Can someone please do a reading for me?

  • My Birthday Is September 4,1991

    Her is February 25,1991

    Anyway, We haven't been dating but talking. We slept together but no ****...

    We have been talking for almost a year.

    Now that we are somewhat talking more and doing more stuff. I was worrying how she feels about me as well if there will be something in the future between me and this perso.

    I'ma virgo and shes a Pieces..

    Her name is A M A R A and my name is cesar

    as well is that im afraid she might be eeing someone else or im just being paranoid from my previous relationships and how im having trust issues.

  • Hi Galaxywarriers,

    I saw your post and wanted to reply... I wasn't sure that maybe someone else wanted to respond. So I am happy to share... I am really into anything intergalactic and extraterrestrial too... the stars... I love the stars... so maybe we see eye to eye?

    First, your birthdates... I think sometimes that can really say something about or connections?

    Hers: 2-25-1991 = 2+2+5+1+9+91 = 29 = 2+9 = 11 = 1+1 = 2

    She is a 29/11/2

    Yours: 9-4-1991 = 9+4+1+9+9+1 = 33 = 3 + 3 = 6

    So you are a 33/6

    So, that can show something about your general life "number" energy you are working with... She is a 2 life lesson... so that mean issues related to relationships in all of their aspects. How do I relate to another? Affirming, agreements, balance, all of these are very important to her. So in general as that is what she is learning about, she is probably going to be very concerned with relationships in general and the balance of give and take. She may not move "as fast" in a relationship as others. (my number is the same as hers 29/11/2 so I am learning a lot about relationships.. the hard way haha...)

    You: You are different. You are learning about the growth number, 3. So "growing and developing" is very important to you... you are learning about themes related to nurturing, developing, expanding and cultivating what has been planted at the 1, and said yes to at the 2. So your "style" in general is going to be more encouraging and "hey, how can we grow our relationship?" kinds of feelings. She is going to be more like, "I am seeking my balance with you, I am just beginning to affirm us... " So in general she should be shown a lot of tenderness and understanding that there will be times when she wants to be alone perhaps to reflect... she is always about balance. You are always about developing and encouragement and nurturing,

    That should be very beautiful companion numbers! You are very close on the scale so you should each have awareness of the other's "style" in love and your emotional lives.

    I have been thinking about you and A M A R A some over the last few days... and I always feel really nice about the two of you. A gentle love is what I hear. Soft, and gentle and willing to wait, and go slow, and take your time. Like a diamond growing.... takes a long time... even so, I think your relationship with her is growing slowly and beautifully.

    I can share some cards and see what you two seem to be working with right now in this relationship...

    We begin with the 5 of Cups. That is what is beginning for the two of you. Changes and adjustments emotionally. So the relationship is making some changes, settling down... with patience and kindness and relaxed ways... when you are working with 5 energies, there isn't a lot you should do. These are changes, so you just wait and relax and let the 5's take you to the nice 6 land of love.

    Next, affirming... the Page of Wands. Pages are like "repeating" a beginning, they are really wanting to get started with something new. They are like children, innocent and carefree. And this is the Path-role child, who wants to begin a new path or role. So this is what is saying "yes" to the 5 of Cups. The only thing is. The 5's have to wait until the changes pass. You can't make anything change, that is something the universe does in a special way. Like magic.

    That is her number though! Remember? She is a 2, so she is going to be really tuned into a new path, she wants to affirm that. It is just that until she processes through whatever these emotional changes are. She can't do a lot. You are working through some emotional changes too.

    What is "growing" (3) is the 9 of Swords. 9's are completions, and fulfillment and this is in the realm of what I call "think-talk" meaning it is all about your thoughts about one another and your dialogues with one another (thoughts into words). So this connects to you Galaxywarrior, as your life number is a 3. So you are wanting to "grow" this relationship in "fulfilled" thinking and dialogue patterns, meaning you are wanting to attain conclusions and fulfillment in your thoughts and words about the relationship. This seems to show that you have a very strong desire to "know" what is going on with the relationship. Like... you would really love it if she would send you a message like,

    Dear Galaxywarrior,

    I know we have not spoken in a while and you are probably wondering where exactly things are at. Well, here is a concise snapshot, very detailed explanation in clear A, B, C language of where our relationship is at. I wrote a small book about it, and I hope this helps. I spelled it out completely from my point of view, very in-depth too!

