Will I be moving

  • I would like a reading about if I will be moving and if so where?

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  • Hi dfrance!

    I took a look at this and will share what I got.

    10 cards arranged this way:

    The setting for your question " will I be moving and if so where?"

    a. 5 of Physical life


    b. 7 of Physical life

    (a) change of your physical life experience that is (b)eing reflected on.

    So your setting does show a real emphasis on some sort of physical change in your life that you are certainly considering and weighing out in your thinking.

    1. Beginning is the 18/8 symbol group which is a repeating expansive pattern, connected with a repeating physical life foundation and a beginning think-talk process. So, you are very expansively beginning a new thought related to your repeating physical life pattern foundations (like where you live, work and so on).

    2. Affirming is the 7 of path-role which says you are "affirming" the beginning (1) by agreeing in a reflective way about your path-role in life. This connects with the "b" card and shows some real focus on the physical life change (5Pa). You are really thinking about this a lot.

    3. Growing is the 7 symbol group card from the 22 card set. This means you are growing (nurturing, 3) a reflection on this change that is emotionally affirming (2C) + a beginning think-talk (1S). So the 1S connects with the #1 card, and this is the first showing of Cups (emotion) so you are growing emotionally affirming in some way about this move. You are growing a "yes" to the change. You are "wanting" to see it happen. And you are growing a new thought about this.

    4. Foundations is the 12/2 of Physical life (earth). This shows a repeating affirmation pattern related to your physical life as a "foundation". So there is a "foundation" to this change you are thinking about, it represents something very stable and secure to you, and you are repeatedly saying "yes yes" to this change (the setting).

    5. Changing is the 11/1 think-talk, so that means there is something you are changing about the way you are beginning to think about this (over and over). So the way you are repeatedly thinking or talking about this setting (the physical change you are reflecting on) is in some process of change. You are thinking one way one time, then another way the next time about it.

    6. Social-sharing is the 1 Physical life result. So you are sharing socially a beginning in this change (with others). So there is something beginning in this setting (the move) that you are connecting with others about. You could be asking someone else "what do you think I should do?" or you could be trying to begin a path in a move with someone else, or with a group "can we begin this move?" you could be asking or sharing with others about this beginning path for you.

    7. Rest-reflection is the 4 of think-talk. This means you are reflecting peacefully about the foundations of this setting (the physical change reflection). This is connected with reflection of physical life at "b". so this means that whatever this move or change is, it is bringing about some very restful or reflective foundations of your thinking. Which means you are confident in your thinking that this is a dependable and secure thought you are having (about the setting).

    8. Expansive is the 6 symbol group influence. which is social-sharing (connecting to #6 the 1P). So this is adding some color to the beginning of this physical life move or change by saying to someone, "emotional foundations are here and there is change of think-talk here". So there is something about this move that is asking you to change your thinking or dialogue patterns with others. Because we see a 11/1 think-talk and a 5 think-talk that expands that. So you are in some sort of dialogue with other(s) about this physical change and that is affecting the choice (probably).

    In general I would say you have some very good, solid feelings about this change (move) and I think you really want to make it. Your thought patterns do appear to be supporting change in your physical life right now. You are reflecting a lot on this move. You seem to be in some "changing" dialogue with another(s) about it.

    I also looked at the letters for the cards and what that might spell, and received word fragments:

    Regal lake (googled >> theatres in Zurich IL)


    Real deal


    also got GEG (which is sorta weird because that is the airport here)


    I also looked at Toki Pona for your "where" and got

    ni mu poki ko

    ni (this) mu (interj woof! meow! moo! etc. (cute animal noise)) poki (n container, box, bowl, cup, glass) ko (n semi-solid or squishy substance, e.g. paste, powder, gum)

    this meow-woof-moo container of paste

    elmer's glue! haha... Elmer's originated in Columbus, OH.

    Okay dfrance, I hope that was entertaining for you! Blessings to you.


  • Is this move going to be good or is it going to be a bad move?

  • I didn't get "good move" or "bad move" from the cards, they just seemed to say you had some significant physical change going on with you. The 1 of Earth as a social-sharing card is nice. the knight of earth is repeating yes yes... those are nice. 7 earth is dreamy. I mean, you have a lot of 'positive' earth energy going on. I simply don't get good-bad things from the cards anymore, seems to be mostly just what is going on with you now. Good move bad move is probably in your hands really. Make it a good move. Choose to tell yourself, "this is a good move".

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