Reflection on what went through this year

  • I started having my spiritual awareness few years ago, through a heartbreaking / nonsense / unconditional love situation..., and since then more and more I found myself connecting to the source/spirit. I grew through lots of pain, that i believed would never go away. I was so wrong !! It took me long, longer than most, I admit. Slowly slowly i felt myself changing. However, this year, in particular, I felt a big help from Universe in making my wishes and dreams come true. I felt strong forces working in my favor, I felt the flow, in the most beautiful surprising way, and i was just left oped mouthed at all the times, only saying Yes Yes Yes !! It felt wonderful !!

    I keep wondering though how all these set of factors happened all in the right time, all together. the story is amazing, and i feel blessed. I could never make a better plan.

    this year it felt like universe told me, 'OK OK you need a brake !! lets make this happened !!'

    Feel blessed and hope you all feel so too !!

  • That is wonderful breze1!!!! I am so happy for you I hope and pray that you will keep on being blessed. It is good to hear awesome news like that. It keeps hope alive 🙂

  • Thank you Shadowmist !! that is egzactly why I wanted to share, to keep hope alive ! Many Blessing to you and Happy Holidays !!

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