Could I please have an insight/intuitive reading Please anyone

  • My Birthday Is September 4,1991

    Her is February 25,1991

    Anyway, We haven't been dating but talking. We slept together but no sex...

    We have been talking for almost a year.

    Now that we are somewhat talking more and doing more stuff. I was worrying how she feels about me as well if there will be something in the future between me and this perso.

    I'ma virgo and shes a Pieces..

    Her name is A M A R A and my name is cesar

    as well is that im afraid she might be eeing someone else or im just being paranoid from my previous relationships and how im having trust issues.

  • Can someone please !?

  • Cesar, both of you are looking for the same thing - an environment where you can feel safe, protected and loved, somewhere you can be yourself without fear. And you are both looking for someone else to provide it for you, so that a love relationship here might not work because you would both be looking to the other for this provision of safety and security. So the relationship will tend to work better for friendship than for romance and love. It will likely focus around thought, intelligence, inspiration, and the sharing of ideas. However, personal difficulties may spoil this outstanding mental connection. The saving grace may be your ability Cesar to provide a stabilizing influence in your indecisive and uncertain friend's up-and-down life. You will have a lot to put up with though, and should you feel rejected or neglected, you may become unhappy and depressed. If you have the patience to hang in there, your friend may wander back or make some decisions after bouts of confusion. Or she may not...she has to learn to think less and do more. The biggest problem in a love affair between you two will be Amara's emotional instability. She may (or may not) find your cool, relatively detached approach reassuring. But friendship here is much easier on you both and can be outstanding - in each other, you can find that one special friend with whom you can open up and share yourself in an interesting and unthreatening way. The pressure of more intense romantic issues may just break this delicate connection.

    In romance, you Cesar will probably find yourself drawn to a Libran woman more than anyone else. You both have thoughtful and enquiring minds, and this can be an intense and rewarding union. You are a charming guy with the ability to captivate others. You take your relationships seriously - maybe a little too seriously at times - and are very committed. Your ideal partner will be someone intelligent and creative like yourself, who can help you loosen up and have fun, and who is willing to appreciate, without taking for granted, your willingness to commit.

    Amara will be very attracted romantically to Scorpio men, since they are - like her - disinterested in worldly ambition (whereas responsibility and work are your core motivators) and have idealism and passion to share - this can create a gratifying union. There is a tendency for her to play it quite cool when it comes to affairs of the heart, perhaps because she has been hurt or let down in the past. It is of vital importance for her to experience passion, and to learn to give and take in a relationship. Playing it safe, for once, isn’t recommended. When she sees an opportunity for real love and intimacy, she should embrace it.

  • So there is a possibility of a love affair problem is there will be a lot of struggles!? Uhm

    So the union friendship I knew that will work since she is my ideal best friend and stuff. Problem is I don't see her like that.

    The whole taking a chance in love for her is true. She even told me. But here's the problem how much does she even care about me or even think of me at times. If so do you even when barrages are to overcome do you think they can be a chance between me and her. Uhm

  • Another question I should ask, what should I do in this situation. I don't see her as a friend and I think she knows that. Thus, I promise I will help her. Also, she has been through a lot and yeah she thinks a lot. I also became somewhat attach from her but I can also detach myself from her and distant myself from her. I have though of stop all forms of communication. Like I'm afraid to get hurt again and never to love or care about another individual after her.

    I'm afraid of love but she has giving me another reason to love again but thus is not love what I feel about this girl. I personally feel safe,happy, and myself with her. Like I can do anything for her but I'm afraid that I will get hurt in the process. I don't know what else to tell you or do. I did a reading by myself and it came out the same way as you. I was afraid to admitted to myself since there is a 35/100 if I could end up with her or not.

    She suppose to be moving with me but she wants to go home first and see what happens first after that she will make the decision.

    Thanks for clearing things up. I hope u can clear the few things I'm wondering about.

  • I feel that if you pursue a romance here, things will turn out so badly that you might not have any friendship left in the future. So ask yourself what is more important to you - that you retain a life-long friendship with Amara or have a short-lived affair?

  • I think you mainly have a strong mental connection with this girl but that is not enough to make a love relationship. Your personalities and goals are very different and incompatible for long-lasting love. You must examine your relationship and Amara herself objectively without being too blinded by passion to see if you can find enough of a full-on compatible connection on which to base a romance. For example, think of things about her that annoy you, rather than that which you like. Could you see yourself putting up with her faults in a long term romantic relationship? While it's true that opposites attract at the beginning, if you don't have enough in common, it's hard to make a relaitonship last. After a long time the things about her that you thought were cute can turn into huge annoyances and even resentments.

    But of course in the end, the choice is entirely up to you.

  • And by the way, the time to sort out your trust issues is BEFORE you go into a relationship, not during it. If you don't trust someone before you get involved, then you won't get any more trust through being with them romantically and hoping they will help you sort yourself out. Other people can't be our therapists since they have their own issues to deal with.

  • Interesting.

    Is funny how everything you said is right on point. We have a lot of similarities. But we don't have the same ideal goals. Like she wants to make money real fast, and she really doesn't have a goal or an ambition. I'm pursuing her to go back into school and get her bachelors or do something she likes. Very stunrborn indeed. But she hasn't done nothing that pissed me off lol. As to dated she will do things I used to do when I was younger, but that's about it. Like she is my reflection of what I used to be before I become another person.

    She knows about my trust issues too, and she told me not to worry about her. The problem that I have with trust is that I just can't trust anyone I'm any type of nature. I will try my best. I told her to let's fix the problems in ur life first and then later we can think of a relationship. She did agreed but now is just different.

    With the whole friendship thing, I have too many friends and sadly me going into a friendship with her even though that's how you saw it, I saw it , is just won't happen.

    But we will see what happens.

  • Trusting other people begins with trusting yourself. Are you confident that you would always act in the most trustworthy way? When you can fully believe in yourself to act in a moral manner, then you can believe in others.

  • That is very true, but what happens if a lot of people break ur trust yet you are the only one being legit with them? Well meaning I trust everyone but as soon as I I trust them they do something very stupid and loose their trust.

    One quick question so will Amara be living with me at some point. She did said it but as of now she isn't giving me a respond. And this isn't bothering me but questioning myself.

  • Don't count on it happening. It would only be very frustrating for you since it is hard to pin down an elusive Fish person. She would also have problems fulfilling her housemate responsibilities and they would fall to you.

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