Husbands Bypass Surgery

  • Hello blessings,

    I know that it is not advisable to give any kind of medical prognosis in a given situation..and I understand.

    The cards indicated a major decision coming up...and this is it...the surgery...they also indicated change and/or a new relationship...and I dont want to lose this one.

    It doesnt matter, I will cherish every moment I have....all things pass...but i'm not ready for this to.

    will my love recover from this? Does he want to live?

  • Hello Patchlove,

    there are so many successful bypass surgeries these days so his chances are very high to recover fully. Although, the surgery will heal but the toll it takes on the body is huge and it will take a long time to get back the level of energy and recuperate fully and completely. In the meantime, (I pulled an angel card) accept the limitations and go from there and take the time for post surgery follow up and slower pace of body. All the best. blessings.m

  • Just want to add, the will to live is like so important and he needs to have his spirit high and a very strong will and "wanting to live attitude" bec that is what matters above and beyond a successful operation etc. blessings

  • Hello Patchlove,

    Sometimes it's important to remember that the cards are not always to be taken literally. In this case, change a new partnership could be advising you to seek out another doctor for a 2nd opinion or that your relationship will be entering a new phase after the operation.

    My first suggestion to you is that since this is such an emotional question/situation for you to do your best not to allow fear to take over. When our emotional body is "out of whack" our mind starts to run in overdrive. So if you feel that your thoughts are racing, do something to return yourself to your body. Exercise is a good option, but also just sitting peacefully with one hand on your heart and one on your stomach. Just breathe deeply and reconnect to your physical self.

    My second suggestion is that since this is something that is basically out of your hands, just focus on what you do have control over. Getting a 2nd opinion for example. Stay in the present moment and just take one step at a time and do not allow yourself to jump forward into the future - filling yourself with anxiety on the negative possibilities or outcomes.

    I do feel that the surgery will be successful. A "new lease on life" so to speak.

  • Hey Patch,

    Needless to say I say I know where your heart and head is at. Please remain positive.



  • Hey patchlove my prayers and thoughts are with you. They are doing remarkable things with bypass surgery. I have had 2 friends who had bypass surgery earlier this year and they are doing extremely well. They just take things a little slower now but one (who is in her 40's) actually moved across country and has started a new job & the other one is well into her 80's and retired and she is just enjoying what she calls the time she has left (she has other issue as well)

    The change is the life you and your husband will have after the surgery. It will have to be slower pace. I saw walks together when I pulled a card (I think it is for exercise to help build strength back and for support of each other)

    Many prayers and blessings to you and your hubby

  • Thank you znl m, watergirl, flow, and shadowmist for yout thoughts and comments. I will try to remember your advice. We used to take walks down our block with our dog and cat (who would follow behind).

    It is a nice memory and one I look forward to returning to. Thank you all for your input.

    Thank you Flowsco. I miss seeing response on the other thread and hope all is well there.

    My husband is not one to seek out a second opinion nor would he much abide me doing so without angst. He is in charge of his life and I must respect his decisions, so we will go with this. I will keep you all close in mind.

    Thank you.He has a wonderful spirit.

    Love to you all, thank you again.

  • Patch,

    I too hope that the silence is a good one. Many are caught up in their own respective lives and not coming here so often.

    Beside so much has changed so probably that goes hand in hand.

    Wishing you much strength in these trying times. Keep your chin up.


  • Me too , I hope the silence is a good one.

    Wishing you much strength and loveliness Patch.

  • Thank you all for your love and support.

    Recovery is slow ,(had surgery on the 11th)as he caught a cough after coming home and now is getting over a digestive obstruction that happens when he eats the wrong thing. He is weak from not eating and sore in the chest from other activities I wont mention by name.

    I am trying to work on an energy level with him.

    He isn't interested in eating though have gotten a cup of soup and a few crackers in him. Third day since food.

    Any suggestions for what might appeal to him?

    Thank you again for your loving energy. Love and blessings to you all.


  • Smoothies? Specially banana strawberry---will keep his potassium up.If you live in the states even Mcdonalds and Burger King have them--I like the Pineapple Mango or strawberry banana. Panera's makes really yummy flavors with plain yogurt---good protein. And if you want more nutrition some health food stores make yummy ones full of other nutritious supplements. Planet smoothie makes all kinds with extra stuff for health. I sometimes make my own. Buy frozen fruit or fresh---blend with ice and I sweeten with juice or add Agavi sweetener. Sometimes I add a vanila protien powder from the health food store. V8makes some yummy juice vegetable drinks that are smoothie like. But you have to watch as they make one non sweetened but also some are full of sugar.

