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  • Hi everyone. I am new to the forums, but not new to tarot. I'm a fourth generation tarot reader and have been doing/have been around tarot for most of my life. I typically dislike reading myself for impartiality reasons, but I am at a cross roads of life and felt the need to consult my most deck. I did a fork-in-the-road spread and everything and everything made sense until I got to my Option B side's "consequence or reward": I pulled the 8 of Swords. I pulled a clarifier to possibly get a better understanding of I was hindered by and pulled the Knight of Wands. I am utterly confused about how the Knight of Wands could clarify the 8 of Swords. I view one as negative and the other at a more positive card.

    I would love advice on how someone would read that card (and clarifier) as a reward/consequence/outcome to a possible life option.

    I don't want this post to be too long, but I know I did a tarot-foul and did a very similar spread for the same topic right after since I was so confused. For how I felt about option 2 I pulled "the Sun", Consequenses, "7 Swords", Rewards, "Knight of Wands" ((which even more confused me about the previous reading), and for the outcome "the Devil"

    The Devil is the second reason I am asking for help. I would view that pathway a good option (Sun, Knight of Wands, I understand who I'm hurting by the option with the 7 of swords, but the Devil just confounds me in relation to the Sun)

    I'm probbaly shouldn't have read myself (of have broken my own rule of doing two similar readings), but if anyone has any opinions on how I should read those confusing cards...((for note, the outcome for option A both times was the Knight of Cups--which I have always read as a you'll be happy but you might just be happy being miserable--any other way to read that?))

    I know this was long and confusing. I thank anyone in advance for any advice.

    Airlie ❤

  • Also extremely sorry for the typo-s, duplicated and missing words. I am typing this on my phone and its not the best medium for grammar checks. -_-

  • Hi Airlie,

    I cannot comment completely without knowing the rest of the spread, but can share my thoughts on the 8 of Swords and Knight of Wands combo...

    It can be read two ways:

    1. The 8 of Swords as a reward could be a release or breaking free. The Knight of Wands is a fiery person who would not be afraid or constrained from moving forward.

    2. The Knight of Wands can also be impulsive - a leap before you look kind of guy. The 8 of Swords with this Knight could indicate a need for self-restraint.

    Is this a choice between two men?

  • haha I wish it was about men, that would be easier. its a choice between two different schools/programs. I've been accepted at two prestigious schools. A graduate degree in public policy (option A--which is more the next logically step after my college); my whole life I have been told I was bad at math and science and recently have been exposed to some high level physics and fell in love and on a whim applied to MIT and got accepted for a second bachelors in physics (Option B)

    Option B is the more...road less traveled choice.

    With the rest of the reading, I'm leaning towards it being the first option you mentioned. I would be breaking free from all the comments I've been told my whole life and now have the determination to move forwards....but all those comments make me lean towards the 2nd option: I might be acting impulsively and not seeing everything clearly.

    Ah, if only the cards could be a little less variable in readings sometimes.

  • Hahaha! Thank goodness....I'm weary of love readings 🙂 If you don't mind, now that I know the situation I would like to pull cards of my own (but that would not be until tomorrow or Sunday). If it helps, the below is what I tuned into before reading your last post....

    For what it's worth, it feels like option "A" is a situation that you aren't sure you really want any more, like maybe it's not the right fit. And now this option "B" has come along and you are wondering if maybe that is the direction you should go. The Sun shines a light on things - brings clarity. It feels like you do not have clarity and the Sun is a suggestion to you.

    I feel you need to look at each option separately without the confusion of the other. What I mean to say is, look at option A and ponder it, meditate on it, think of the pros and cons, how you TRULY FEEL about it. Once you have that answer, do the same thing for option B.

  • I would love another person to pull a spread for me. ((I know all my friends always have me do love readings gets boring)) Let me know what you see. I think I will do them separately myself, probably later today--let me clear my head a bit beforehand. If you get this in time and know of a good spread to use let me know 🙂

  • Hi Airlie,

    I will pull some cards later, however wanted to share a few things with you first...

    It's hard to get a good read when choosing over two options because we normally have ourselves in a mental and even emotional tizzy about it (lol). I have never had much luck combining, so I always do a spread for each choice. If it comes out without on or the other as an obvious "winner" it normally means that spiritually it doesn't matter and the choice is totally up to you. The Universe, Spirit, your guides, etc. will not usually interfere unless you definitely need to go down a certain road in order to fulfill your life path or if there is some sort of danger involved. From their perspective, we are here to EXPERIENCE life on earth and for them either choice is probably just as good as the other so the advice normally comes through as follow your heart.

