Reader says I "must" have surgery?!

  • Happy Holidays to everyone.

    I have had an illness diagnosed that is being treated by my Dr. with shots for six month; I got a paid reading from a "medical intuitive" reader and she said she saw surgical instruments and that the ONLY thing I can do is have surgery immediately. Wow, that was a surprise, since even the Dr. doesn't want to do that.

    Just hoping that some of the readers here can tell me either, 1. what they think about the illness, or 2. if this is anything at all you would tell a first time reading?

    It left me feeling much worse and almost panicked - which was not at all what I was going for with a healer!

    It felt like she was putting quite a bit of her bio story onto me....projecting. Telling me I had to be a healer and do it NOW - to get better.

    Well for one thing, I look sick-ish, have bad purple circles under my eyes. So, umm, yeah, I don't see a bunch of people flocking to me for healing.

    Anyway, hoping to find some down to earth thoughts here and also asking for some love and light if you can send it....

    Best to all,


  • Dear Jlina,

    First of all sorry to hear that you aren't well. I do wish you a speedy recovery.

    I am not an medical intuitive so I am not going to pretend to know. What I do know is that you got to inform yourself about this condition that you got. The Dr. can be doing a great thing on the other hand you are never sure. So my advice is try (if you can afford it) to get an second opinion regarding your health by another Dr.

    Also READ as much as possible about it and find out what is the "normal" way to treat this surgery or not. What are the experience of others that has been or are in the same boat as you are.

    And then trust your guts!!!!! It's your body!!!!!

    I agree projection is dangerous...many does it without knowing.

    Love and light,


  • Hi Sweetie.

    I know what it is like to be ytreated and have surgeries. What falls to my chest is this.


    Some may claim n do it but i find it a dangerous ground to walk on indeed.

    FIRST N FOREMOST this reader has NOT gone to medical school for YONKS nor has a DIPLOMA that specializes in the human body.

    I would if i was you ask the doctor again and in case of worry ask to be referred to a SPEZIALIST on the area of your health concerns.

    Please do NOT rely on a medical insight psychic reader. There are no many reasons and grounds for errors.


    Why? one may think well BECAUSE READERS CAN BE SO WROONG.

    Another issue, darling, sweetie, why go to such a reader when you trust the doctor you consulted, the doctor who has you as patient?

    I think more you need to ask, why do i distrust this doctor? Mayb you need a second 3rd 4th opinion but FROM SPECIALIST, not ordinary physicians n DEFINITELY NOT readers.

    I hope u get to the right specialist. I did n im glad i wasx stubborn n trusted my own gut.


  • I hope you and pray you will get better jlina and as CWB & Flowsco says get a 2nd opinion. If you have insurance they will usually pay for a 2nd opinion with a specialist.

  • Aw, thank you all so much for the healing thoughts! I was expecting more like, drink ginger tea - or to hear that the conditions already cleared up from this reader.

    And I was shocked that she said that and stuck to it throughout the reading. I agree Charmed.

    I have thought about going to another doctor but the protocol for this issue is exactly what he is doing. He's completely on target and it's the least treatment method out there. He's not even over-reactive.

    Maybe I should have gone 2 years ago when I wanted bio identical hormones and he wouldn't give me any? But I did think natural was best so I just didn't push it. Hormones are so complicated and there is so much conflicting information out there.

    Thing is she brought up ovaries and this is only uterus and supposedly benign and fixable with shots! .....and now I'm scared to death for my ovaries...and there's no way to test them except surgery. Well, I was scared, now I"m thinking I'm going to ignore that. Smile.

    So, while I would like to do something with this advice, basically I can't. There is one blood test I can get that is somewhat unreliable, but I'm going to do it.

    I saw this as gone in 3 months and was more worried about progesterone side effects!

    This is a lot of tmi in a way, but I find help and healing just from you all - Flowsco, Ms. Charmed and shadowmist - writing back.

    Anyway you look at it, I was just thinking it meant I needed to get a creative project going on - to birth something new in my life.

    It is really nice too to have people tell me to get better, because every single person I know says "you're the healthiest person I know," and has basically ignored this!

    So thank you, it felt good to be taken seriously, and blessings to everyone. Hope your holidays are filled with some cheer and lots of love!

  • A real psychic never sends you away feeling worse! Do not go back to her. It's not that bad things do not happen but SPIRIT always puts healing in a message. So even if there is trouble ahead you are prepared and strengthened. Spirit knows what will freak you out! Why tell you they see instruments? There are gentle ways of steering you to another doctor if that was the purpose! . You need to trust your own intuition--it is good but you are just drained---low on energy. You can't give out more than you take in. Being a healer takes strict juggling of rest and giving. Even then hardly any healer gets it perfect as it often is deceiving when we are being drained by others---at first we can feel actually energized, hyper as if our head is buzzing with energy. Know yourself and pay attention to how you feel around certein places or people. And the only health issue I read off of you has to do with allergies and getting too close to someone who su cks energy----also you need to watch your diet. Avoid calming yourself with heavy carbs and then energizing yourself as well with something to pick you up. We all get into that habit during low times! The allergy is in your immediate environment---there is a hidden source. Put on a mask and do a deep house cleaning----get rid of stuff---you will find it. BLESSINGS!

