Am I crazy? Old Imaginary friend Joey coming back in my dreams, need advice!!

  • When I was about 3 my mother told me I started talking about an imaginary friend Joey. I ended up eventually telling her in detail about how Joey and his family died in a fire and they went "bye bye." Being three my mother had never told me anything about death or ghosts. Soon after telling my mom about Joey I started having night terrors. My mother explained that she would place me in my bed in my room and she'd wake up to me screaming, when she would walk into my room id be staring at the wall and screaming. When she tried to console me I just freaked out more until I gained consciousness that she was my mother. Apparently, this happened for about 2 or 3 weeks. She took me to a child psychiatrist who advised her to stop "aiding" my wild imagination.

    Now at 22 iv told a few people about Joey and recently had a very peculiar dream. I was in a house with my family, but the end up leaving because a little boy is standing outside the window staring at them and me and my family are frightened. My family ends up leaving me in this dark creepy house and the little boy comes in and for some reason i'm not afraid of him...I don't feel in danger at all. Until someone knocks on the door...its a husband and wife and suddenly the father is picking me up and i'm a little girl again. Last thing I remember is the little boy grabbing my arms and very angrily staring into my fact I cant get these eyes out of my head. I can still remember them. Weirdest part is there were never any words exchanged....I can't help, but think it was Joey.

    Other weird stuff has happened, like i'll wake up from sleep at night and see someone sitting on my bed or someones hands in the air. Is this my imagination or.....what?? I don't know how to go about handling this.

  • Children are all very psychic so you had actually tuned into what happened to Joey and his family when you were three. It may be that they are still stuck on the earth plane and haven't been able to move into the light. Since they were able to contact you once, the connection might still be strong. Try talking to Joey and telling him to look for the light and go into it with his family, that they will all be much happier there when they cross over..

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