Giving Thanks

  • We set aside today hear in the USA to give thanks for the many blessings we have. Even though we tend to forget through out the year of all we have to be grateful for. Today is the one day that reminds us to be thankful for family, friends, a roof over our head, food on the table and so much more. So today and everyday to all the wonderful people here on this site I want to say thank you for listening and giving advice. You are all angels in disguise and I am so thankful. I wish each and everyone here in the USA and across the ocean many blessing not just today but everyday.


    blessings always

  • shadow mist,

    you are so right, we do forget to give thanks through the rest of the year, life is so precious, just one second can be so precious and produce a memory that will be in our hearts forever, thank you on my behalf, i wish and pray for you and all the sisters in this forum to have a precious thanksgiving, it is precious when all the family is together, let love and joy rejoice,

    happy thanksgiving to all


  • We ended up following signs in the neighborhood to a community run pot luck dinner today with lots of food, after the store did not make our order. How cool that so many people wanted to give to others and took the time to offer their day in service. We got to eat with interesting people and meet new ones.

    I am grateful for so many things, but serendipity like that is one of the most enchanting ones!


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