Worried About What Will Happen...

  • I was hoping someone could do a reading on my situation. I am currently facing a disciplinary hearing at my former school. I've decided not to return to that school, but am concerned about what the outcome will be. I'm also worried about being able to go to another school because I have heard that it is difficult to gain admission to another school when disciplinary action is taken and put on a student's record. Will the ruling be in my favor? And will I be able to go to another school? The charges are exaggerated, but I am worried that the school will not see it that way.

  • Mh83

    In order to make good decisions you need to know what you are thinking and feeling, so here is a reading.

    It feels like money is ok or that you are comfortable

    You’re feeling tension and indecision… once you set your mind you will be ok

    You also know you will trust yourself, you know you are good and you will handle it

    You need to be organized, set all your ducks in a row and make good things happen

    It seems you just lost something or it got canceled… be careful what you do

    You are worried what others are thinking about you…remember trust yourself you can do it

    Some things work out; you will have the courage to move on

    You have been worrying about it working out… it seems like it will and something about moving or changing address…its slight but something is there

    Things work out, but remember there is always a balance

    Something of the heart…someone is really not nice to you and unstable

    Remember never lose hope…always inspire yourself

    Hope that helps,


  • Thanks Nick! I had to think a lot about what you were saying, but it makes sense. I think that recent events have helped me to distance myself from a very difficult and destructive situation- one that was not good for me and may have been making me sick.

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