    Here are the chapters,

    1. What I feel about you

    2. What I think you feel about me...

    3. What I would love to see happen for you and me...

    .... and so on... a 90,000 page novel.

    You would love that! That you would really read over and over... because you want the conclusions of the 9 of sword. I'll bet... were she to send you a detailed letter or synopsis of her feelings about you, that you would carry that letter (or small book) everywhere you went. You would read it and read it and read it... to understand her better. Because that is all you want to do, is to understand her as deeply and as best as you can.

    The fourth card is the "foundation" of you two. The 6 of Wands. Ah, that is really nice, it is a very social card of social-sharing and interaction of a path or role. That is a fantastic foundation! That is saying your foundation is very dependable and very well developed in long range path and role concerns. So, regardless of what is happening in the day to day, there is a very strong and well-crafted foundation here. The 6 of Wands is a great foundation for the two of you. 2 and 3 both go into that really well. You two can mix in that nicely.

    The fifth card touches on changes. And this is the 9 of Pentacles. 9's as I mentioned seem to be about completions and fulfillment. So there is something of a completed physical "Earth-results" I call it, pattern. Meaning something you may have considered as "completed" physically (9) is now experiencing some changes. My guess is that this is a part of the 2's need to define and understand the relationship. So you have shared some physical closeness. She needed to that to understand something important about relationships. Now maybe she is not as physically involved, and that is just as beautiful! It is all what she needs, her needs are very important here as she is the "lesser" number. Do you see that? She is a 2 and ALL of the 2's needs have to be addressed before you can move on to the 3. So, you are wise to go slow with her, take your time, just continue to be the gentle, kind, affectionate, tender-hearted, slow and soft person you are with her. When she is ready, when she has "learned" what she needs to learn, she will send you a signal and you will know it is time then to really nurture... and then it is off to loveland again and again... is my guess. 🙂

    Sixth card, is something nice about the way you share... ahh... oh man oh man... the three of cups. Your card pal. Your card. You know what that says man? That says you are on the right track that is for sure. A 3, your card... emotionally, and that is how you are sharing with her. She is loving it, I can tell you that much. This lady may not say a lot, she may be a little quiet at times because of her 2 stuff she has to work through... I can tell you, she adores you and loves your style of love. Gentle, nurturing, kind, patient emotional 3 style of affection. As the "way" you two are connecting. Very nice.

    Sevens are sort of reflective and relaxed. A rest perhaps. What is that? How do you and her relax? Oh... nice... the 4 of Cups... that means you both love to reflect on what a 4 of emotional relationship is like for the two of you. That is all about foundations in love, and secure relations emotionally. So there is a lot of nice "reflection" about dependable love with her. She is on that same wavelength... 2+2=4 you know. Someone... or someones... is thinking about a future together for sure.

    8's are what is really trying to expand... a lot like the 3's... like you Galaxywarrior. The two of Pentacles. Oh you lover you... you know all this stuff Galaxylover... that is a two... that is her number. You've got her number. This is earth... it means saying yes to an earth pattern together. It means affirming something wonderful that is physical and real. It means, love... and lovely thoughts... and a lovely path together as a two together. A wonderful card to see here...

    I feel such amazing things about the two of you... Galaxywarrior and A M A R A... something really divine here. I see only wonderful visions. You are a gentle and kind person who really cares about Amara. And she knows that... she is two, so she needs time... so as long as you can just keep on loving her like you are... and be patient and sweet, she will send you a message at the right time, and you will know you can really nurture here then as strong as you want to. Then... this GalaxyStarship take off with the two of you on board... 🙂

    Here is a work of art I found on the web that I think captures the TWO of your perfectly... I hope the artist won't mind me sharing here. I think it is beautiful.

    Love and light,


  • Awwe this makes me smile very big and I hope I really hope it comes true. Thank you Astra!

  • AstraAngel

    She will be spending time for christmas day and until the 27 and then she wants to spend new years eve and day with me.

    Also, i have a question her text replies are not very fast but very slowly it takes her about 5-7 hours maybe sooner but i worry too much. is she interesting in me or is she talking to other guys?

    also, she suppose to be living with me but she wants to go first and see how her parents will react to her because of running away and depending on what happens she will come to me...

    another question is that.. how does she feel about me? is she using me or does she like being around me?

    I act differently with her, i act like myself around her and i feel very protected and secure with her, i forget about the world something that other women didnt do..

