• Hi Laie4,

    I was reading what you wrote on the pond

    and felt such a good energy from you and I wanted to

    send back my energy and thanks.

    I get excited about what the Holy Spirit is doing now through all the people he is refining and raising up all over this planet. I love connections and relationship and networking.

  • Hey!

    I just saw you posting around the board and hope you are still reading.

    Just read CWB's post on spammers and something came together for me. Quite some time ago you visited the Ascension thread under your other screen name. I responded because I got such a good vibe from your post and never heard anything back. Now, I understand, LOL ! It was you Then & I felt we connected and we have connected Now ---- I love that! Even tho you had 2 different names the vibe was still the same!



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