Can Someone do a picture reading or a psychic reading?


    Cesar Sep 4,1991

    A M A R A feb 25,1991

    like what happen happen between us?

    is there any secrets between us?

    will there be love or some type of relationship?

    what is really going on now for both of us?

    and does she care about me or even thinks about me?

    i really appreciated if someone can tell me thank you

  • Hi Galaxy

    I'm getting that she is either sick, or there is some major illness in her family that stops her from being readily available. She thinks about you, but won't let the thought go any further. I get that she basically took off as quickly as she came, and that she won't be back because she can't.

    She wants you to remember her how you do, and didn't want to hurt you.

    Move on, is the message I'm getting, as much as that might bother you, but for your own good and to give yourself a chance at new love, you need to move on.

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