Desperate and seeking insight, PLEASE............

  • I haven't visited here for a few months. I have dealing with so many bad things, or at least trying to, that I am totally at my wits end.

    I have had the ability to "see" and/or "feel" things that are about to happen for many years. The last couple of years have been exceptional when it comes to my abilities. That is up until the past several months. I am assuming it is due to my heavy stress load. I hope and pray that is all it is.

    I would LOVE for someone that has awesome insight abilities to bless me with insight and/or a reading into what my near future holds for me. I am mainly concerned with my financial problems right now. I do not have any income at all coming in and I am about to loose my house and property. I have had some very tramatic things happen to me over the past year or so. I keep praying and faith that things will get better. I am so depressed and discouraged right now that I don't know what to do or where to turn.

    Thank you so much for any time anyone has for me.

    Lots of love and light.............


    December 26, 1968

  • Vanessa, I can't tell you what might happen but I did have a year that my whole life fell apart - 10 year relationship break up, best friend and boss tried suicide, I lost my job and had to evacuate for a hurricane. So, I know how you could be feeling and just wanted to let you know someone has heard you and will be sending you prayers and light.

    The forums have been slow but someone hopefully will find this and answer it tomorrow, there are several good, generous readers here.

    I hope you can find some community resources too. There are more out there right now due to the season.

    Love to you,


  • Hi vanessa9877

    Here is a reading, I'll pick up on your feelings to hopefully see from a different perspective

    I get the feeling you just need to slow down the mind... let things calm...

    your feeling stagnant...and stuck

    after you get over some anxieties it will get better

    again it seems all you need to do is slow down...calm let the anxieties go...and you will see better

    recently you had something small but good happen...its a little bit of hope...keep working it and build on it

    you do have someone watching out for you

    it will seem like things are not moving and you are not sure of your direction... it seems its the time to think and plan of what you want to happen

    seems you didn't think or plan and something blew has been worrying you... so deal with what happened...and plan better...think it thru

    some money may pop up...something with family I think

    Also things may snag and take time....its not an overnight thing

    I get that you don’t think it fair or you don't think it should turn out like it should

    Hope that helps,


  • Jlina and Nick,

    First, I'd like to apologize for not thanking you both for responding to my post. I started to several times but was always interrupted and wasn't able to get the time to do so. Thank you both for taking time out of your day for me. I do truly appreciate it

  • Jlina and Nick

    I had a detailed post thanking you both and letting you know what happened and how right Nick was but it for some reason didn't post! Only the very beginning did. I'm so upset because it is hard for me to use my hands

  • Hi vanessa9877,

    look into a program the dragon, it is a speech recognition program. My daughter uses it for papers and you can use it it threads and emails too.

    and any time I hope it helped.


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