  • Hi galaxywarriers

    Whew these kinds of questions. I have to be honest I am not sure it is in your best interest to have these kinds of questions going on in your mind. Me? I would not worry about her, what she does, doesn't do, how long she takes to txt? You care about her I would just relax and let nature work it all out. I can understand your questions why you might like to know... it is just that i think you have something really nice happening with her and I would not give any energy to thoughts about what she "might" be doing. She has her own life you know, so I would respect that and focus on yourself, just stay chill with her, let it evolve in its own way.

    I did draw a card to each one of these questions though, however I am just going to give you the card and my textbook sort of definition as to what it means, then you can weigh it for yourself. I am playing around with using greek letters for the major cards also, instead of their usual names just for fun. Its all entertainment anway. Hope I haven't totally confused you! I wish you the best in your love life!

    Question 1:

    is she interesting in me or is she talking to other guys?

    theta-expansive [ foundation (path-role) + beginning (emotion) ]

    Question 2:

    how does she feel about me?

    gamma-growing [ unknown ]

    Question 3:

    is she using me or does she like being around me?

    11/1 emotion [ repeating beginning (emotion) ]

  • I'm Sorry astraangel

    I dont understand the meanings 😞

    Also, I dont know if this is consider a question but you haven't answered it to me..

    Basically, she suppose to be living with me but i told her to go back home to her parents. she will be spending new years day and eve with me and go to her parents afterwards. also she said if her parents haven't learn their lesson she will tell me she will come and live with me. I dont know how 100%this can turn out to be. any advice your cards can give me and what i should prepare for.

    thanks for answering my questions.. i just wished i can understand the meanings lol

  • Sri you didn't understand the meanings.

    "any advice your cards can give me and what i should prepare for."

    I can't give you advice. The cards can't give you advice. Your own brain can give you advice though! 🙂

    Here are a few more cards to ponder though. As regards the question ...

    "will she come to live with you?" after she goes back to her parents.

    I drew these two cards:


    • | -

    | - |

    • | -



    Those show :

    (a) changing thinking and a repeating foundation of path-role.

    that is

    (b) repeating growing thought process

    so... reading her mind here... I would say she is changing her thinking about a repeating foundation (probably her living with parents). And that she is nurturing a growing thought about a life with you.

    There are no pentacles so there is really nothing to predict or go on in physical life settings and outcomes.

    The best I can offer is that (assuming we are in fact reading her mail here), she is thinking about this situation between her and you a lot.

  • Oh thank you so very much astraangel I really appreciated what u did for me.. Thank you

  • Astraangel... Sorry to bother you again. I messed up on things

    So last week. We were in good terms and all the sudden she stop. She got back at me on Saturday morning. Saying "I'm fine, I'm at a friends house, hangioung with his family and playing with his niece. Relax... I was ok, regular tone... Today she calls me again saying I'm coming Monday so get ready. So I'm like ok, and then she's like I'm going back home tmw and then leave to ur house. Now I'm like wtf is she really jumping from house to houses she was I want to spend time with u New Year's Eve day and Christmas. But at this point I was ok with it. Until later during the day went I called her phone up, it was off. Things build up inside me. Thinking that she is having sex with this friend of hers. So I send her a long message saying . I'm done with you I don't want to dealt with this crap anymore. Honestly, have respect for yourself. And told her how I feel. I highly doub she will read it but it was harsh.. I don't know what you can tell me, did I ruined my chances, or did I speak out my feelings and she will reconsider what she did. Or did my mind play games with me... I'm so lost and so confuse right now because I was so angry, sad, upset about it. It drove me crazy nuts

  • Hi galaxywarriers

    I wouldn't worry about it. What's done is done I don't really think you can "mess things up" whatever is going on is needed to happen for some reason. It does sound a little weird, the switch up on plans after telling you she wanted to do hang with you on the holidays...

    Here are some cards... we'll just go with the flow and ask the universe wtf is going here, with her, with the present setting?

    7 of Cups. That is a reflection card of emotions to me. So this the major influence for your relationship with her right now. 7's are resting, reflecting emotionally. Here is what you should do (I try not to give "advice" but you sound like you could use some)... I would do...


    ...And dream, imagine what you would like to see happen with her now. Would you like her to reach out to you and want to talk about it? Then imagine that, dream and visualize her calling you, emailing u, whatever you would love to see happen now. Whatever you would like to see happen, just wish that and see it happening. and try to not worry. When your thoughts turn to worry and stuff like "is she ****ing this guy?" replace that with...

