Captain, could you kindly help me on this?

  • Dear Captain,

    I had a good relationship with my gf (4Nov1987) for 3yrs plus and just 3months ago, due to a change of religion, I initial a breakup and we remain very good friend and within 2months, she had started a new relationship. And during this period, i asked for a reconcile back with her cos i really cant get over her.

    I feels that she still have feelings for me but somehow, she didnt accept me backed.

    I felt so hurt that she can forgo a 3yrs+ relationship in such a short time.

    Could you kindly offer me some advice pls.

    My birthdate is 5Mar1976.

    Thank you

    Bi Bear

  • One thing you have to understand about Scorpions, BiBear, is that they can be very vengeful and vindictive when they feel they have been treated badly. She may have put on a smiling face for your benefit but deep down she was furious. Your ex is punishing you for causing the relationship to end by taking up with someone else quite quickly. She also has a deep need for human contact and will never stay alone for long. Scorpios never really let go of anyone however, so you are right in that she is still thinking about you. Unfortunately it is with anger and resentment that she thinks of you now rather than love and affection. Your ex is searching for the ideal, committed partnership and she thought she had found it with you until you called it off. Now she doesn't trust you not to betray her. She has to learn to love herself more and get over hurts from the past. But until she does, she will not take you back. You yourself must learn not to let your emotions rule your life - stay calm and in control when things don't go your way.

  • Thanks Captain for your insight.! really appreciate..

    based on what you said, she is with someone so quickly as she is punishing me. So does that means that she actually dun have feeling for this person?

    How would you advise if I want to take her back? how can i gain her trust back? I told her i won't be seeing/contacting her as it hurts me badly seeing her with another. But during the upcoming festive, we bound to still see one another due to common friends gathering.

  • Just think of and treat her as a friend for now. Let her make up her mind for herself about what she wants to do.

  • Thanks Captain for ur advice.

    Many blessing to what u are doing 😉

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