  • Green Juice packs a powerful punch with nutrients and antioxidants and it will also keep him hydrated. If you have a juicer, make your own but if you have a Whole Foods near you they have a station back by the vegetables where they will juice for you. Do equal parts celery and cucumber and then round it out with lemon, apple and either kale or spinach. It's actually pretty good!

    40% celery

    40% cucumber

    The last 20% is the lemon, apple and kale or spinach

  • Also, I would try to stay away from any dairy. Smoothies are great, but just do them with the fruit and juice. Definitely stay away from soy products...people think soy is good for you, but really only the actual bean, not the dense products they make with them. Definitely stay away from soy milk! Soy is mucus forming - the type it produces is mucoid matter, not mucous membrane. It's a sticky, sludge-like substance that accumulates and creates respiratory distress in asthmatics, digestive issues like IBS, slows down the body's digestion and circulatory systems, etc.

    Oh, and maybe try coconut water. Can't remember why it's good for you, but it is!

  • Hello dear Patch,

    A friend of mine's father went through the same thing. He was thin to begin with but by some mix up and in that general state did not want to eat and lost a lot more weight. Very worrisome situation. He was given a lot of energy/calorie drinks/food ( like ensure)to take and he was even encouraged by some of his children who sat with him. (Smaller but frequent settings) It was slow in getting better but it did work. So, I am sure your lovey is gonna get better in time. Be patient with himself and you with yourself and it was gonna be slow recovery and so it is. He won't be able to resume regular activity etc for quite some time(like going out more) but he will.

    I wish you a happy new year, the worst is behind you.

  • Dear Patch,

    I feel for you my dear yet patience with yourself and with him.

    Your husband stomach as the rest is out of balance. So this is what you got to do. Get yourself a very large pot and make some homemade chicken soup. A whole chicken cooked down with carrot, onions, bayleaf, paprika (any colour), whole blackpeper and thyme. This will be your basis.

    Next your blender is going to be your best friend. Try this soup clear for the first time...just the broth and see if it stays down. If it does next time you get pieces of chicken and you blitz this with the broth and give him. Gradually (the next day) you add something more to it. Like a piece of boiled broccoli (just a small piece) or some corn...and blitz away. One thing cabbages!!!

    Don’t give him no dairy. You can consult with his doctors and get him some vitamin and iron pills prescribed by them. Next when you see his is eating more you get him some fruits nothing with acidity in them. Like apple and you stew it down with a little bit of water until it soft then cool and add some honey…just a little bit. This is to get him back on sweet. For now no sugar and little bit of salt (low-salt). His system has to get back up…and lots of water. No coconut water as I read. That has hidden starch and other components that might get his blood up rising and then he can have difficulties with his heart. Banana is a no-no for now.

    Home made and fresh food is what he is going to be on for a good period of time. When you see that his stomach has settle and the chicken soup is finished ask him if he wants beef soup instead and you start over.

    Something else. Water. No bottled or tap water. You boil his daily water in the morning. Let it cool and give to him during the day. When transferring the water from kettle/pot just add to whatever you going to keep it in until you see the bottom and then stop. In the bottom you got all those additives from the water company that you don’t want. No juices for now.

    Be as plain as possible with what you give him so you can make out what works and what doesn’t .

    I hope the two of you can heal together in the time to come.



  • Hello Patch I am happy your hubby came thru the surgery now the getting back to normal is the journey you are on. Flowsco is right with the chicken soup I also add celery. To get energy up and to put back a little of the weight he has lost try the boost drink it is what the doctors recommend after coming out of major surgery. my uncle has had some success with it after his cancer surgery (removed his stomach & part of his colon) also add cucumber to his water it will make him feel a little more energized.

    and do not forget to take care of yourself too

    praying for a speedy recovery for you and your hubby

  • Just adding that "appetite stimulant" was prescribed by doctor for a while to increase my friend's fathers weight and in time he resumed normal eating.

  • I'm glad the soy subject came up! I listened to all the hype years ago and put more in my diet. BIG mistake! I started having hormone symptoms! And I'm past menopause. Soy can be full of natural estrogen! There's a Boca veggie burger made with soy I love but only have them on occasion and I stopped using soy milk. I use soy very sparingly. I know I can't be the only one who had this happen.

  • Thank you all for your loving energy and very helpful suggestions, they are wonderful! A dear friend gave me a magic bullet for my bday, and I see why! Perfect timing. I will gather some ingredients today. He is eating again..but the food quality isnt that great, so I will try to get some of the nutritious things in him that you have mentioned.

    Thank you again.

    Love to all

  • the way...I did make some chicken soup...just onions carrots, a tiny bit of garlic, and chicken...since broccoli is iffy for him I added shopped canned spinach for did help!

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