Dear Astraangel, may I please have a reading.....

  • Hi Astra, I wanted to know if you could please do a reading for me? I would like to know if you see me getting my dream job next year? I really just need to ace the interview, just went and tried out for it last week and didn't make it. Pretty upset but I don't want to give up. Do you see me getting this job next year or at all? My birthdate is 5/23/85 just incase you need it. Thank you xxx

  • Hi crazygem23

    I looked at some cards for you and also did a Toki Pona reading.

    I will be honest I can't really predict the future, the best I can offer is to share what I see for you right now in terms of path, or attitude that the universe seems to be emphasizing.

    Your setting right now is



    Queen Wands

    Justice is affirming balance as an active principle (so it is seeking balance)

    The Queen Wands is a repeating foundation path-role pattern

    1. Beginning is page pentacles. So you are have/are/will begin a new beginning in Earth-results (physical life experience).

    2. Affirming is the Devil which is a social affirming numeration, and addresses all of the hidden aspects of life (intention, emotion, dialogue). So that is very good. So you are saying yes in hidden ways to the new earth pattern.

    3. Growing is 6 of Earth = growing social-sharing physical pattern.

    4. Foundation is 7 of Earth = reflection or rest as regards Earth security needs

    5. Changing is Chariot - 8 energy expansive efforts changing. Probably going other way, quieter.

    6. Social-sharing is social sharing emotions. Emphasized. Emphasis is on this card.

    7. Rest-reflection is 8 Swords = rest or reflect on the expansive thought-dialogue

    8. Expansive is 7 swords = expand on the reflective thought-dialogue

    So the 7 and 8 cards are syllogistic meaning they say exactly the same thing which means relax your thoughts about whatever this career concern is.

    The general sense here is to relax, stay focused on social love and grow social physical connections with others. I think you are trying to begin something new, however you have a very established path-role at present. Your foundation is rest in Earth which means do nothing really.

    Two 6's at 3 and 6. So that is a lot of social growth physically and emotionally seems to be what you are really wanting to do. Nice relaxing times with friends, family, calm and chill.

    I got the same thing with Toki Pona for you:

    awen pimeja pipi sin awen ko lape lili wawa awen

    awen (stay, wait, remain) + pimeja (darkness, shadows) + pipi (bug, insect) + sin (new, fresh, another, more) + awen (stay, wait, remain) + ko (semi-solid or squishy substance, gum, paste) + lape (sleep, rest) + lili (small, short, little, young, few, less) + wawa (energy, strength, power) + awen (stay, wait, remain)

    Wait - the shadow bugs a new - wait - chewy sleep that is a little bit less energy - wait

    So the message really just WAIT and sleep. The shadow bugs are the gnawing thoughts about the new career or job future perhaps. Relaxing and soft and less energy seems to be the counsel.

    Awen 3x, that is emphasizing to simply wait and relax. Chill with friends and family.

    Hey I hope that helps CrazyGem. I wish I had a better crystal ball for you, I find it best to focus on the now and leave the future to the universe to figure out. I know all will work out for you perfectly! Right now though... relax and relax.... 🙂

    blessings to you!


  • thank you so much astra, you were very helpful and im very appreciative of the time you have spent helping me out. god bless u xxx

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