My neighbor


    My next neighbor i think his name is john. i know hes in his 20s and drive a bmw (sorry thats all i know about him) i think hes cute but the feelings may not be mutual. we did get into a small tiff few months ago when he honked at my car. i flipped him the bird. lols i just dont understand why ppl need to honk.

    and just the other night he either smiled or smirked at me and its bothering me 😞 was hoping someone can pick up on his feelings/ thoughts towards me. Thanks thanks!

    love love janet

  • Next time you are on the road near him honk and wave with a smile. He will give you your answer. BLESSINGS BLESSINGS!

  • hi bimoon good to hear from you 🙂 eee i totally would but i dont drive i usually call a taxi home bc i live in the middle of nowhere. Im just wondering if he likes me and stuff or hates me haha

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