Astra Angel - may I have a reading please?

  • Hi Astra,

    Hope all is good with you in your life and early Happy Christmas.

    I would love if you could do a reading for me if you have the time?

    It involves a romantic situation -

    I have recently met a new guy - all going great but maybe a bit full on..

    but i see old insecurities making their way into my head....

    I would be grateful if you could please do a reading on this relationship - is it a positive step in my life ...

    My name is Elaine and his is John..

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Elaine,

    Happy holidays to you! All is moving along, I am sure Santa has a lot of fun things planned for Christmas for all! Hope yours is lovely.

    I looked at some cards and in general everything looked really affirming and nice to me. I will share what I got.

    The setting (your concerns and question about you and John "is it a positive step in my life?")

    is summarized as

    a. 9 of emotion (fulfilling emotion)


    b. Queen (14/4) path-role (repeating foundation path-role)

    So your concern question is characterized as

    (a) fulfilling emotion that is (b)eing a repeating foundation of path and/or role.

    So it seems the emotional conditions is (a) very complete or fulfilling, however you have concerns about the long term foundation (lasting) of this path (relationship)

    1. Beginning is the Page (11/1) of path-role. So this is an emphasized beginning of path-role that is repeating. So you are thinking "begin begin" over and over in a path or role as regards the setting (a+b).

    2. Affirming is the 12/2 symbol group which means this again an emphasized (2 in a 2 position) aspect that would say you are really affirming this setting as a beginning of physical life and also affirming -affirming both in think-talk and path-role. Meaning you are really affirming this setting, quite a lot in your thinking. It seems you really want to see it work.

    3. Growing is the 8 of physical life. That is showing a growing of an "expansive" physical pattern, so you are really wanting to see this setting grow and expand physically. 3's and 8's relate strongly.

    4. Foundation is the 3 of path-role. So your foundation under the setting is "I want to see this grow as a path".

    5. Changing is the 9 of path-role. So you are changing or wanting to change something about a fulfilled or completed path-role at this time. You are wanting to adjust something about the setting (a+b) as regards its fulfilling or completed nature. You are wanting to change how it completes or how it will be fulfilled. There is some situation connected to this setting that is a completed path or role that you are changing in, or trying to change.

    6. Social-sharing is the 5 of emotion. This is also connecting to the card in the 5 position (9W). So this is showing that you are trying to social-share something about changing feelings, in some way that is also a complete or fulfilling path-role pattern. You are trying to "say something" about your changing feelings about a complete path-role with the setting. You are are wanting very much to share how your feelings are changing.

    7. Rest-reflection is the 3 of think-talk. This ties back to the 3W at 4, meaning you are wanting to see the setting's path-role grow a LOT physically (8P3). You are reflecting a lot on a growing thinking or dialogue pattern that talks about the growing thinking about the setting, and the growing physical potential of the setting, and your changing feelings about the setting.

    8. Expansive is the 10/1 symbol group aspect. That means that you are repeatedly beginning to "expand" your thinking and a new path-role. You are really thinking "I want to see this begin and develop into something real!" and you see this as the beginning of something wonderful as a new path and role for you.

    I think your heart is really in this Elaine! You seem to really be thinking a lot about him and the prospects look nice to me based on what the cards seem to be picking up about YOU. Your growth cards (3 and 😎 are both very positive growing and lively. Your Earth (physical) thoughts are staying around a 3 level. So you could be not quite willing to just let yourself go into something beyond a 3, towards foundations (4). You can even see how the 4 position is sort of limited to a 3. So you seem to be somewhat treading the shoreline a little. Dipping your toe in once in a while and not sure if you want to dive in all the way. However it looks like you do really want that to happen, a physically expansive and intellectually expansive relationship. When your heart is wanting to see something wonderful happen, then wonderful things do happen.

    I also looked at a simple Poki Tona 4 reading. Something new I am playing with that creates basic statements which has been cool so far!

    96 111 45 116



    body, physical state

    111 =


    water, liquid, juice, sauce, wash with water



    flat and bendable thing, e.g. paper, card, ticket



    n s e x, s e x uality

    mod erotic, s e xual

    have s e x with, sleep with, ****

    "Physical water flat and s e x / sleep with"

    seems to be where you are at. Sounds like you are certainly wanting to see the setting with John become physical and close.

    I hope that helps... is it a positive step? may depend on how positive you see the poki tona words 🙂

    You wish to see nice things happen with John? Perhaps dream of him... and whisper...

    "sijelo telo lipu unpa"

    kind regards Elaine, I think your Christmas is going to be Really nice...

    mike (astra)

  • Thank you so much Astra.

  • You are very welcome SmilerE!

    Happy holidays....

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