Hot date -- calling the captain

  • Captain if you are able to help me out on this one I'd really really appreciate it. Tonight I have a second date with a really incredible man. I'm crazy about him but I am keeping myself cautiously optimistic. We seem to be hitting it off very well and I have such a strong feeling that this time I found a very promising relationship. Do you see this as the beginning of something special?

    I am a Libra October 18 1983 and he is Pisces March 3 1970

    Thanks in advance!


  • Hmm, this can be best for friendship and work but more difficult for love. Dealing with personal problems is not the strong point of the relationship, though there is a empathic bond between you. You Miamiem can make demands that are too heavy for your friend to meet and in return your friend may be unable to handle your emotional needs or give you the attention you require. He can prove unreliable and elusive just when you need him the most. There is a tendency here to take the easy way out - to withdraw or even give up during times of crisis.

    Despite the ups and downs however, you two do have a certain magic that can enable you to get along very well. If you can work out certain compromises and adjust to each other in these and other areas, you could even attempt something long term. You Miamiem will have to be less demanding of your friend's attention, and he in turn must try to be there more for you rather than going off on his own as he so likes to do. In fact, this relationship works better if you two spend periods of time apart. If you can't achieve compromise, then better forget about it. Your relationship needs many years of work to build up trust and acceptance as emotional understanding is not immediately forthcoming between you despite the physical attraction.

  • Thank you Captain!

    The date went great and I'll agree -- there really is a certain magic between us! I'll be on the lookout for demanding behavior on my part and elusive behavior on his. For now I'll just enjoy the ride!

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