    From an earthy, practical point of view, my advice is always be clear on not only the choices and their benefits or consequences, but what you will be giving up in making that choice. More simply put, there is a price to pay for everything in life and it is not always monetary. My philosophy is as long as you are aware of what price you are paying, then you are making a grounded choice and you will not be hit with regrets or "why did/didn't I" statements later on. For example, my niece took a summer trip to Europe between high school and college and loved it. So much so that when she graduated from college she wanted to take 1 or 2 years to travel Europe instead of going directly into the work force. Her parents were dead set against it of course! I told her that it sounded great and what a lovely life experience to have. However, she needed to be aware of the price she would be paying before doing so. That price would be her returning to her life here and all of her friends would have their career foundations established and she would be starting out at the bottom and making less money than they would be. They also would most likely have their homes set up, may be in serious relationships, etc. As long as she was okay with that scenario, then go for it! I wasn't trying to discourage her, I just knew that these things were also important to her so she needed to include them in her decision making.

    So for you, I would first say to be clear on what your heart wants without the "noise" of family or friends who may be discouraging you from either path. Then I would say to be clear not only the benefits of each choice, but the price to pay for each choice. It feels like you really want to follow Option B. Great! Forget what everyone else is saying and be clear that this is what you really want. So the price to pay for that choice would be what? Remember that this is more school years for another bachelors degree, not a graduate degree. Will that bachelors degree be enough for the career/job you would want to pursue with it or would you need to then go to graduate school? If so, then you will have a few more years to add on to the schooling portion of your life. Which is totally fine if YOU are ok with it! Also bear in mind the extra cost of schooling if this is not a scholarship scenario.

    Anyway, I'm rambling! I will pull cards tonight or tomorrow. I'm thinking of doing two "What to Do" spreads (one for each choice) and then maybe a Mandala spread for you in general. Of course, with any spread, what's important is reading through intuition.

    What to Do? Spread (Determining a Given Course of Action)


    2 1 3


    Card 1: the present or general them of the reading

    Card 2: past influences still having effect

    Card 3: the future

    Card 4: the reason behind the question (this will probably shed light on card 2 and will often reveal a subconscious impulse - perhaps a blockage which is stopping you from achieving your desired result)

    Card 5: the potential within the situation - possible results from taking a given course of action (this works best if, while selecting the cards, you concentrate on one aspect of the decision, rather than either/or type questions.)

    The Mandala Spread

    Card 1 must be read against 2, 4 and 6 to give an overview of the way things actually ARE, then against cards 3, 8 and 9 to assess potential. After that reading Card 1 against cards 5 and 7 to reveal possible problems and areas which require further work.


    8 2

    7 1 3

    6 4


    Card 1: An overview of the self.

    Card 2: Ambitions, goals.

    Card 3: Ideals, dreams.

    Card 4: Real achievements at this time.

    Card 5: Dependencies, faulty beliefs.

    Card 6: Strengths and positive traits.

    Card 7: Faults and weaknesses.

    Card 8: Self perception.

    Card 9: Desires.

  • Sorry - the card positions did not post as I placed them so it looks confusing!

  • I really like that mandala spread! I am about to use it and do two readings for each of my options. I am mainly trying to stay sane until Christmas when my grandmother can do a reading for me. Shes the best in my family. I do agree with you however, that the gut and intuition should outweigh what anyone says or even what the cards say. 🙂

  • Hi Airlie,

    Merry Christmas. Sorry I didn't get to your reading as promised - the last minute preparations for the holiday got the best of me and today I am recuperating 🙂 I hope you got a nice reading from your Grandmother for Christmas! I will get back to you in a few days...

  • Hi Airlie,

    I did the first half of your reading and neither choice came through as the winner (LOL). If you take the route of sticking on your current educational path and proceeding with graduate school, you will have success and it will be a more "harmonious" road - I believe due to your family and their thoughts on what you should do. If you go with Option B, it will be more of a fight/struggle - most likely due to other's opinions once again, but also it will be a little more of a struggle for you as it will take more time to get to your goal. So the question is, what does your heart really want? If Option B is really where you feel pulled, then the extra struggle will not matter as you will be passionate about it. I feel you already know what you want and you are temporarily held back by fear. Standing on the precipice before we jump off can be scary!

    I will be back shortly with part 2...

  • Hi Airlie,

    Part 2 was more of the know what you want but are trapped in fear and family issues are a big part of it.

    I pulled two archangel cards and got Archangel Uriel with "You Know What to Do" and Archangel Michael with "Take Back Your Power."

    Hope this helped...good luck!

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