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  • I thought I might give this a shot. The last couple of years have been very bumpy, and though I'm starting to get some of the things I want, even that is very shaky. I had a bit of a breakdown last week, said a few things I shouldn't have, and probably weakened my chances to keep the few things I gained recently in my life. I know I'm a very emotional person and feel far more often than I think things through. I'm also very impatient, but then, it seems like I'm always waiting. I also feel like I've been a big fat hypocrite. I feel guilty for dumping things on people when they just need space and try real hard to make up for it, but it doesn't ease my conscience one bit. One person in particular I want to apologize to personally (or at least on the phone), but they've been unresponsive to my requests to call. I feel like a mess. I want to get an idea of what's ahead, so I can prepare for it.



  • JoyLily, 2014 is a brand new beginning for you! During 2013, you are completing a long cycle of learning. You most likely have had to let go of some people and circumstances in your life, and in the new year, it will be time to plant new seeds and embark upon new adventures. This will be a wonderful time to do anything you have wanted to do but have been making excuses for not doing. 2014 is a time to take action and be bold! This is not a time to wait and think about things, it is a time to do. You will have a lot of energy in the new year, so do some form of physical exercise daily, otherwise you might experience nervous tension in your body or mind. Starting something new takes confidence. Believe in yourself. In 2014, the Universe will be helping you break out of your comfort zone and take your life to a new level.

    It will involve a journey of change, new beginnings, independence, and becoming who you really are! No matter how familiar things may seem, you will be on an entirely different road next year. 2013 is bringing an entire new era of your life to an end and has probably been very emotional and confusing. However, those experiences were necessary so that 2014's new beginnings can occur. The past is over, but you will need to release the feelings and beliefs that are still anchoring you to it. Then, instead of being shocked or confused by this year's changes, you will more easily understand their purpose. This will be a year of new interests, experiences, goals, and understandings: about life, about you, where you have been, where you are now, and where you would like to be. And, because so much drastic change is required, you will also be learning the meaning of courage. You will gain much self awareness in 2014. You will learn about individuality, and the vital changes that must take place within you if you are to attain what you need. You will be learning about independence, leadership, and originality, and you will need great faith in yourself in order to take appropriate action. You will encounter situations involving your deepest feelings, your unique mind and talent, and your need for greater freedom. You will be learning to adapt to the changes taking place inside you and around you, while your ability to lead yourself and others gets tested. Your progress will be helped along by new opportunities and understandings. Accept the need for real and significant change. Develop a realistic sense of your own self-worth. Listen to and follow your feelings. What you do next year will set the course for the following years. This should provide all the incentive you need to make your decisions carefully and realistically. And by accepting the reality of your past, you will become more aware of who you really are. If you think you already know your true identity, be prepared for some astonishing new truths to emerge in 2014. You may start to doubt beliefs and attitudes you once held dear, as you realize they are no longer appropriate to current circumstances. You may start to feel out of place around people with whom you have always felt comfortable, and may question their continuing role in your life. Doubts may arise as to how you can be free when responsibilities or circumstances seem to stand in your way. Feel every feeling that arises around such issues and face your fears instead of denying them. At some point, you will instinctively know that it's time to move in a completely different direction, even if it means doing so alone and independently.

    In 2014, you will learn that life is not meant to be a struggle but a continuous free-flowing journey of energy that moves, shifts, vibrates, spirals, and evolves through cycles of learning.

  • Thank you Captain. You're always very honest. This is pretty exciting, but also, very daunting. I do worry about doing it all alone. I've only just begun a relationship that, admittedly, isn't serious in the sense that we're thinking about the future. I have no idea how long it will last. He's on a journey of his own right now, and I'm doing my best to give him plenty of space, and in your words, give him a long leash. We agreed to be there for each other, however, I'm trying to find ways to at least stay in his sights without seeming clingy. I mentioned before he was a writer and is in the process of getting himself published. I recently took him up on an offer he made me a while back before we became romantically involved to help with the cover for the book. I've never done this before, but I'm happy to give it a try. It'll get me back to drawing and painting again. I've also gotten a lot of little signs that I should give writing a serious try as well (I write fanfiction). He's been very supportive of my dream of costuming (I'm getting some help on that through my sister too). Along with many other things, it's a lot of stuff to dive into. It'll be very interesting to see how it goes, and where I'll fit, which will become nothing more than a side project and which will take me somewhere. I do want to find my place, hopefully beside someone who understands me as a creative being. I already don't feel like I belong where I am anymore.


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