  • What condition is it that you struggle with? I myself have a longlife condition called endomitriosis, i am to have my 3rd surgery but second removal of it come friday next week, n they will apply me with a spiral to keep the endo down n in check. checkup control every 6 months where i hope they will echange the spiral as it last 6 months from the pamphelts they gave me.

    so yes i understand you very well.


  • Hormone issues plague us all---until God lets us be done!!! Do not think of it as a disease as it is natural. I always went to the local health store angel who knew her stuff and used natural remedies that did work but often needed adjusting! I went through times of missing periods--too much periods----moody periods----you name it. Primrose oil in hefty doses is a natural hormone balancer that also makes your hair grow thicker and faster. There are also combinations of herbals that include cocosh with other herbs. And menopause was a wild ride and went through several stages of symptoms. There's a natural remedy I can't recall but is sold in most drugstores and main ingredient is red clover. I still see though that you have allergy going on and it is seperate and draining your immune system. Dark circles under the eyes is a strong allergy indicator.

  • Thank you Blmoon, right before I came back here to check I was thinking I should throw away a bunch of old t shirts from my dresser. LOL....perfect!

    and I also thought allergies - my throat's sore, I had 104.5 degree fever right before the biopsy! for unknown "respiratory" something! The window was leaking but I have not found any mold or mildew - I'm pretty good with allergies as I've had them bad all my life. I think we need to pull up the carpet but don't have the money yet. I will do that when I can and maybe even hire a cleaner. I've been dusting and vacuuming a lot more!

    I am done with menopause since 2009 - but Charmed I am so sorry you are going through that as well. Mine is called simple hyperplasia - just a thickened lining, but I had bleeding so they checked. Particularly ironic since the last thing the Dr. told me was my ovaries were fine from the ultrasound!

    But I probably had endo and ignored it, well took pain pills for the last 5 years at least. I picked this Dr. because he was the only one who wouldn't push me to get a hysterectomy at that point. So, why go through all that! to get a hysterectomy now? is my opinion.

    I have found relief with evening primrose too (but am kind of afraid to take it with these shots right now)- and ginger tea actually does help your uterus too- it was in my massage CEU class and then I looked it up, so maybe that would help you too, CWB? I am so sorry you have to go through that repeated trauma! I will be thinking of you with love and light. I think a lot if not most illness starts with inflamation in the body, so teas, echinacea, alfalfa - alkaline stuff - has always been my go to remedies.

    You are also right Blmoon, I am drained, and have a very erratic energy level, I am trying to keep exercising and eating a lot of protein. I've actually done better at least because I'm avoiding sugar. And I am NOT having a lot of the horrible side effects of progesterone, I think because I am conciously focused on keeping an even keel?

    I thought the same thing about the reading should have made me feel hopeful at least, smile....still can't believe that.

    I am supposed to actually start supervising CPS visitations with children sometimes soon - so I've been hired to do social work. That's healing-ish, but I don't have anything showing up around me saying I need to be a healer. Can't even find an office I could afford. The universe to me usually shows you a path.

    I'm also getting I need to do a LOT of forgiveness work. Yuck. But I'll be better afterwards....

    Thank you, thank you thank you!

  • Hi n thanx

    well in past ive gone to chiropractor, physiotherapy, fitness world n worked the machines all until the pains got so bad morphine didnt help back in 2011.

    chiro pushmanipulated bones into place n give room for ligaments whereas a physiotherapist manipulates the ligaments. neither worked for long. often i was in more pain afterwards.

    yes massage may help but for now i will await my surgery n see what comes.


  • CWB good luck on your surgery this week I hope an pray all will be good for you.

    And Blmoon you are so right menopause was/is a wild ride I still get hot flashes occasionally lol

    black cohosh and Camille st john warts & ginger tea was and still is my go to's since I was not a candidate for hormones the tazo teas were my choice to "tough it out" as the dr said

    Jlina I had a thicking of the uterus and I had a wonderful dr he put this stuff on it to shed the lining and I have not had a problem since. The only discomfort I had was where he did a biopsy & and minor cramps from shedding fir a couple of days. The procedure was done in his office and only took 15 minutes This was done about 15 years ago

  • Charmed, I was saying I heard about the tea in a massage class, definitely understand you doing the surgery. I kind of wish I'd done more about it back when it hurt so bad, too. I had Darvocet, they quit making it since, but it was a miracle drug. Stil that kind of pain is unbelevable and I hope that this works miracles for you!

    Shadowmist, thank you - I wish they still did that instead of these shots! but you are right, as long as there are no complications it should work totally and also spontaneously regress even.

    I'm kind of more worried that I still get cramps a lot - but we'll see in 3 months. The biopsy is the most awful thing ever - so invasive and painful but I'll be happy to do it again if it will show "no problems!"

    Thank you all, and I'll be sending prayers for you, CWB!

  • Thank you sweetie. ill think of u too!


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