Weird Dream... Can someone help me out?

  • Okay, early this morning, I had this odd dream that I was traveling around on this landscape straight out of Lord of the Rings (but a good chunk of it took place in the woods/edge of the woods). I had a goat who had this incessant need to breast feed every few minutes (not me. I think it was a kid, but I don't remember who it breastfed from). I also had this big jittery spider on a leash. I remember we stopped sometime during the day, then I said we needed to keep moving at night fall because I think someone was following us. That was when we went into the woods. We were in there for a while. Goat kept wanting milk, and the spider would run here and there, it didn't really do anything. Then I woke up.

    Anyone know how to interpret dreams?


  • It feels to me like you think that the people around you are putting too many demands on you for your time and energy and help. And that you don't receive the same level of help or support in return. Hence the feeling that you had to get away from whomever was following you. Speak up in real life if you feel people are asking too much of you.

  • Sounds a lot like what I went through last week. I felt like I was being pulled in all different directions, then nobody seemed to want to return the favor. This sounds very Cancer of me. Thanks!


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