Troubled fish need a reading.....helppppp pls

  • Dear tarot experts,

    I seriously need a reading regarding my love now.

    I had a good relationship with my gf for 3yrs plus and just 3months ago, due to a change of religion, I initiated a breakup and we remain very good friend... and within 2months, she had started a new relationship. And during this period, i asked for a reconcile back with her and begged her back cos i really can't get over her and the good relationship we had.

    I felt that she still have feelings for me but somehow, she didn't accept me backed.

    I felt so hurt that she can forgo a 3yrs+ relationship in such a short time and accept another so easily.

    Could you kindly offer me some advice pls.

    Possible for our reconcile? is she really in love with another so soon or she using it to get over her hurt?

    Thank you very much!

    Bi Bear

  • Bibear your relationship now has cooled off. Ask yourself was the relationship that good that you ended it over religion? She probably feels hurt but is moving on. Let it go for now. You both need time

  • Hi Shadowmist,

    thank you for your reading. Do you foresee any possibility that we'll get back together in near future? I felt so hurt that she can jump into another relationship that fast.

  • Bibear I don't see you getting back together in the near future. You made a choice and she accepted it. follow your path that you chose.

  • Thanks Shadowmist......I am so hurt now ;(

  • Bibear, did you end it because of religion or did you end it because in your heart of hearts you knew that the relationship was not really going anywhere. Listen to your heart and you will know that you made a positive but hard decision for you both.

    I get the feeling that you are still young and still have some way to go. If you are still true friends this may be the best thing you did for both of you

  • Hi PiscesPiggy,

    Thanks for your comment. Actually during these 3 yrs of relationship, I felt that my gf is looking out and maybe subconsciously finds that i'm not good for her no matter how good i treated her. (she felt jealous when her gals friend got a nice boyfriend). Its tormenting now that i can no longer love her [Pisces are known to be shd know 😉 ], and the fact that she starts another relationship that fast after we ended hurts me even more. Makes me feels that she really treat me like nothing these 3yrs +......we enjoyed our get together everyday....can talk anything under the sky. She is my lover cum soul mate.......its hard cos whatever i do now reminds me of her. And i take many years to heal for my past relationship.

    We are true friend definitely but seeing her now hurts cos i can't help feeling jealous knowing she'll be doing whatever we have done, with another.

    I am not young as what your perceived. I'm 11yr older than my gf and am in my mid 30s. But i definitely have a young heart! 😉

  • hahaha... **** = c.u.m

    Tarot censored it 😜

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