    "i would love to hear from her..." and see that... can you try that? this is the advice I would give myself were I in your shoes...

  • No no... I text her telling her what is going on.

    She went to her friends house this Thursday until last night... I told her do you want to come here!? I rather u spend time with you friends because u rather be with them. She was no I want to be with you...that's what she said yesterday afternoon.

    Last night is went I send that horrible text because her phone was off...

    Sorry Astra 😞 I'm suchba mess... U don't know how many thoughts are going through my head right now

  • And after I send her that horrible text last night. She texted me saying good morning! I'm lost confused and why didn't she said that went she was at her friends hoise

  • I am having a little trouble following you here. Are you are wondering:

    "Why did she send 'good morning' to you while at your her friend's house?"

  • Yesterday I was at the supermarket buying stuff for her because she has a different style of eating. But I called her and her phone was off. I got mad and pissed because it was off. So I send her a horrible text saying, all these crap... Remembered her phone is off and is at her guy friends house...

    So after I send that msg today I get gmorning text!! I'm like wtf

    The msg I send her I put every single word from insecurities, to how I don't trust her, and all the other crap I don't like... Yet she doesn't reply to that msg but to a good morning text. Like long msg saying how pissed I'am how her phone is completely off .

    Her phone was off when I was at the stored. He phone was off when she was at the dudes house. All the sudden she skips my long msg and text me good morning!!

  • Okay I think I see where you are coming from. It sounds like you are really mystified how she could just ignore all that you sent her and say "good morning!" like a little bluebird who didn't even notice all the ****...

    Well... one possibility is that she simply didn't receive your txt with all that ****...

    I guess you could just ask her, "hey. did you happen to get a txt from me earlier that was a little upset sounding from me?" if she says "no" then you just ignore it, tell her doesn't matter and then just let the whole thing drop. Who knows these days, technology isn't perfect you know...

    Now, if she DID get your ****... messages, it could be that she knows you a lot better than you realize and is simply trying to keep things on a nice, lighter level between the two of you. So, it may not be healthy for her to try and address all of the ****... stuff. She may be HOPING you take the QUE from her and just forget you sent it and simply keep a chill, calm thing going with her.

    Really. I would just relax... so she didn't respond to all your ****... so what? Who cares. You like her, right? Focus on that and forget the dialogue stuff right now. You two probably share a deeper sort of soul connection anyway is what I get... so the dialogue thing may not really be working between the two of you right now. I would really give this lady a free pass and just keep feeling nice things for her and let HER decide when it is time for her to come out of hiding to see you. I think the ladies know what they are doing... a guy should just let the girl set the pace and the style of the relationship.

    We could look at cards however I am sure that I would see something like that in the cards... to let it pass and focus on your feelings for her. And as far as her being at her "friend's" house for days... again, that is her business, and it sounds to me like you two are still sort of trying to establish something deep, so there again I would tread really lightly in that area, and basically ignore it. So she is staying there, who cares. You dig her right? Then just look forward to seeing her and not worry about all that. I think she is really hoping you can just relax and let her evolve everything in her own way and time, she sounds like a really interesting person, I think you are lucky to be connected to her! And her phone being off... there again, that is needed right now for the two of you... just think about her... don't worry about the phone thing, who cares. Can you hear her whisper to you in your mind? Tune into her thoughts... that is where she is trying to take you galaxywarrier....

    hope that helps man...


  • Aww thanks and I will don't worry

  • AstaAngel: last night I did something horrible to the point that she said. I'm done, I'm going home. I told her how I feel, and why I was pissed of the entire night. She got all fed up and my anger showed up. Not only that but it got to the point that she said that I remind her of her father.. And I don't know what will happen or what I will do. I lost her... And my visions, feelings and my misinterpretations put made this happen.

  • What can happen now or what she will do. Does she hate me or does this needed to happen, and is still end up being withbher

  • Now she is like we are only friends and friends only

  • Hi Galaxywarriers,

    I wouldn't worry about it. I just drew a 4 cups which is emotional-love foundations. So its cool. Probably needed to happen. The fact that you are still communicating at all says you do care about each other (in my view).

    I would just keep your heart pure toward her, just send her love vibrations, she'll pick up on it... relax...

    my 2 cents... 4 cups is very established and dependable, maybe not a lot "happening" however it is still secure.

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