I feel so empty

  • Hi there.

    I haven't been on this forum in such a long time but I'm coming here because I feel like my emptiness is much greater than an issue I can see a therapist about and I don't have the money to see the shaman I trust.

    I feel empty.

    Not depressed (well, sometimes depressed). Not anxious. I've been both of those things and this is different. Not positive empty like calm. Just… empty. I feel like there's no magic in my life.

    On top of all of this my body has been rejecting alcohol and I've been experiencing a bit of abdominal pain. Oftentimes when I drink I feel pain only on the left side of my body. Before this turns into a social issue: no, I'm not a heavy or frequent drinker. I drink about once a month but even a glass of wine can cause these pains for me.

    These are all small pieces that may be related or they may not. I don't know. But if you have any clues any direction you can point me in that would be so helpful.

    Best to you.

  • You cannot fill your empty void inside with physical substances like alcohol, food, drugs etc. You feel empty because you don't know what your true purpose in life is. Once you have found it, you will feel happy and content. And finding your true mission involves knowing yourself so well that it is obvious what you need to do.

    I feel you need a lot of order and structure in your life at the moment to make you feel secure and safe. There is a big emphasis on practical matters now. You have definite leadership and management qualities. Evaluating concepts and systems, and devising strategies to improve them, is likely to be your forte. You will thrive in any career in which you are given the freedom to organize and implement improvements. Possible career options thus include management, publishing, advertising, sales, business, administration, law, social reform, and education, and a deeper need for harmony may also draw you to an interest in music and the arts. Your life lesson however is to understand that not everything and everyone in life needs to be organized and managed. Once you learn to leave others alone when your advice isn’t required, your destiny is to be at the forefront of progress.

    Your life purpose is to choose a path and live it large - to live out loud. To do this, you must learn to think for the long term and see the big picture, rather than wasting your energy flitting from one project, interest or person to another. You are called to create a life that is greater than who you think yourself to be or even the sum of your parts. You come into this world as a seeker and naturally exhibit a desire to learn about larger or more universal concepts and issues. You will learn to live according to a higher, broader, more expansive view. Born with great common sense, you must be careful not to be bound down or tethered by the mundane details of life but rather to dare to dream and reach for the stars. Your hard-headedness should not be abandoned however especially in financial matters. Your core lesson is to develop the ability to focus your attention to cultivate growth and to lose any belief in your own unworthiness. Your goal is to live a life that is greater than the sum of its parts, using your gifts of sensitivity, intuitive intelligence, and expression to find success in the world.

  • i'm gonna sit with this and formulate a more thorough response shortly. For now, Thank you Captain.

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