Refuse to be ruled by guilt, fear, or shame.

    • Get regular dental check-ups.

    • Pay your bills on time and keep your material/financial issues together.

    • Have some kind of discipline in your life (health, relationships, money etc.).

    • Have 3 absolute no’s in every area of your life. During S in S, it's more a time of "Don't do..." rather than "Do...". which of course pushes buttons for many of us who question authority and value our freedom. This may be an energy which is repressive and depressive, or comforting and providing useful boundaries - it all depends how we respond and work with it.

    • Don’t have too many rules or too few rules. (LOL!)

    • Set limits. Limits can actually create freedom by giving you a boundary and a time to work within.

    • Know when to say when . . . and enough is enough.

    • Give up your grudges, your secrets, your suspicions, and your jealousies.

    • Stay humble and use every grain of time to cultivate wisdom.

    • Avoid taking on anything/anybody new and important, especially in the areas of your finances. Scorpio also impacts on areas including death, secrets, change, spirituality, insurance, legacies, other people's money, stocks, bonds, taxes, inheritances, wills, sex and sexual organs, death, surgeries, astral experiences, metaphysics, transformation, regeneration, the resources of others. Watch who or what you are committing to if you cannot avoid new projects, contracts, people or involvements.

    Balance is crucial at this time. It is advisable to put the brakes on any questionable behaviour, even or especially your own. But it is equally important to resist Saturn’s bullying. Saturn can be intimidating to the free spirited. It may, if not balanced within our psyche, undermine weak self-esteem, heightening self-doubt and confusion. During this time, we are going to experience BIG adjustments, shifts and changes in circumstances that are most definitely beyond our control. The key is to be accepting and allowing of all the challenges. They are not negative - they are simply a wake-up call to deal with anything that is not quite right, or is past its 'sell by date'. Saturn's influence only becomes negative if we resist it, or do not work with it. When we exercise The Law of Neutrality, this can be a very positive restructuring influence indeed.

    So ask yourself, are you afraid of change? Are you hiding secrets even from yourself? Are you with someone who does not really turn you on, just because it is easy, comfortable and provides security? Scorpio/Saturn will demand that you find some self sufficiency and fall more in love with yourself completely, before you connect with the right person. Co-dependency and unhealthy connections will struggle to survive in the current energies which urge us to be expansive, fully evolved, and everything we can be. Now is the time to explore your potential. It will not work if you are held in check by possessiveness, control, obsession, and jealousy. ANY of these Scorpio issues you may have been dealing with will need to finally be addressed and put to bed. This time is about coming into our own power and magnificence, where we make independent choices which suit who we are. Does this mean we must all become a little more selfish? In a way yes! We are being challenged to recognise that paradoxical truth that the more we love, accept and nurture ourselves, the more we have to give from the heart to others. Loving YOU completely, means you will have a whole lot more to share with and to give to the rest of the world. Saturn in Scorpio is an energy which requires us to be magnificently independent, and yet wholeheartedly connected. The paradox of this challenge is that it means we can all be so deeply connected, in a way we have never been before.

    Saturn, the planet symbolically associated with time, challenges, fear, doubt, confusion, difficulty, heaviness and hard lessons is also positively linked with structure, accomplishment, power, maturity, reflection, order and prestige. The Cosmic Taskmaster can be quite heavy and challenging at times, but the gift of Saturn’s formidable wisdom will guide you for the rest of your life. It is now possible to give your life a shape and meaning despite any turmoil and confusion you are going through. The key is to sit loose, and trust that the outcome is going to leave you with what is REAL. We need to stay calm but determined, TRUST, and focus on our life goals. Saturn in Scorpio will instigate a process of separating the wheat from the chaff. If you remember that the goals to aim for are independence, maturity, responsibility, ambition, and self evaluation, you WILL come through it all with your dignity intact.

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