True divination

  • Hello I would like to invite you all to visit my website if you are seeking legitimate readings, guidance and answers. I also do spiritual work to help resolve and/or move situations or circumstances along. please visit my site,email or call me for more information. (888)452-5197, I wish you many blessings. english and spanish.

  • Hi LaIndiaA,

    People who come to do so for many reasons but, above all, they seek answers. So many truly gifted and intuitive people here offer their time, their compassion and their love to others for no other reason but to use their gifts for the highest good of all ... and they do so for free. Spiritual assistance is not founded in charging people money, or in advertising the self so as to attract money. I was really saddened to see that your offer of spiritual assistance is only for personal gain. In the truth and essence of, and those who make a difference in people's lives, why don't you offer your gifts with the same intent? We could all use spirit's help and this space is about doing just that ... sharing and serving ... without personal motive. I would love to see you do that.

    May blessings always be yours LaIndiaA,

    Icearia x

  • thank you icearia,

    i hope they understand u loud and clear as they can see no one on this site, is interested in what they offer, the adminstration before this one, would block them which would be very effective again, again on behalf of my self, and those who agree with me, thank you

  • Dear Ramonita,

    Wow ... how sweet you are! Thank you for taking the time to support and acknowledge my message here; that was so very kind of you (and all who feel as you and I do).

    May life be kind to you and may blessings be abundant,

    Icey x

  • I just noticed this post and YES.... Ramonita and Icearia ,,,, I along with YOU and many others,,,,, I feel the gift of spirit is not given for financial gain... if it is true and real with-in you it is meant to enlighten,,,,, If there was no monetary gain to the person teaching,, encouraging,, calmly sharing their knowledge, wisdom ,,,, and they draw you in to want to FEEL what spirituality can do for you then you have encountered a very SPECIAL PERSON. Hence, a better understanding of our life purpose , THE ANGELIC "GAIN" TO SHARE , With that gain we are all truly BLESSED.

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