2014 Reading Request

  • Any reading for the upcoming year would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Are you ready for the big changes that are about to enter your life during 2014? Well if you aren’t, brace yourself because next year is when things like freedom, travel and adventure will beckon your spirit. Change or freedom could simply represent moving, traveling or changing jobs this year – it’s all about movement and taking the opportunity for change. Trouble in Paradise comes when you feel like you need to escape some situation, or worse yet – flee. This is when you need to examine the underlying cause of these feelings. Rather than shirking your obligations or commitments, maybe you just need to do something different or change your environment in some way.

    2014 will require from you action, adventure and expansion, but it can also be an unstable and chaotic year, so examine your underlying motivation when you feel like running away and work on solutions that will cement you to someone or something. You are a kind and generous person but you need to work on your weakness of being easily exploited this coming year. Think carefully about who you want to help or be with. You should make sure you don’t give to people who are lazy or self-destructive. And stop all your dreaming and get moving! It’s your year to get out of your current environment and experience different ways of being. You must exercise caution in 2014 and not get too carried away in all the emotion and drama. There is wisdom in not exceeding the speed limit. It’s all about moderation and not excess next year.

    In general, strong emotions make you feel uncomfortable and you like to lighten intense moments with humor. This can make your contribution invaluable during times of stress, as it teaches others how to deal effectively with setbacks. It can, however, also work against you; instead of facing situations that need to be resolved, you may avoid them. It will be important to resist the temptation to sidestep conflict in 2014, as this can lead to hidden resentments in the future. Despite being wise and insightful, you can be generous to the point of stupidity; others often take advantage of your willingness to share. You also tend to overindulge in everything you enjoy, easily slipping into irresponsible behavior. But you must try to be less permissive if you want to thrive in 2014.

    In your love life next year, look for a dark Scorpio male who will share with you a passion for philosophy and a need for closeness, as this can create an intoxicating and passionate union.

  • Captain, thank you again. But please no not another Scorpio! I fear them and have only met the unevolved Scorpios.

    I do feel a career change in 2014, but what do you see would suit me best?

    Do you see anything in regards to the man H?

  • Careerwise, you have a talent for making others smile and would make an excellent comedian, tour guide, entertainer, clown, actor, writer, photographer, artist, designer, and an architect. Because you also have great organizational skills, you would also excel in careers in science and research, and your love of action may draw you to work in travel and sport.

    No, I don't get a sense of H being in your life much in 2014. If you have been attracting many Scorpios, then it is a sign that they are good prospects for love but as you say, you must not be drawn to the unevolved ones. Put out a request to the Universe for one of the more mature and stable ones. But you will have to be mature and stable yourself since like attracts like.

  • Captain, it's amazing how the careers you picked matched the suggestions in my Myers Brigg Personality Test.

    I wouldn't say I've been attracting too many Scorpios after my ex. I would say I have been attracting more Aries, but it doesn't lead anywhere because I have a sense they already have a girlfriend, a player, want to line me up as a replacement for their current gf, or simply not interested. I wonder if this is a sign?

  • It indicates that you don't feel like or are unsure about committing yourself to anyone at the moment so you attract men who are committed elsewhere.

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