Request for a reading, please.

  • This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I've been attracting people who appear to be interested in courtship. I had to turn 2 down in 1 month.

    I realised over this year, that I'm really quite flighty and very playful (not with people's feelings) and I've been enjoying my freedom (almost a recluse at times) and just having friends and doing more of the activities I love.

    I'm a little skeptical of people's advances - especially when they hardly know me. Is it a physical attraction they feel or more?

    The latest one is a little 'handsy' and I enjoy the attention, but now I feel a little awkward that he expressed interest. See - Flighty 🙂 And the other one was very respectful - no physical contact whatsoever, just many interesting conversations.

    Such different people. Mirrors of the different sides of me?

    Was wondering if anyone can do a reading and maybe shed some light into what is going on with my energy/vibration and the situation?

  • I am feeling that part of you - your ego - wants reassurance that you are still attractive so you give off "well, hello there!" vibes while another part of you doesn't want to be tied down,. wants to be free.

  • Thanks Captain!

    LOL - bad ego! Then it's sort of like split energy?

    No, yes, no type of thing?

    Is it necessarily bad though, to want to feel desired, while not particularly wanting to be tied down? Because it seems to be a natural evolution for me. That I can enjoy moments of playful flirtation or meaningful discourse with others or be attracted to someone, without any of that necessarily evolving into a bigger or more significant interaction.. or drama.

  • No it's not bad. Everyone wants to be attractive to others, but you don't need to keep continually proving it (that means you don't really believe it) - you just need to know that you are. And there is no reason why you should ever settle down if you don't want to. None of us are bound to follow social or traditional ways of being and thinking. Just do whatever suits you as long as you are happy and harm no one.

  • Thank you, Captain 🙂

  • you're doing just fine. It is very normal, to like someone, but not good enough for more, or maybe you're not ready. every thing has its right time. good luck !!

  • If you are a male, take it where your hormones want it to go for Gods sake! You are only young once hun! Enjoy! Don't make it into something so deep and complicated! It's not! It's most likely just sex!

  • Sex coitus whatever they will allow here ! S e x dammit!

  • Ugh!!

  • Thanks Breze 🙂

    Haha Quenkath!

    Yeah I suppose so. It's just I've always been a wallflower, and I get flustered being the object of attention, although a part of me enjoys it.

  • Captain,

    I don't suppose I could get a reading of him? The handsy one. For what it's worth, I've never been out with him. We're always in a large group, and interaction is scant. I think I'm somewhat attracted to him so I accept the physical contact - although I sense that it's not a real attraction I feel. Maybe I just miss being with someone.

    But for him I don't know what's going on there. He finds me endearing and cuddly, for whatever reason, I do not know. But now he's occasionally throwing about the L word, and saying he's waiting for me to give him a chance when I clearly told him I'm not ready. He's not pushy but it's awkward to hear these things when I hardly know him. I feel like I can't take him seriously but I feel awful to doubt his sincerity too 😞 And I don't want to hurt his feelings and end up saying the wrong thing.

  • To read someone, I need something of them in order to tune into their vibes, like a photo or a birthdate or simply from posting a message here.

  • Hi Captain,

    He just celebrated a birthday, so 13 Dec 1981.

    Doesn't have to be his whole backstory...just maybe the portion where it concerns me.

    It'd be great if we can be ourselves and enjoy the interaction, without it needing to be more.

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