Need clarity on a romantic situation

  • So I met this guy a month ago and everything was going good until a few days ago. we live a hour away from each other we normally talk everyday but haven't really talked the last few days. I am just confused on this situation because I have sent him text messages and the only thing he has told me in the last two days is we will talk later ok. So if anyone can give me clarity please. I know i could be worrying about nothing. But I have not had the best of luck in relationships so this worries me. My name Clara dob 5/17/87 his Adolfo 9/14/80

  • He's busy with work so it's better right now not to come off needy as that will push him away. Also, when a relationship begins it can start off as constant contact and then will progress into something more steady. Ask yourself why you need the constant reassurance as the real issue is the wound the lack of steady contact is poking at. Work on being happy spending time with yourself and if that's impossible, then call up some girlfriends and occupy yourself with "girl" time.

  • Watergirl18,

    Thank you for your clarity I will wait for him and not be so needy with him. I do not want to push him away. I really like him and hope for this relationship to last as I have not been in a relationship in 5 years.

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  • watergirl18,

    He finally gave me an answer why he was acting that way with me and he told me that a girl he has liked for awhile went to see him and he is confused now he does not know what to do. Should I give him space or should i show him i really do care about him? please give me some guidance on this

    thank you


  • Leave it be and give him space. Any action on your part will come across as chasing. I know it's difficult, but you must concentrate on NOT allowing your self esteem to be tied into whether or not he returns your feelings. This is the lesson in this situation for you. If you take some time to review your past relationships and see the common thread - then do the work to really and truly learn the lesson - then you will attract a different type of man into your life. It can be a huge pain in the butt and not so much fun, but lessons are repeated until learned.

  • watergirl18,

    Thank you for your advice i appreciate it.

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