Fire Flames Male and Stamped Addressed Envelope

  • I received these startling images in meditation. I do not want to give the demeanor of the relationship I have to the male until after an interpretation is done to ensure objectivity.

    I first saw this male (male I know) with a red like background color; while holding a stamped addressed envelope and raising the envelope up. He had a very confident look on his face and was looking towards me. Next I saw growing fire flames.

    Any incite to this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you dearly.

  • The red colour and the flames indicate this is a dream about passion (whether romantic feelings or an enthusiasm for something). The sought-after result seems to be the communication of this passion to someone else - maybe from you to the man or from him to you. The confidence on his face indicates you believe he feels this communication would be well received.

  • Thank you. This male actually has sociopath tendencies. He often calculates on how to wreak havoc in ones life. I also overheard him saying that he; "finds others weaknesses and exploits them'. he did find out about my passion for a certain career and my process of getting hired which takes about 9 months. there are several examinations. So the passion in this case; may be him getting a message from me about my passion as he was holding the envelope.

  • This person targeted me before. I recently rekindled with his brother who I have known for about 4 years. I got the image when I was sleeping over his brothers house and he also lives with his brother.

  • I feel the confidence on his face was his belief that he can have power over you any time he wants and that he intends to get in touch with you soon. Or it may just represent your fear that this will happen.

  • You may be correct on that. I was contemplating that the images could be subconscious activity and I have actually been consciously thinking about being very cautious about my life goals and personal affairs around him. He has done this before as well and to others; hence why it would be in the subconscious.

    Thank you.

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